No Shortcuts


Passion & persistence are what matter. Dreams are achievable and you can make your fantasy come true, but there are no shortcuts.

Diane von Furstenberg

This might be a fault of mine, but I have trouble empathizing with those who are displeased with  their lives and yet they do not think to make any changes. It frustrates me to see my loved ones, friends or acquaintances unhappy with their circumstances. It hurts to see those ignore the fire of their passions. I love seeing people pursue their passions.

Passionate people are my favorite. I do not care what your passion is. Just have one. Live it out. I am taking an Introduction to African Civilization course this semester and I love it. My professor, is amazing. She is funny, weird and wildly passionate about Africa. It is evident that her knowledge of Africa, is quite expansive. She spits out facts and then makes a cultural observation. She has clearly spent quite some time in various cities in Africa and has used her experiences to give her a unique perspective of the continent. Listening to her lecture and learning from her is exciting. When passionate people share, they are taking you along their adventure.

Upon reflecting on the current state of my life, I am fairly pleased and extraordinarily grateful. I love the path the Lord is leading me on. I have a ball pursuing my passions. I am not interested in wasting the time I have of being a young woman. I take risks. I explore this fantastic globe. I mess up. I make amazing friends. I seek adventures daily.

I would not want my life any other way. Each and every risk has somehow benefitted me. Whether it has worked out in my favor or taught me a lesson, it has positively contributed to sharpening my character. I love taking advantage of my free time and my schedule. Filling it with laughter and adventure is something I will never regret. A fearful life is not something that interests me; a bold one, however, is appetizing.

Xo H 


Photographed by Ruut DeMeo RMD Portraits | | Hampden, Baltimore, Maryland

Wearing: Zara hat (similar here), Mango jacket (unavailable, similar here), Viktoria + Woods Riot Crop Tank, Frame Denim Le Skinny de Jeanne Britton, Joie Barlow booties (other colors available here), Linea Pelle purse (quite old and unavailable)

Sweet Things


This holiday season is uh er hmm exciting? Stressful? Eventful? Yes, yes! Eventful. As a college student, Thanksgiving is no break. Thanksgiving is the time to eat, hang with family, possibly relax and then curl into a bloated ball of emotions when you realize you forgot about your project. This is not an attempt to give you an anxiety attack, I can assure you holidays are full of smiles! However, I am cautiously approaching the activities I choose seeing as my academic obligations cannot be put on hold until CHRISTMAS break. So close, yet so wildly far from reach. I have decided to plan accordingly and am hoping to schedule this week to avoid a procrastination meltdown.

I distract myself from holiday anxiety with my favorite thing; clothes. Put on a good outfit and the world is your damn oyster. A solid ensemble is strangely encouraging. Habitually, I dress up on test days. Not a heels and plunging neckline situation, but simply an average cool look. Clothes have the ability to speed up the process of getting things done. Somehow making an ordeal into just another day. I do not rely on material things to satisfy my stresses but I will not deny the comfort of a good outfit. This holiday inspo look is the perfect motivation to have fun with your style! Be playful. Play with accessories, trends, and the world around you.

Clothes are not the only sweet soothing thing in life, there are lots of little things that make life lovely. I’ve compiled a little list of little things about me. Little things that make me Hannah, and all that it entails. Daily thoughts, routines, and things that make me happy. I encourage you to do the same. Write it, type it, or screech it from your rooftop. I know you may be stressed by the motley crew arriving at your home for this week. Or the test you have as soon as your return to school. Or your crazy sister who has decided to turn on you this holiday season. Don’t forget those good things, never forget those little things. The little things that make your best friend hug you, your mom proud, and your puppy lick your face. We are all of the little things miraculously poured into a tender soul. Here are some little things about me…

Little Things (about me)

  • Always buying a book and planning a trip
  • Never leave the house without a sweater
  • Lunch, coffee or adventures with mom? We are both equipped with an “activity” i.e. notebook or novel
  • I’ll take my popcorn with chocolate chips and sea salt
  • Hot tea > Coffee
  • Utterly obsessed with cheerios. If you haven’t heard, the whole lot of cheerios are now gluten free.
  • Lettering is therapeutic
  • I think that cool air sooths my anxiety
  • The only heat I know to be a comfort- sauna
  • Going to the movies is my bliss
  • To do lists
  • Crossing off completed tasks on said list
  • The best beach days are long. You hit the glow of sunset and the breeze that follows
  • Cozy is my favorite
  • Stupidly extroverted. I love my peeps
  • Don’t know how to help me? Hug me
  • Dream day: A stormy summer day in Maine. Slightly sunburned from days lounging poolside and dipping in the icy ocean. Today is the day when the air is cool, fog dense, and raindrops drizzle. A storm if we are lucky. My family friends and I are are scattered throughout the house snuggled up with our books, puzzles, and movies. I am cozied in the library with Mika. Picture us with our messy, sticky, salty curls. The sleepy satisfaction of sun-kissed faces leave us with few words. A paddywax summer candle is burning. The windows are stuck open with crisp air rippling indoors. We are wrapped in snuggles, comfy in sweatpants and covered in various crumbs. A dream day that I’ve been lucky enough to experience many times.

Remember the good and be grateful for the challenges. You my dear, are growing up.

It is in the little things that we find joy as well as true rest.


Photographed by Abby Tierney | | Charleston, SC

Wearing: Elizabeth & James dress  ℅ Beckett Boutique, Zara booties & vintage clutch

Slate Marble Studs ℅ Rocksbox USE CODE: itzmannyexoxo for one FREE month of Rocksbox! 

Charleston Fashion Week(end)


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Titled Fashion Week(end) because I caught the tail end of Charleston Fashion Week! The past few weeks I have been playing nonstop catch up in school, and I have been continually been getting sick. Any tips for staying clear of getting sick for a busy college student? Let me know!

Anyways, last Thursday, the third night of Charleston Fashion Week, I got dolled up for a great night!

To start: A blow out from Tease blow dry bar on upper king. My hair is perfect for a good dry bar, because it holds really well. I wanted a refreshed seventies ensemble for the night, and I knew I could not achieve the hair on my own!

The Ensemble: MANGO! My most recent jaunt to Europe included a major stop at Mango. I snagged this suede jacket and shirt amongst several bold and affordable seventies inspired pieces! Paige jeans that I found on sale last summer. Fun and rugged but fall off of me after an hour. Shimmy shimmy pull them pants up. Pumps. My Loeffler Randall babies. Classic and vamp up any look. Sunnies. Snagged by the best mom ever from Zara this early spring when she was in Budapest. Clutch. Vintage Christmas gift via @airtucker. Jewels. Pulled from Theodosia. In love with all things Theodosia. Incredibly crafted and the pieces stand out without deflecting from my ensemble.

The Show: Throughout Charleston Fashion Week, Emerging Designers compete with a runway show each night. And then the finalists compete the final night for a big win! Usually also on the runway are local boutiques and featured designers! Thursday was Belk’s Big Night and they put on in incredible show and featured Trina Turk’s collaborative collection with Belk. Spring forward and full of color!

The Thursday Runway:

IMG_0114 IMG_0113 IMG_0108 IMG_0107 IMG_0102 IMG_0099 IMG_0092 IMG_0090 IMG_0086 IMG_0084 IMG_0083 IMG_0078 IMG_0075 IMG_0065 IMG_0067

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

@anniereeves looking hot as hell in her Charleston Rice Beads 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We matched! Love this gal

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Belk Tent

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Pictures from my on the go Canon and Iphone


Mango Suede Jacket, Mango Shirt, Paige Denim (Similar here), Loeffler Randall Pari Classic Pump, Zara Sunnies (Similar and Similar), Vintage Clutch (Similar Feels: Kenzo, Clare V, Alexander McQueenNancy Gonzalez), Theodosia Jewelry

Pants avec Sass


Wearing the Pants: Avec Sass

Wearing the pants with sass… hmm I would say sass is necessary for every week, and especially as the Valentine air looms throughout February. It is positively necessary to find your sass this Valentine’s Season!

My sass, is usually in my wardrobe. Obviously sass runs throughout my veins on a daily basis, but the sass I embrace is with every bad ass ensemble. Sass today is sultry and smooth. Take a gander at my sultry secrets so you can find your own sassy ensemble. If you are planning romantic dates or wild GALentine’s, it is time to create sass from the inside out!

Trending this season are textures and silhouettes from the past. (i.e the nineties) This ribbed turtleneck cracks me up because I used to make fun of the not-so-timeless aesthetic, but it is fun to temporarily dwell in it. The pattern is flattering and tends to lengthen not only the garment as well one’s figure. The added sass in the ribbed sweater arises in the form a slight turtleneck and bossy crop. Upon running into this top, I knew I had to have it! Cropped sweaters are great for pairing with high waisted skirts and shorts but give a Kendall & Kylie Jenner edge when worn with basic jeans.

