Spring Break: Third Culture Kid Edition

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Budapest, March 2015

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I hate the, “Where are you from?” I guess I have to say Baltimore, but I wince. “I’m sort of a nomad…” and I shrug my shoulders. After living in Budapest, Hungary for five and a half years, my mom and I moved to Baltimore, Maryland. However, I never found myself settled in Baltimore. I struggled as a young kid and developing young adult to truly adapt to the culture. In middle school, we decided to homeschool and we ventured around the globe. I began traveling on my own, and visited friends internationally as well as stateside. During that time, we spent a brief few months in Ghana, and I became acquainted with yet another culture. I continued on by spending all four years of high school in Baltimore, and then was anxious to hustle out and get myself to college.

Where am I from? I do not know. Struggles of a Nomad. Struggles of a missionary kid. Struggles of a Third Culture Kid. I associate many places with home. My earliest memories, rest in Budapest. In order to walk by my preschool, I have to get on a plane. Is that weird? Can you understand how strange that is for me? I left Budapest, but I really never moved on. One should not have to forget the joy I experienced. My time as a child in Budapest was blessed- filled with laughter and love. It was truly unique, and I hope to live through another experience as transcending as my childhood.

Touch down in Budapest for a few days of my spring break, and a roller coaster of feels progressed. The Lord took me to Europe this spring break, it was Him for sure. It was a touch overwhelming. I was in a distracted and excited environment of a conference. I was seeing friends from all over, and people from my childhood. I walked into church and ran into a friend, she hustled over to give me a hug and I was choked up by memories. I was tossed back into my childhood environment. Quickly realizing how difficult the next few days would be without my mom, I knew I had to brace myself for the adjustment.

Sociologist David C. Pollock defines A Third Culture Kid as, “a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents’ culture.” My experience as a Third Culture Kid has left me with little stability, a constant need to be on the move, and discomfort in my parent culture. That might all sound horrendous, but it is actually my norm. It leads me to a different life than most, and it has brought me incredible experiences that most would not have the opportunity to understand.

Understanding my life as a Third Culture Kid:

  • Jet lag. When I was little I would cry because I thought it was a monster, I did not understand. Turns out it is a monster.
  • Planes are a comfort zone. From my airport arrival routine, to the cozy blanket always packed for the plane- I’ve got it down. I always come prepared with snacks, books and magazines. I lurve it.
  • My weather app: Does not solely consist of my current element. I am always on the lookout to see how cold it is Helsinki or gray in Budapest.
  • I frequently play the, “In this time, if I was in Europe…” I would be sleeping, or eating or… I find myself imagining the time of another country than my own.
  • Currency. I grew up on the Hungarian Forint. How about you?
  • I have great friends all over the world. I’m continuing to create new global friendships #cantstop #wontstop
  • I get confused as to which direction the faucets will emerge hot or cold. It takes a minute for me to adjust in any country that I am in, and I currently have to keep asking my roommate which way turns the kitchen faucet scalding hot.
  • The lack of a traditional shower in a non-U.S bathroom does not phase me.
  • Public transport is preferable to cars. I have the best car, but I love a good metro journey.
  • My passport is always close to me. Get me outta here! (The U.S)
  • I am more comfortable in cultures outside of my own, and I have more trouble adjusting to cultural norms from “my own,” country of the U.S. Reverse-culture shock, whenever I come “home.”
  • Few things cause me as much anxiety as, “Where are you from?” I would much rather you not ask me. Have you seen the grimace?

I am attempting to convey, that the lifestyle of being on the move is a blessing. It is also partially motivated by experiences that few can relate to. In my more recent years, motivation of simply seeing the world has been changed to connect to my global friendships and desires for international missions. I can explore for days, drink hot chocolate until my tongue is burnt and roam unique shops forever- but my exploration of God’s globe is bigger than myself. Nearing my senior year of college, (sidenote: Holy Crap?!) I am realizing that real life is not only coming soon, but is happening now. Responsibilities, career goals and life on the mission field are resting heavily on my heart. I aspire to a full life. Which I surely know I already experience. My heart is content- yet as an evolving adult, I will always be adapting to my future. I hope this insight of my personal life can further explain qualities about myself, or give you a better understanding about my adventures.

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Budapest, March 2015

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Budapest, March 2015

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Budapest, March 2015

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Budapest, March 2015

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Budapest, March 2015

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Innsbruck, March 2015

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Innsbruck, March 2015

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Innsbruck, March 2015

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Innsbruck, March 2015

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Innsbruck, March 2015

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Innsbruck, March 2015

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Innsbruck, March 2015

Wearing the Pants with Grace


Wearing the Pants, A love series for the fiercely independent.

“Wearing the pants,” is most frequently used to describe who dominates a romantic relationship. This Valentine’s season, I am talking about “wearing the pants,” while interacting with daily life.

Beginning this season of love, I want you to know how I feel about Valentine’s Day. If Valentine’s Day is not for you, then this post is. I can choose to A: not like Valentine’s Day because I am not in a relationship, or B: continue to adore this season of love because I love, love.

