Lovin’ You


Simply one of my favorite days. Probably my most adored holiday, Valentine’s Day, is a moment away! Valentine’s Day has only recently been made a romantic holiday for yours truly, thanks to the love of my life. But I have long enjoyed the tradition of donning pink, baking and celebrating a day of love. Luckily, Valentine’s Day was made special for me since childhood. Being raised by women (a single momma and her best friend) holidays were magically decorated and celebrated.

My mom and my Jewish momma, Becca, helped to sprinkle my childhood with a whole lotta love. On every holiday at our apartment in Budapest, I would wake up to find the kitchen table fully catered to festivity. Valentine’s Day would come with heart shaped pancakes, handmade cards and treats for everyone wrapped in red ribbon. I would most likely spend the morning enjoying my sweet breakfast curled in someone’s lap. Oh these memories, the sweetest upbringing I could have ever dreamt up. These celebrations have surely contributed to my affection for love & magic.

While I will be spending this Valentine’s Day with my love, February 14th can be special for any heart desiring a marvelous day. Whether single or in love, let me prompt you to make Valentine’s Day a magical one.


How can we make this Valentine’s Day a special one? I have gathered five of my favorite acts of self love to inspire you this V day, love on sweet birds.

P a m p e r

Book a facial, massage, OR both. Seek out a fancy spa that has lovely facilities where you can linger for a few hours. Bounce from treatment, to sauna, and end the day in the relaxation room. Drink a steaming cup of tea and lay your head back to rest. Your body deserves the utmost care, which does not always entail spin and brunch. 


I mean, do you really need a reason?? Girl, go shopping. Responsibly. Order that serum, those bangin’ slouchy leather boots or the sunglasses that set you apart from the masses. Stimulate the economy and take care of your style!


We are in an age of constant social interaction, and the cons sort of outweigh the pros. For some weird reason, most women I know are too intimidated to go out to dinner by themselves. Not everyone, but there is certainly a lot of you out there. Be bold. If dinner for one is too daunting, then how about a coffee date? Wake up early and scoot to your favorite coffee shop. Podcast, playlist or book ready to go. Now a real date, not just a few minutes to down your latte of choice. Really sit with yourself, your thoughts and the beautiful being that you are.

Movie Night

Instead of your average Netflix night, make a plan. Take off your make up and give your skin a nice routine. Hop in cozy pjs. Order in. Have wine and popcorn ready to be devoured.  Place your treats on pretty plates and set up a magical little movie night for yourself. Go wild and rent a movie from amazon or itunes, put your phone on airplane mode and get lost in an amazing story. Curl up, get cozy and enjoy the peace of a movie night with you.

Love You 

You’ll need: a drink, candles, bath salts. Choose a homemade latte or vino. Prance upstairs and get in your coziest robe or fluffy towel while you draw a hot bath. Turn off the bright, loud bathroom lighting and opt for plenty of candles. Pour your bath salts. Hit play on your Norah Jones playlist. Set your phone somewhere you can’t reach it. Step into your loving bath and let the water wash away your worries, your anxiety, your insecurities. Let the water surround you, warm you and feel the soft weight on your body. Breathe.

It is just that easy, and that necessary to care for yourself. Remember that you are greatly and deeply loved. So choose to love yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

Xx H






Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photographed in Charleston, SC | | Jesse Volk 

Knit set by the sustainably minded and ever-creative Proud Mary 

Pants avec Sass


Wearing the Pants: Avec Sass

Wearing the pants with sass… hmm I would say sass is necessary for every week, and especially as the Valentine air looms throughout February. It is positively necessary to find your sass this Valentine’s Season!

My sass, is usually in my wardrobe. Obviously sass runs throughout my veins on a daily basis, but the sass I embrace is with every bad ass ensemble. Sass today is sultry and smooth. Take a gander at my sultry secrets so you can find your own sassy ensemble. If you are planning romantic dates or wild GALentine’s, it is time to create sass from the inside out!

Trending this season are textures and silhouettes from the past. (i.e the nineties) This ribbed turtleneck cracks me up because I used to make fun of the not-so-timeless aesthetic, but it is fun to temporarily dwell in it. The pattern is flattering and tends to lengthen not only the garment as well one’s figure. The added sass in the ribbed sweater arises in the form a slight turtleneck and bossy crop. Upon running into this top, I knew I had to have it! Cropped sweaters are great for pairing with high waisted skirts and shorts but give a Kendall & Kylie Jenner edge when worn with basic jeans.

Cropped Sweaters to Check Out: My Mink Pink top, Sleeveless Lovers & Friends Top (on sale), Blush Topshop Jumper & Indah Cowl Crop

Texture number two, velvet. Velvet is fun. I am a big fan of comfort in my clothing and discovering soft textures for my wardrobe is a must. Velvet is a notoriously alluring material. Whether it be clothing or home accessories, velvet is very appealing.

Velvet to notice: My Zara shorts, Zara tank, Blue Life Romper,

I feel that accessorizing with sass should be subtle. Okay so these tights are not exactly discrete, but I think you should avoid loud accessories. The little things from your ensemble should not distract from your sass, but enhance it. These rockin tights elongate and flatter, but if worn incorrectly could easily overpower.

Accessories to enhance sass: My Asos over the knee tights, Asos ribbed over the knee Tights, Asos knee high tights, Zara Wool Hat, Carvela Kurt Geiger heels, My Madewell heels, Aquazzura Booties

Alright babes, continue along this season of love and look mighty lovely while you are at it! xo













Pictures by Brooke Bishop

Wearing: Mink Pink Turtleneck, Zara Velvet Shorts, Madewell Heels, Asos tights, Rebecca Minkoff mini purse (in Ink)