No Shortcuts


Passion & persistence are what matter. Dreams are achievable and you can make your fantasy come true, but there are no shortcuts.

Diane von Furstenberg

This might be a fault of mine, but I have trouble empathizing with those who are displeased with  their lives and yet they do not think to make any changes. It frustrates me to see my loved ones, friends or acquaintances unhappy with their circumstances. It hurts to see those ignore the fire of their passions. I love seeing people pursue their passions.

Passionate people are my favorite. I do not care what your passion is. Just have one. Live it out. I am taking an Introduction to African Civilization course this semester and I love it. My professor, is amazing. She is funny, weird and wildly passionate about Africa. It is evident that her knowledge of Africa, is quite expansive. She spits out facts and then makes a cultural observation. She has clearly spent quite some time in various cities in Africa and has used her experiences to give her a unique perspective of the continent. Listening to her lecture and learning from her is exciting. When passionate people share, they are taking you along their adventure.

Upon reflecting on the current state of my life, I am fairly pleased and extraordinarily grateful. I love the path the Lord is leading me on. I have a ball pursuing my passions. I am not interested in wasting the time I have of being a young woman. I take risks. I explore this fantastic globe. I mess up. I make amazing friends. I seek adventures daily.

I would not want my life any other way. Each and every risk has somehow benefitted me. Whether it has worked out in my favor or taught me a lesson, it has positively contributed to sharpening my character. I love taking advantage of my free time and my schedule. Filling it with laughter and adventure is something I will never regret. A fearful life is not something that interests me; a bold one, however, is appetizing.

Xo H 


Photographed by Ruut DeMeo RMD Portraits | | Hampden, Baltimore, Maryland

Wearing: Zara hat (similar here), Mango jacket (unavailable, similar here), Viktoria + Woods Riot Crop Tank, Frame Denim Le Skinny de Jeanne Britton, Joie Barlow booties (other colors available here), Linea Pelle purse (quite old and unavailable)

Netflix Detox


10 Reasons to Have a Netflix Detox:

A Netflix Detox flushes the system of all Fall Semester toxins, one must cleanse by remaining aimless and lazy in the presence of Netflix.

  1. Gives you the opportunity to snuggle your long lost pet! (Home=pets=omg I am loved?!=yes)
  2. Alone time sans roommates-no headphones, eat abundant snacks and receive no judgement.
  3. Find a new show. Start it. Demolish it. Feel accomplished.
  4. Multi-task- During some Netflix appointments I like to be accompanied by a second device of technology. I enjoy stringing hundreds of new images through my mind via Pinterest and Tumblr sur la iphone.
  5. Have I mentioned how cozy this experience is? Fetal position minus a pre-final meltdown feels so refreshing!
  6. Take the time to decide if you are the cute snuggle bunny or the bummy snuggle bunny. How grunge is your netflix attire? Are you wearing goodwill or lululemon? Do you buy hundred dollar sweatpants from boutiques? I do, probably not my best financial move but my BUM IS so COZY!
  7. Watch the tv shows and movies that make you miss your family and then run downstairs to find them congregating in the flesh! I watch Gilmore Girls, which is practically Webster’s definition of my relationship with my mother and now I can get emotionally invested in an episode and then holler for a hug! *sheds a tear*
  8. Have you taken a look at the latest Netflix releases and the soon to be released?!
  9. According to Gary Solomon via WebMD: “‘cinema therapy is something that is self-administered,’ he says. ‘That’s not to say therapy on a one-to-one basis is bad, but this is an opportunity to do interventional work by yourself.’”  (Okay! Doctor’s orders!)
  10. A happy Netflix filled heart gives you abundant capacity for family filled festivities, christmas shopping and unhealthy sugar blasts.


I have popped back into town for the shortest Christmas visit but I managed to squeeze a trip to Cross Keys newest boutique, The Girl Next Door. The pieces for my Holiday series were loaned to me through the boutique and I was thrilled to style them!







Clothing on loan from local boutique The Girl Next Door in Baltimore! (links to be posted soon)

Madewell socks (not online,) similar

Pictures by Ruut DeMeo

Lemme Tell Ya Bout The Dentist


Some may be gleefully unaware, or others, painfully exposed- to the fact that I have suffered from anxiety from a young age. It comes in phases of affecting my daily life, but I refuse to be medicated- with the exception of doctors appointments. I am simply terrified of the dentist (could be from that one time when I was a toddler and they put me in a straight jacket, but hey who knows!) So onward with this strange phobia, I have to be heavily medicated in order to remain as calm as possible. The night before and an hour before my appointment I take prescribed medication that we can call “my chill pill.” Somehow I do manage to force myself into the office and plop into the terrifying seat of pain and horror. My sweet as ever dentist, got down to business as soon as I sat down. The drugging continued with Nitrate (laughing gas) and it streams through my body throughout whatever ordeal must occur. On this lovely day, I had numerous fillings that needed to be handled. (it is hereditary, I brush my teeth obviously)

The pain was manageable but the panic is difficult to suffocate. Usually from as soon as I sit down at the dentist, I start crying. Sort of sad, steady streams of tears that are controlled by medication (or I would be hyperventilating.) Every few minutes I would tap and press on pressure points to ease my racing heart. As I sat in this terrifying seat, the drills were echoing in my head and I had to escape. How can one do this? Think of something good.

I may have actually shed a happy tear as I thought of something good. I thought of all the goods of this semester. I envisioned Charleston strolls, farmers markets, chai lattes and late night chats. I pictured lunches at Persimmon Cafe, dance parties and laughter. I had so much laughter, so many moments of pure joy that radiated through my heart and soul. I have people to hug, snuggle and tell the server at the restaurant that I am gluten free before I have to ask. I have been given amazing friends to love, and to take care of me in unexpected ways. I am so undeserving of God’s timing and I am overjoyed to have finished the semester with my new peeps.

The last few minutes of surviving todays appointment was courtesy of my loved ones in Charleston, thank you for the memories and the thoughts that can get me through any pain. I am so thankful.




This shirt is my heart and soul. It is so fun to look at!




Tiptoe on the window.



Floppy Hat, Borrowed Cape (similar,) Mumu Tee (sold out,) similar and similar, J Brand Jeans, Yosi Samra Booties

Mumu top and Jeans found at iiBrunettes