Let’s Go Home – Part 2

My final few days in Budapest were euphoric. My mother and I felt beyond blessed to be content with our companionship; i.e. not random mother-daughter arguing! We really enjoyed our quality time and it was astoundingly joyful.

My mom is my favorite travel buddy. I love how we travel. We find the best cafes and shops. Little bits of magic and old spots of nostalgia. We are a discovering duo.

I wrapped up the last of our adventure, and I am home in Charleston missing it terribly. I have an awful lot to share about being present and I plan to do so soon. Thank you for reading, texting me you love me, and the sweet support. I am a lucky lady! Love you all.

D A Y 4 ~ M O N D A Y

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Buda beauty
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Villa Bagatelle

Lunch: Villa Bagatelle. Modern vibes yet you feel like you are a little girl in a castle. Gluten free friendly. I ate a lovely chicken entree for lunch, followed by rich hot chocolate and fresh gluten free bread from the bakery below. Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

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Cozy in my turtleneck. Upstairs at Villa Bagatelle is a quaint space that can be rented out for parties! Great spot to do just that!
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Bakery beneath Villa Bagatelle. Gluten free bread can be found here !!!
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Dark & rainy at a “castle” in the hills of Buda
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Dinner: És Bisztró. Located at the Kempinski Hotel. Sometimes people are scared away when restaurants are in a hotel but this is not the place to be afraid of. Gluten free friendly ~ they even had a gluten free bread roll for me before dinner!

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Started with grilled baby vegetables with herbs and fresh goat cheese.
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Grilled pike perch with pumpkin letcho. (Squash frequently refereed to as pumpkin) Sadly the acidity of the tomato was a bit intense, but that is probably just my sensitive stomach. & a glass of Hungarian wine (few exist!)
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The obvious gluten free choice. It exceeded my usual expectations of crème brûlée. The custard was light and sweet instead of dense; complemented by sorbet- dessert delight.

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Post dinner we wandered around the hotel and relaxed by the fire with hot tea and our books.

D A Y 5 ~ T U E S D A Y

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Stopped by GGIS (where I attended school as a Budapest bebe) I worked on a project for school and said hey to some old teachers. Sweet memories.
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Not gluten free.

Lunch: Déryné. We love it there and were able to meet up with a dear friend and some of her friends! I had risotto. Gluten free friendly. 

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She smells like gluten.
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Risotto. Forreal tasted like mac n cheese
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Favorite words & favorite tea.

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Shop: Decolabor

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Giddy because there was no Hungarian old lady to yell at me because my feet are on the seat. hehe.
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House of Terror

Visit: House of Terror. An intense museum, but well done. It is nearly entirely in Hungarian- love the authenticity but confusing. I left knowing that I need to learn more about communism in Hungary. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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the smell of old books…
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Being cute with the momma!
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So… this gelato. Initially, my goal was to get gelato from Gelarto Rosa once a day in Budapest. It didn’t happen. I did indulge the two times I had the opportunity to go! This trip to Gelarto Rosa, I had several helpings. Due to a  complication involving spicy chocolate instead of dark chocolate, I had 3 servings. They were incredibly kind about the confusion but I did not care because I was stuffed with gelato. Gluten free friendly. And friendly!

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D A Y 6 ~ W E D N E S D A Y

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Blue Budapest. Mom and I went on a short morning stroll, and we gazed at fall in full bloom. I really did not want to leave. I had the motivation of returning to Econ and a presentation, which honestly really helped me get on the plane. My sweet as ever mom ubered to the airport with me and took public back into the city. I wanted to be with her for every possible second.

I love Budapest. I love the people I saw. Conversations. Adventures. Laughter. Love. This trip was a huge blessing and I returned home overflowing with the love I had received. I know it is a long journey for a short trip, but it was worth every second of agonizing jet lag. I am young and full of energy. Now is the time for these trips. Especially a trip home, to a city I love with a mother I cherish.
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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetPictures by me. all iphone.

Budapest October 2015

Decision Making and Cake Baking


I have heard, that as a writer or blogger of any sort you should not only share the highlights of your life but frequently add the harsh realities. Update on yours truly: decisions suck; as well as stomach bugs and long weeks.

I have recently been faced with multiple opportunities. Which is fabulous, and I feel blessed to have opportunities that all appear to challenge me in one way or another in a department of my life that I adore. However, I cannot do everything. I tend to leap on every lilypad of opportunity and float down a river of “retweet if wow.” This “wow” I get myself caught up in, is not always good. This past weekend, as new opportunities arose, I realized holy crap I have to reevaluate and change something. I do not want to spread myself too thin, involving myself in a multitude of activities and not giving them the attention they deserve.

