Restless ’til I


Restless ‘til I Rest

Last week, I began another semester at the College of Charleston. I was elated to be back in Chucktown and reconnect with my darling friends and peers, but stressed nonetheless. I was jet lagged, exhausted, and excited. I also refused to admit defeat. I refused to acknowledge my anxiety. I do not know why we millennials find ourselves denying our mental and emotional states until we are completely broken down by stress. I do not want to participate in that cultural habit and I hope to asses my circumstances whenever they might be out of sorts.

Each semester of my college career feels as if I am starting a temporary job. You have one week to get comfortable with your surroundings, nail down the perfect academic schedule, and maintain mental agility for new schoolwork. I found myself constantly checking my email for academic updates, sprinting to Barnes & Noble on multiple occasions, and organizing my social life in the most frazzled state. I kept telling myself it would feel normal soon enough, upon finding a routine. I settle in a routine, that looks different every few months of my life. The whole process is unnatural. College is like that, you have a consistently abnormal schedule for 4 (or more) years.

Do you know how I felt? Restless. Utterly restless. I was crawling about campus, running on limited hours of sleep and attempting to perfect every inch of my life. It is impossible to perfectly arrange the details of one’s current schedule. Yes, I sort of managed an amazing schedule with a four day weekend every weekend, but I do know that surprises will stir up my days. As I found myself in a quiet moment, spotify found Restless by Audrey Assad, and I quickly realized my personal setback.

And I’m restless, I’m restless

‘Til I rest in You, ’til I rest in You

I am restless, I’m restless

‘Til I rest in You, ’til I rest in You

Oh God, I wanna rest in You

Sometimes my outrageous attempts to be positively combating life simply leads to tears. I began every morning prepared to conquer the day, with an exceptionally enthusiastic attitude and yet I still found myself overwhelmed. I was bubbling with anxiety. Is it so bad to say, “I am effing anxious and every bit of this week sucks?” Why couldn’t I admit it? Was it that all my peers are faking it? They are all so calm. Eerily calm.

Transitions take time. Acknowledging when we need a hot second to rest is crucial to feeling like ourselves and being the best little human we are capable of living as. I am not striving for perfection, and I do not suggest you try that. I would much rather admit to feeling anxious. Then follow the acceptance of my feelings with a hot bath, good book and solid quiet time. We have got to rest, my friends, if we want to understand anything about our surroundings, circumstances and current reality. Resting should be a priority.

I am peeking at my accounting homework now, with a little smile. I can do it. Last week, there was no chance of me understanding content, and now I am ready. We need time, most frequently, in order to get it.

I know that the Lord has called me to so much more than an anxious, academic-fearing heart. I am very excited for this season of my life; the lessons that I will learn, the love I will get to share and adventures that await. Don’t let your restless heart get in the way of life.

Need some rest inspiration? I’ve got your back.

  • Hot tea (opt for herbal)
  • Exercise
  • Hydration
  • A healthy diet 
  • Chill on the sugar, it messes everything up
  • Quiet time
  • To Do Lists (let your brain breathe)
  • Reading  
  • Taking the time for a nap
  • Candles- just don’t fall asleep
  • A hot bath, also don’t fall asleep
  • Navigate a schedule that permits a full night’s sleep
  • Jesus? He is the best, but whatever floats your boat babe!

None of this is helping? No worries, I will redirect you to a brilliantly inspiring article. I know I am not full of all the wisdom in the world, but Goop seemingly has it together (Thanks Gwyneth!)  

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Photographed by the talented Ruut DeMeo, RMD Portraits | | Hampden, Baltimore, Maryland 

Wearing: Adidas graphic sweatshirt, Vintage Men’s Shirt (worn as jacket), Frame Denim Le Skinny de Jeanne Britton, Joie Barlow booties 

Charleston Fashion Week(end) Night 5

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Picture by Mac Kilduff (We ran into this AWESOME photographer and he snagged some quick shots for us, and then texted us the pictures instantly. I love technology and talented creatives.)

Charleston Fashion Week Finale!

The last evening of Charleston Fashion Week, was a great time! We were all absolutely exhausted by the end of the week but it was a good tired! Fashion sleepy!

To start this perfect Saturday, I got MA HUR DID! Ronnie works major magic I tell ya! Swish on Pitt is the place to go, I swear by it! I have been getting buckets of compliments on the color, and I feel great! Not to mention the timing of fresh hair and a sizzling fashion week finale was perfect! This last look was very last-minute and this dress is from Paris a few years back. I have actually never worn the dress until this evening, and I am so glad I decided to! I think it will be brought out again this summer… Found at Ba & sh Paris, it is a very unique silhouette that is relatively innovative in its shape. I enjoy trends but recently, I have been focusing on tossing trends in my ensembles but not embodying a trend. The dress was different, but not far out. Jeffrey Campbell’s (Shoes on King) again! (Still have yet to find them online!) and clutch from the Impeccable Pig on King Street. Drizzled in Theodosia jewels that created the perfect breezy boho look!

