Last Call for White Jeans

JUST KIDDING I live in South Carolina. My summer does not end when September begins. I want you to know a little something about the rules of fashion, they are easily avoided. I currently have the option of tanning after Math class and I believe that gives me permission to wear white jeans. So enjoy Labor day, I hope you have the day off, take some cute pics- but expect me to be wearing these babies after Monday.

xoxo da Bee





P.S. I am not recommending that white jeans become your fall staple. Please do not do that. I do not need to see clusters of pretty girls in white jeans and chunky black sweaters with snow on the ground. Bone, however, is an upcoming fall color of choice that we can chat about.


Summer-Fall transfer sneaker. Ideal for a hot day on the go.


The faintest bit of hair chalk to accent messy blonde locks also works well as a dry shampoo to shape hair for occasions. Sorta digging the pink hair trend, we shall see how far that gets.


Karen Millen Top (no longer available) Joe’s White Jeans Dolce Vita Sneakers

Karen Walker Sunnies   Blush Spraychalk

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Bmore of a Foodie


Le Garage: Beer Bar and Frites Shop


As we stepped into this nook of Hampden, Ruut and I chatted about the simplicity of the restaurant. White and navy- easy on the eyes. Fussy- free menu, yet with plenty of options. I am gluten free however, which usually chops down the options pretty quickly when I venture out to eat. The precious girl who worked at the Frites Shop was also gluten free and gave me great recommendations. I plan to discover and share great spots with snacks, meals and drinks that are safe for the gluten free bunch. The fries I enjoyed at the Frites Shop were incredible and melted into your mouth with the perfect crunch.








What to wear at a Frites shop: Probably not white jeans… but I was careful. However, this cropped sweater is the perfect laid back adventure top. Purchased at the beginning of the summer I have been able to wear it with relaxed shorts, rugged jeans and these killer white jeans. Summer breezes ripple through the soft fabric for the most comfortable evening feel.



If you explore down this path, Le Garage is a full sized bar and restaurant. Romantic dark lighting and rustic accessories fuel the city vibe- I wanted to stay all night. I did not get a chance to try anything on the menu when I peeked downstairs, but it is added to my list of hopeful places to nom.



Having a giggle over my gluten free friendly fries with rosemary garlic mayo. Killer combo.




Pictured below: something not gluten free friendly but you want to marry it anyways.  (I did not try it) uDsJi5h-ErIB4MmK99uZIAnoN5_Vhu11hF52doUQ-Wo,XQhF4hCUqlt_ZpA9Qb6NLYmg8kX_097e0bDHIM-Lz5Y,l13TZQF0BvFQ5X2yzYGuM9DeNQGHa_EQdddpDkt9QJA,WypVF7m975zJ4-SOGDLzNuxoM5yQipiFs1oJxM9J8BU


Wearing: Lululemon sweater, White jeans (check back for brand)

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