Obviously, I chose B. I have loved love for as long as I can recall. I love loving others and I adore being loved! I was a born and raised snuggler. People who do not hug or snuggle, choose to snuggle me. I am loving and lovable gal I guess. Valentine’s season celebrates love. It of course stresses romantic love, but I choose to focus on the real life love. I surround myself with real life love every day. My friends are my love, my pugs are my love and my mom is my love. I believe in Valentine’s Day. I believe in Valentine’s Day because it celebrates what I enjoy most about life; love.

Choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year in the hopes of expressing your love to the people you care about. Choose to celebrate a holiday with grace, instead of resentment. Choose to paint your nails pink. Choose to eat lots of candy. Choose to bake chocolate cake with your friends. Choose to love.


Pardon my french but… I love the $hi+ out of you.




This week, I ventured to one of the most stylish spots on King Street to snag some cutie pie pieces. The Finicky Filly.

It is a shopping experience to pop into the cute shop, so unfortunately they do not have online shopping. Have no fear, Finicky makes up for it with the Brown Box. The Brown Box is a unique creation. A little box of hand picked goods arrive at your home, and you have five days to try on and return anything that is not to your liking. If I was brainstorming ways to make my life more glamorous, it would be adding this Brown Box goodness to my mailing list.

Thankful to work with cool places and meet great people. Good things happening babes!



Got your eyes on this baby? Keep an eye out on Finicky’s IG for a VA VA VOOM giveaway!





Candy Gazing…


Ermagerd getting candy in my ears and neck rolls!!


Happy season of Love my babes!

C/O The Finicky Filly in Charleston, South Carolina: Joie Blouse (same top dif. color & same color dif. top), J Brand Pants (available in store), Tory Burch Purse (similar & similar), Madewell Heels, Lat & Lo Necklace, Urban Outfitters Candy

Pictures by Brett Tighe Photography 

Guilty Pleasures



Guilty pleasures, hmm it sounds a bit naughty but still ever so sweet. Whether it be late night gelato or ritual candy overdoses at the movie theatre, guilty pleasures are a beautiful thing. As much as I love a good sugar sneak, that is not what I am chatting about today. The best type of guilty pleasure is one you can hold, love, and wear. The guilty purchases. Whatever item of choice you spend a little extra on, is your guilty pleasure.

Unfortunately for myself, I have gloriously expensive taste so I am willing (if financially permissible) to spend “a little extra,” on a whole lot. I have this fascination with cozy. Cozy comes with responsibility. Come cozy time, one must be prepared with prime chick flicks, hot tea and lustrous loungewear. Cozy is not always intended for the couch, I usually find myself sporting my cozy in a hopefully stylish, but primarily comfortable ensemble for strolling about town. I love luxurious comfort.

On a busy London day I went shopping with my darling Sarah, and a few of her girlfriends. Sarah wanted me to experience the glory of the London empires and we could not help ourselves inside the decked out and super sexy AllSaints shop. AllSaints is a cult classic for trendy Londoners and urban fashionistas, the shop is gleaming with deep wood and iron accents. We bustled through the crowds to find prime items in the best SALE ever for our winter closets, and boy did we lucked out.

Sarah found a chic top with built-in neckwear, perfect to pair with over the knee boots and dark jeans for a snazzy meal out or drinks with a friend. Isabel found killer boyfriend jeans, that she later cuffed and paired with a structured top and heeled booties. I stumbled upon this sweatshirt, and I could not resist myself. The soft hoodie is lined with a light fleece and two delicate pockets are located at the bottom of the elongated piece. The sweatshirt is discreetly decorated with textured patches which are lightly visible, causing the sweatshirt to appear naturally stylish. I do not know if I was sold on the sweatshirt because of the hot sales associates with man buns and skinny jeans, or simply the fact that it was utterly cozy and magically chic! Regardless of the good looking folks in AllSaints, we walked out feeling hip and ready to hit the streets!

I am very pleased with the outcome of this look. Worn here in the chic streets of Chelsea, I found myself pairing the top with coated jeans and my new favorite high tops. This laid back sweatshirt is perfect for home lounging, airport jaunts and trendy city trips.

So after discovering that I overspend on comfort clothing, I know that all my lovelies have at least one department of style that causes knee buckling, gasping and check writing. What is your style guilty pleasure?






My metallic nails were for New Year’s Eve and have come into 2015 so well! I am so fond of the color, shimmer, and many have expressed their adoration of the fun pick!


Simple details go a long way


i adore these shoes, this will not be the last you see of them. *spoons sneakers* *places sneakers on silver tray* *worshi-* kidding.