Cropped Sweaters to Check Out: My Mink Pink top, Sleeveless Lovers & Friends Top (on sale), Blush Topshop Jumper & Indah Cowl Crop

Texture number two, velvet. Velvet is fun. I am a big fan of comfort in my clothing and discovering soft textures for my wardrobe is a must. Velvet is a notoriously alluring material. Whether it be clothing or home accessories, velvet is very appealing.

Velvet to notice: My Zara shorts, Zara tank, Blue Life Romper,

I feel that accessorizing with sass should be subtle. Okay so these tights are not exactly discrete, but I think you should avoid loud accessories. The little things from your ensemble should not distract from your sass, but enhance it. These rockin tights elongate and flatter, but if worn incorrectly could easily overpower.

Accessories to enhance sass: My Asos over the knee tights, Asos ribbed over the knee Tights, Asos knee high tights, Zara Wool Hat, Carvela Kurt Geiger heels, My Madewell heels, Aquazzura Booties

Alright babes, continue along this season of love and look mighty lovely while you are at it! xo













Pictures by Brooke Bishop

Wearing: Mink Pink Turtleneck, Zara Velvet Shorts, Madewell Heels, Asos tights, Rebecca Minkoff mini purse (in Ink)

Decision Making and Cake Baking


I have heard, that as a writer or blogger of any sort you should not only share the highlights of your life but frequently add the harsh realities. Update on yours truly: decisions suck; as well as stomach bugs and long weeks.

I have recently been faced with multiple opportunities. Which is fabulous, and I feel blessed to have opportunities that all appear to challenge me in one way or another in a department of my life that I adore. However, I cannot do everything. I tend to leap on every lilypad of opportunity and float down a river of “retweet if wow.” This “wow” I get myself caught up in, is not always good. This past weekend, as new opportunities arose, I realized holy crap I have to reevaluate and change something. I do not want to spread myself too thin, involving myself in a multitude of activities and not giving them the attention they deserve.

My response to this realization was an achy heart. I fell into a puddle of tears as I understood what I had to give up. It is not even like this “thing,” that I am giving up, is a part of my daily life. It was something that I worked hard for, was proud of and now am relinquishing control of. A seemingly great thing in my life, has to go, as more amazing things enter.

I have sent myself into circulations of tears and sentiment this past week and I do not think I am over it yet. I was chatting to a close friend about the cluster of decisions and as I shared my thoughts, tears came down my face. She looked at me with a loving expression, “I think you already made your decision, you are mourning the loss of it already.” As a feeler that feels all of the feels of the nation, I need to let myself feel this out. I have replayed the good of said “thing;” the memories, the laughter and promises it holds to my future. I am currently shaking my head. It feels weird to let this go. At the same time, I have some seriously fun and challenging things happening this semester, and I want to be a part of that more than I want to hold onto something that is not necessarily the best thing for me. I do not know if you have been able to keep up with these strings of thoughts, that is okay. Simply understand this, decisions are terrifying but crucial for success.

I make decisions every day, some bigger than others. We all do, and regardless of the impact of one bitty or huge decision, life goes on my dolls. I have a kick booty semester ahead of me, this is only making me more prepared.

You have probably realized this post has no relation to a cake, sorry to mislead you.

This all seems rather mysterious. It is serious to me, but at the same time not that big of a deal. xo HBee


In my moments of doubt, I’ve told myself firmly: If not me, who? If not now, when? / / Emma Watson


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Sarah and Louise. Missing these girls!

Pictures by my new friend, adorable Swedish born and London located blogger, Elin Schönfelder

Madewell Coat (ON SALE), Madewell coated pants (sold out) similar, Zara top (purchased in London) similar, Clutch (borrowed), BC Heels, H&M necklace (fall season) similar

Knit Me a Real Fall


I am still living in a questionable season, where yesterday, folks went to the beach and I was dreaming of a fireplace and crisp air.


This ensemble is easy for warm days and (almost) cool evenings. With a touch of romance and a hint of cozy this look goes well for a casual evening at your favorite restaurant of choice. Embrace fall my loves!



This look is fairly easy to recreate yourself. Start with a silk tank. Mysterious, simple, and sexy without revealing too much. It also allows for easy adaptability with the weather. A simple knit cardigan reveals peaks of said cute tank, and keeps you cozy and comfortable (omg cozy and cute?!) Topped with this season’s hottest combo- boyfriend jeans and sneakers- to complete the casual aesthetic.


To step up this relaxed look, add some bling. Chunky and lustrous beads move the outfit above cafe chats. You will be getting compliments, so go somewhere nice.




Pictures: the incredible Davy Kesey

Zara Sweater (last season)- similar, Equipment Tank (Marshalls find), J brand Jeans, Gap Sneakers

Peyton William Necklace (loaned)