My response to this realization was an achy heart. I fell into a puddle of tears as I understood what I had to give up. It is not even like this “thing,” that I am giving up, is a part of my daily life. It was something that I worked hard for, was proud of and now am relinquishing control of. A seemingly great thing in my life, has to go, as more amazing things enter.

I have sent myself into circulations of tears and sentiment this past week and I do not think I am over it yet. I was chatting to a close friend about the cluster of decisions and as I shared my thoughts, tears came down my face. She looked at me with a loving expression, “I think you already made your decision, you are mourning the loss of it already.” As a feeler that feels all of the feels of the nation, I need to let myself feel this out. I have replayed the good of said “thing;” the memories, the laughter and promises it holds to my future. I am currently shaking my head. It feels weird to let this go. At the same time, I have some seriously fun and challenging things happening this semester, and I want to be a part of that more than I want to hold onto something that is not necessarily the best thing for me. I do not know if you have been able to keep up with these strings of thoughts, that is okay. Simply understand this, decisions are terrifying but crucial for success.

I make decisions every day, some bigger than others. We all do, and regardless of the impact of one bitty or huge decision, life goes on my dolls. I have a kick booty semester ahead of me, this is only making me more prepared.

You have probably realized this post has no relation to a cake, sorry to mislead you.

This all seems rather mysterious. It is serious to me, but at the same time not that big of a deal. xo HBee


In my moments of doubt, I’ve told myself firmly: If not me, who? If not now, when? / / Emma Watson


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Oh I miss London terribly.











Sarah and Louise. Missing these girls!

Pictures by my new friend, adorable Swedish born and London located blogger, Elin Schönfelder

Madewell Coat (ON SALE), Madewell coated pants (sold out) similar, Zara top (purchased in London) similar, Clutch (borrowed), BC Heels, H&M necklace (fall season) similar

Guilty Pleasures



Guilty pleasures, hmm it sounds a bit naughty but still ever so sweet. Whether it be late night gelato or ritual candy overdoses at the movie theatre, guilty pleasures are a beautiful thing. As much as I love a good sugar sneak, that is not what I am chatting about today. The best type of guilty pleasure is one you can hold, love, and wear. The guilty purchases. Whatever item of choice you spend a little extra on, is your guilty pleasure.

Unfortunately for myself, I have gloriously expensive taste so I am willing (if financially permissible) to spend “a little extra,” on a whole lot. I have this fascination with cozy. Cozy comes with responsibility. Come cozy time, one must be prepared with prime chick flicks, hot tea and lustrous loungewear. Cozy is not always intended for the couch, I usually find myself sporting my cozy in a hopefully stylish, but primarily comfortable ensemble for strolling about town. I love luxurious comfort.

On a busy London day I went shopping with my darling Sarah, and a few of her girlfriends. Sarah wanted me to experience the glory of the London empires and we could not help ourselves inside the decked out and super sexy AllSaints shop. AllSaints is a cult classic for trendy Londoners and urban fashionistas, the shop is gleaming with deep wood and iron accents. We bustled through the crowds to find prime items in the best SALE ever for our winter closets, and boy did we lucked out.

Sarah found a chic top with built-in neckwear, perfect to pair with over the knee boots and dark jeans for a snazzy meal out or drinks with a friend. Isabel found killer boyfriend jeans, that she later cuffed and paired with a structured top and heeled booties. I stumbled upon this sweatshirt, and I could not resist myself. The soft hoodie is lined with a light fleece and two delicate pockets are located at the bottom of the elongated piece. The sweatshirt is discreetly decorated with textured patches which are lightly visible, causing the sweatshirt to appear naturally stylish. I do not know if I was sold on the sweatshirt because of the hot sales associates with man buns and skinny jeans, or simply the fact that it was utterly cozy and magically chic! Regardless of the good looking folks in AllSaints, we walked out feeling hip and ready to hit the streets!

I am very pleased with the outcome of this look. Worn here in the chic streets of Chelsea, I found myself pairing the top with coated jeans and my new favorite high tops. This laid back sweatshirt is perfect for home lounging, airport jaunts and trendy city trips.

So after discovering that I overspend on comfort clothing, I know that all my lovelies have at least one department of style that causes knee buckling, gasping and check writing. What is your style guilty pleasure?






My metallic nails were for New Year’s Eve and have come into 2015 so well! I am so fond of the color, shimmer, and many have expressed their adoration of the fun pick!


Simple details go a long way


i adore these shoes, this will not be the last you see of them. *spoons sneakers* *places sneakers on silver tray* *worshi-* kidding.


Make sure to check out my London pics on instagram! xoxo & #jesuischarlie

Pictures by my new friend, adorable Swedish born and London located blogger, Elin Schönfelder

AllSaints sweatshirt, JBrand Coated Jeans, Superga sneakers