Make sure to check out my London pics on instagram! xoxo & #jesuischarlie

Pictures by my new friend, adorable Swedish born and London located blogger, Elin Schönfelder

AllSaints sweatshirt, JBrand Coated Jeans, Superga sneakers 

Lemme Tell Ya Bout The Dentist


Some may be gleefully unaware, or others, painfully exposed- to the fact that I have suffered from anxiety from a young age. It comes in phases of affecting my daily life, but I refuse to be medicated- with the exception of doctors appointments. I am simply terrified of the dentist (could be from that one time when I was a toddler and they put me in a straight jacket, but hey who knows!) So onward with this strange phobia, I have to be heavily medicated in order to remain as calm as possible. The night before and an hour before my appointment I take prescribed medication that we can call “my chill pill.” Somehow I do manage to force myself into the office and plop into the terrifying seat of pain and horror. My sweet as ever dentist, got down to business as soon as I sat down. The drugging continued with Nitrate (laughing gas) and it streams through my body throughout whatever ordeal must occur. On this lovely day, I had numerous fillings that needed to be handled. (it is hereditary, I brush my teeth obviously)

The pain was manageable but the panic is difficult to suffocate. Usually from as soon as I sit down at the dentist, I start crying. Sort of sad, steady streams of tears that are controlled by medication (or I would be hyperventilating.) Every few minutes I would tap and press on pressure points to ease my racing heart. As I sat in this terrifying seat, the drills were echoing in my head and I had to escape. How can one do this? Think of something good.

I may have actually shed a happy tear as I thought of something good. I thought of all the goods of this semester. I envisioned Charleston strolls, farmers markets, chai lattes and late night chats. I pictured lunches at Persimmon Cafe, dance parties and laughter. I had so much laughter, so many moments of pure joy that radiated through my heart and soul. I have people to hug, snuggle and tell the server at the restaurant that I am gluten free before I have to ask. I have been given amazing friends to love, and to take care of me in unexpected ways. I am so undeserving of God’s timing and I am overjoyed to have finished the semester with my new peeps.

The last few minutes of surviving todays appointment was courtesy of my loved ones in Charleston, thank you for the memories and the thoughts that can get me through any pain. I am so thankful.




This shirt is my heart and soul. It is so fun to look at!




Tiptoe on the window.



Floppy Hat, Borrowed Cape (similar,) Mumu Tee (sold out,) similar and similar, J Brand Jeans, Yosi Samra Booties

Mumu top and Jeans found at iiBrunettes

Turn Up for Telluride

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Sorry about my absence, the wonders of college have been occupying my mental and emotional capacity as of late. So anyways I have been intending to post my recap of my trip to T E L L U R I D E!!!

A few weekends ago, I traveled with my lovely big, Erica, to Telluride! We had the most amazing weekend filled with cafe sits, book readings, nap time, long strolls and movie viewings! It was the best weekend to unwind before the hectic holiday season took over!!

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Turtle turtle. Trend alert that is so practical and so 90’s you just might want to grab your CD player to really feel the excitement!

Madewell, available in-store but not online, (similar)

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The best store in Telluride!!

Two Skirts

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I fell in love with a hat (on the right.) I frequently fall in love with articles of clothing, I lead an extraordinarily thrilling life.

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Rag & Bone from a few seasons ago, a holiday classic. (similar)

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Our humble abode, made me feel like I was Blake Lively’s coat.

The Hotel Telluride


Vacationing in style, at all times. It is a must!

Tink & Tiger pj’s


Bye, darling!

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Frugal Flannel

Personally and spiritually I have been struggling with frugality, where and when are purchases appropriate and what use do I have in mind when I am in the process of a purchase. I have every intention of staying up to date with trends, but that also means living in a continual cycle of shopping, but when is shopping unhealthy? As I have matured I have realized that shopping does not satisfy my soul, it no longer fulfills questionable feelings and distressed emotions. With that, I am discovering the blessings of blogging and collaborating with my fellow creatives. One of the reasons I moved to Charleston, was to blossom creatively and expand my horizons, meeting and collaborating with Charleston creatives is fun and rewarding.

Working with Peyton William Jewelry, was fun and worth the time to speak with the gals at the jewelry boutique and make the effort to communicate. I recommend reaching out to people that interest you- it can challenge your work and encourage your soul, meanwhile you are building a relationship and assisting new acquaintances.

Collaborating is satisfying. Helping a creative along with nourishing my blog feels better than a self-satisfying endeavor. In any passion, it is not intended for an individual; life and work is better with others.


Rawr. That expression of mine is vicious.

So I bought this flannel in August, and I have been waiting to unveil it in a blog post. So I chose a simple, put-together ensemble to show a casual yet sophisticated flannel pairing. Obviously my current favorite jeans are a part of the look, alongside fabulous jewels via Peyton William Jewelry and the obvious tote of choice.


Digging tactile bangles- jewelry that doubles as a form of entertainment.


Relaxed boyfriend fit. J Brand, have I told you how much I like you?


Is it even yours if you don’t monogram it? Probably not, you mangy thief.



These kicks are perfect. Slip-on’s, sneakers; super trendy. All forms of shoes are great actually, feet are nice when they are protected with some layer of “do not worry your feet will be safe.”


Pictures by Davy Kesey

Rails Flannel, J Brand Jeans, Gap sneakers, Louis Vuitton Never Full , Peyton William Jewelry, Ray Ban Sunnies