Charleston Fashion Week(end) Night 4


Night two was a blast! Morgan and I strolled on our street for pre show pictures as per the usual, and we hit great lighting and warm weather! Charleston weather is all over the place right now but we keep catching some gorgeous days. Craving humidity, I can’t wait to see my hair in a few weeks time. Jokes over here, I am genuinely terrified. I am worried about my hair and the future of One Direction. I am assuming you heard the news? I am currently listening to some One Direction and my heart is temporarily wounded. Mildly juvenile but I do not care. I am missing Fashion Week and still recovering with loads of sleep! Okay so back to night 4, Morgan and I expensively ubered our way to Marion Square and arrived with enough time for a few more snaps. Morgan’s romper was quite popular! She found it at Willy Jay’s on King! The night was great and we were a big fan of the shows. My apologies for the weird timing of these posts, school has been in the way! It’s cool though, because I am in college so I might as well spend some time trying to graduate eventually.

The Ensemble: As a blonde, I think blush is always a promising option. I really like the color, especially for tops because it is a calm and flattering color for my complexion. I found this Rebecca Minkoff top at Finicky Filly on King Street. Finicky currently is rolling in delicate spring options. I also tried this one in white, and I was smitten with the structure! A few weeks back I found this killer skirt from Sam’s Closet on Wentworth. It is so easy and the layered look is on trend right now. THE SHOES! I am loving these babies. I am still breaking them in however, and I am covered in Hello Kitty bandaids. Fashion is pain. Shoes on King, is my favorite shoe spot. Truly. It really is. If you are down for quality shoes, I highly recommend it. These heels are Jeffrey Campbell and they are pretty ballin. Everyone has been loving them. Once again with a touch of the 70s feel and a modern twist. (I currently have not found them online, but I am working on it!) The clutch is really a wallet, and found at Aldo. I loved the colors and I was looking for something easy. My phone did fall out of it though and I had to get a new screen, so there’s that. Aside from that mishap I was happy with the way it looked but I don’t think I will use it to function as a clutch again. The look was completed with my Karen Walker sunnies and Theodosia jewels that I pulled for the night!

The Runway:

Mosa Boutique– New to Upper King and very “with it.” They are also adorable and helpful in the little shop!

Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant- luxe and bombshell models

Rock the Runway Model Competition– precious pretty faces and long legs

Emerging Designer: Workman Velasco by Daniel Velasco and Ryan Workman

Emerging Designer: Crespo by Casey Crespo

Emerging Designer: Whittington Design by Sydney Smith

Emerging Designer: Sara Ellis Clark by Sara Ellis Clark

Emerging Designer: Roy Blake Smith by Roy Blake Smith

Featured Designer: Todd Snyder New York IMG_0137 IMG_0136 IMG_0144 IMG_0143 IMG_0149 IMG_0151 IMG_0152 IMG_0162 IMG_0164

Uber goobers

IMG_0168 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172

Toni of Sunflowers and Lace

IMG_0175 IMG_0181 IMG_0183 IMG_0186 IMG_0188

Pictures: By roommate and I via my petite Canon

Wearing: Rebecca Minkoff top, Grey Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Heels, Karen Walker Sunnies, Aldo Wallet, Theodosia jewels

Last Call for White Jeans

JUST KIDDING I live in South Carolina. My summer does not end when September begins. I want you to know a little something about the rules of fashion, they are easily avoided. I currently have the option of tanning after Math class and I believe that gives me permission to wear white jeans. So enjoy Labor day, I hope you have the day off, take some cute pics- but expect me to be wearing these babies after Monday.

xoxo da Bee





P.S. I am not recommending that white jeans become your fall staple. Please do not do that. I do not need to see clusters of pretty girls in white jeans and chunky black sweaters with snow on the ground. Bone, however, is an upcoming fall color of choice that we can chat about.


Summer-Fall transfer sneaker. Ideal for a hot day on the go.


The faintest bit of hair chalk to accent messy blonde locks also works well as a dry shampoo to shape hair for occasions. Sorta digging the pink hair trend, we shall see how far that gets.


Karen Millen Top (no longer available) Joe’s White Jeans Dolce Vita Sneakers

Karen Walker Sunnies   Blush Spraychalk

Photographed by: