No Shortcuts


Passion & persistence are what matter. Dreams are achievable and you can make your fantasy come true, but there are no shortcuts.

Diane von Furstenberg

This might be a fault of mine, but I have trouble empathizing with those who are displeased with  their lives and yet they do not think to make any changes. It frustrates me to see my loved ones, friends or acquaintances unhappy with their circumstances. It hurts to see those ignore the fire of their passions. I love seeing people pursue their passions.

Passionate people are my favorite. I do not care what your passion is. Just have one. Live it out. I am taking an Introduction to African Civilization course this semester and I love it. My professor, is amazing. She is funny, weird and wildly passionate about Africa. It is evident that her knowledge of Africa, is quite expansive. She spits out facts and then makes a cultural observation. She has clearly spent quite some time in various cities in Africa and has used her experiences to give her a unique perspective of the continent. Listening to her lecture and learning from her is exciting. When passionate people share, they are taking you along their adventure.

Upon reflecting on the current state of my life, I am fairly pleased and extraordinarily grateful. I love the path the Lord is leading me on. I have a ball pursuing my passions. I am not interested in wasting the time I have of being a young woman. I take risks. I explore this fantastic globe. I mess up. I make amazing friends. I seek adventures daily.

I would not want my life any other way. Each and every risk has somehow benefitted me. Whether it has worked out in my favor or taught me a lesson, it has positively contributed to sharpening my character. I love taking advantage of my free time and my schedule. Filling it with laughter and adventure is something I will never regret. A fearful life is not something that interests me; a bold one, however, is appetizing.

Xo H 


Photographed by Ruut DeMeo RMD Portraits | | Hampden, Baltimore, Maryland

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Restless ’til I


Restless ‘til I Rest

Last week, I began another semester at the College of Charleston. I was elated to be back in Chucktown and reconnect with my darling friends and peers, but stressed nonetheless. I was jet lagged, exhausted, and excited. I also refused to admit defeat. I refused to acknowledge my anxiety. I do not know why we millennials find ourselves denying our mental and emotional states until we are completely broken down by stress. I do not want to participate in that cultural habit and I hope to asses my circumstances whenever they might be out of sorts.

Each semester of my college career feels as if I am starting a temporary job. You have one week to get comfortable with your surroundings, nail down the perfect academic schedule, and maintain mental agility for new schoolwork. I found myself constantly checking my email for academic updates, sprinting to Barnes & Noble on multiple occasions, and organizing my social life in the most frazzled state. I kept telling myself it would feel normal soon enough, upon finding a routine. I settle in a routine, that looks different every few months of my life. The whole process is unnatural. College is like that, you have a consistently abnormal schedule for 4 (or more) years.

Do you know how I felt? Restless. Utterly restless. I was crawling about campus, running on limited hours of sleep and attempting to perfect every inch of my life. It is impossible to perfectly arrange the details of one’s current schedule. Yes, I sort of managed an amazing schedule with a four day weekend every weekend, but I do know that surprises will stir up my days. As I found myself in a quiet moment, spotify found Restless by Audrey Assad, and I quickly realized my personal setback.

And I’m restless, I’m restless

‘Til I rest in You, ’til I rest in You

I am restless, I’m restless

‘Til I rest in You, ’til I rest in You

Oh God, I wanna rest in You

Sometimes my outrageous attempts to be positively combating life simply leads to tears. I began every morning prepared to conquer the day, with an exceptionally enthusiastic attitude and yet I still found myself overwhelmed. I was bubbling with anxiety. Is it so bad to say, “I am effing anxious and every bit of this week sucks?” Why couldn’t I admit it? Was it that all my peers are faking it? They are all so calm. Eerily calm.

Transitions take time. Acknowledging when we need a hot second to rest is crucial to feeling like ourselves and being the best little human we are capable of living as. I am not striving for perfection, and I do not suggest you try that. I would much rather admit to feeling anxious. Then follow the acceptance of my feelings with a hot bath, good book and solid quiet time. We have got to rest, my friends, if we want to understand anything about our surroundings, circumstances and current reality. Resting should be a priority.

I am peeking at my accounting homework now, with a little smile. I can do it. Last week, there was no chance of me understanding content, and now I am ready. We need time, most frequently, in order to get it.

I know that the Lord has called me to so much more than an anxious, academic-fearing heart. I am very excited for this season of my life; the lessons that I will learn, the love I will get to share and adventures that await. Don’t let your restless heart get in the way of life.

Need some rest inspiration? I’ve got your back.

  • Hot tea (opt for herbal)
  • Exercise
  • Hydration
  • A healthy diet 
  • Chill on the sugar, it messes everything up
  • Quiet time
  • To Do Lists (let your brain breathe)
  • Reading  
  • Taking the time for a nap
  • Candles- just don’t fall asleep
  • A hot bath, also don’t fall asleep
  • Navigate a schedule that permits a full night’s sleep
  • Jesus? He is the best, but whatever floats your boat babe!

None of this is helping? No worries, I will redirect you to a brilliantly inspiring article. I know I am not full of all the wisdom in the world, but Goop seemingly has it together (Thanks Gwyneth!)  

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Photographed by the talented Ruut DeMeo, RMD Portraits | | Hampden, Baltimore, Maryland 

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Almost Love Day


These Vince pants are inspiring me to get to work. Inspiring me to work on my blog, my future and other current ventures. I frequently find myself thinking, what am I doing in school? I am not an academic and I have always struggled in school, and now I find myself doing my best just to get through it. Guilt and frustration arise when thoughts pass through my mind of this nature.

I prefer to wander into the future. I like to think about books I want to write; travel journals and shopping guides. I dream of places I want to be. Fields of fashion I want to stomp through. Meanwhile, I have obligations that I need to tend to at this very moment.

I am incredibly blessed to live in Charleston and attend the College of Charleston but sometimes I am not motivated to work. I only want to work on the things that really make me happy, but I should not neglect the things that make others happy. The chances of a professor gleefully accepting a test at the end of a class period and handing me a gold star are pretty slim, but I should not be intentionally disrespecting their work either. At the college, I do feel that my teachers enjoy seeing their students learn, experience and understand. I need to allow these silk pants to inspire me to work in the classroom. I need to put on my work pants to focus on what I frighteningly enough, have trouble caring about. I must focus on the frightening, in order to wholeheartedly enjoy the things I love about fashion, work experiences and college life.

When you put on your work pants, whatever that may entail, do your best to put energy into the mundane, and possibly difficult tasks in your life.

I am thrilled for Valentine’s Day! Brunch possibilities, flower shop pop ups and gluten free cupcakes galore! However, this Saturday, I need to put on my work pants and accept the reality that I am student and need to take some time to be one.

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Pictures by Brett Tighe Photography

Courtesy of Finicky Filly: Joie Cualli Tank, Vince Windowpane Silk Pants, Annabel Ingall Leyla Clutch 

Madewell Coat, Loeffler Randall Pari Pump

Wearing the Pants with Grace


Wearing the Pants, A love series for the fiercely independent.

“Wearing the pants,” is most frequently used to describe who dominates a romantic relationship. This Valentine’s season, I am talking about “wearing the pants,” while interacting with daily life.

Beginning this season of love, I want you to know how I feel about Valentine’s Day. If Valentine’s Day is not for you, then this post is. I can choose to A: not like Valentine’s Day because I am not in a relationship, or B: continue to adore this season of love because I love, love.

Obviously, I chose B. I have loved love for as long as I can recall. I love loving others and I adore being loved! I was a born and raised snuggler. People who do not hug or snuggle, choose to snuggle me. I am loving and lovable gal I guess. Valentine’s season celebrates love. It of course stresses romantic love, but I choose to focus on the real life love. I surround myself with real life love every day. My friends are my love, my pugs are my love and my mom is my love. I believe in Valentine’s Day. I believe in Valentine’s Day because it celebrates what I enjoy most about life; love.

Choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year in the hopes of expressing your love to the people you care about. Choose to celebrate a holiday with grace, instead of resentment. Choose to paint your nails pink. Choose to eat lots of candy. Choose to bake chocolate cake with your friends. Choose to love.


Pardon my french but… I love the $hi+ out of you.




This week, I ventured to one of the most stylish spots on King Street to snag some cutie pie pieces. The Finicky Filly.

It is a shopping experience to pop into the cute shop, so unfortunately they do not have online shopping. Have no fear, Finicky makes up for it with the Brown Box. The Brown Box is a unique creation. A little box of hand picked goods arrive at your home, and you have five days to try on and return anything that is not to your liking. If I was brainstorming ways to make my life more glamorous, it would be adding this Brown Box goodness to my mailing list.

Thankful to work with cool places and meet great people. Good things happening babes!



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Candy Gazing…


Ermagerd getting candy in my ears and neck rolls!!


Happy season of Love my babes!

C/O The Finicky Filly in Charleston, South Carolina: Joie Blouse (same top dif. color & same color dif. top), J Brand Pants (available in store), Tory Burch Purse (similar & similar), Madewell Heels, Lat & Lo Necklace, Urban Outfitters Candy

Pictures by Brett Tighe Photography