The finale of Charleston Fashion Week showed the full collection of the winners of the Emerging Designers Competition throughout the week! It was refreshing to see the entire collections and gave me a stronger perspective of their creative agenda. The winner of the entire week humbly accepted her prize with tears, it was very touching to remember that these works of art are people’s lives. Peek at the final show designers here!

Peek at the pics of the event here!

That is a wrap! Fashion Week was great, I was very happy with the events I was able to attend. I learned some lessons about getting ready, picture processes and uber surges this year! Looking forward to next year! Keep an eye out for some great upcoming posts with some new features and fun spring shoots!


Picture by Mac Kilduff with major babe Malik


Picture by Mac Kilduff 

Pre-show Pictures on Church Street with Morgan (roommate)


These jewels were just too fantastic! I still look at pictures of them… Drool

IMG_0209 IMG_0207 IMG_0203 IMG_0202 IMG_0201 IMG_0205 IMG_0198 IMG_0197 IMG_0195 IMG_0193

and some iphone pics!

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da booty

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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Netflix Detox


10 Reasons to Have a Netflix Detox:

A Netflix Detox flushes the system of all Fall Semester toxins, one must cleanse by remaining aimless and lazy in the presence of Netflix.

  1. Gives you the opportunity to snuggle your long lost pet! (Home=pets=omg I am loved?!=yes)
  2. Alone time sans roommates-no headphones, eat abundant snacks and receive no judgement.
  3. Find a new show. Start it. Demolish it. Feel accomplished.
  4. Multi-task- During some Netflix appointments I like to be accompanied by a second device of technology. I enjoy stringing hundreds of new images through my mind via Pinterest and Tumblr sur la iphone.
  5. Have I mentioned how cozy this experience is? Fetal position minus a pre-final meltdown feels so refreshing!
  6. Take the time to decide if you are the cute snuggle bunny or the bummy snuggle bunny. How grunge is your netflix attire? Are you wearing goodwill or lululemon? Do you buy hundred dollar sweatpants from boutiques? I do, probably not my best financial move but my BUM IS so COZY!
  7. Watch the tv shows and movies that make you miss your family and then run downstairs to find them congregating in the flesh! I watch Gilmore Girls, which is practically Webster’s definition of my relationship with my mother and now I can get emotionally invested in an episode and then holler for a hug! *sheds a tear*
  8. Have you taken a look at the latest Netflix releases and the soon to be released?!
  9. According to Gary Solomon via WebMD: “‘cinema therapy is something that is self-administered,’ he says. ‘That’s not to say therapy on a one-to-one basis is bad, but this is an opportunity to do interventional work by yourself.’”  (Okay! Doctor’s orders!)
  10. A happy Netflix filled heart gives you abundant capacity for family filled festivities, christmas shopping and unhealthy sugar blasts.


I have popped back into town for the shortest Christmas visit but I managed to squeeze a trip to Cross Keys newest boutique, The Girl Next Door. The pieces for my Holiday series were loaned to me through the boutique and I was thrilled to style them!







Clothing on loan from local boutique The Girl Next Door in Baltimore! (links to be posted soon)

Madewell socks (not online,) similar

Pictures by Ruut DeMeo

White Shirt Wonder

Throwback to an awesome shoot with Ruut, it was an exceptional few hours. This was shot in the midst of a typical humid  Baltimore summer day and yet these pieces showcased are perfect for a cool or hot September.


This oversized button-down looks polished paired with these shorts, but when untucked turns casual. Recently, I wore this top with jeans to church- tucked in for service, and then untucked as I tooled around Charleston for the rest of the day.


The cotton sateen shorts are incredibly comfortable, and transition from sophisticated to casual with the assistance of a silk tank, strappy heels or lightweight sneakers.



Mini tote- Bold. Black. Tiny and cute.


Soft Smiles for the camera. Cheese. Note the stretchy waistband on these precious shorts (AKA you can eat, drink and be merry and no one will notice)

UriZGbj4mElmzHWoVICtzFL74y_WemFJrUby4K7--Js,d4KYS1uLFo2qLCoLps48VCSq09XzvvenAmSQaZ6_HgA,IjqoXuvzsPNiX99epGxpoe8BJsd9C3_kLgLYEIe7kqk,JaQz87zuvlqjKaXPXguEftDV9HPCg_dPIWyc_-nS0IM GCZU4Kp0_IQbUfeisnBAQj3RIphMv9Jl1pTRUHFHhW0,7EknuCyCl5jJsQhAyhI-WOUvHFoKnmDkmFkxRX-v3Og,xkN6kbXIIjqQctFWha-EYETgnWNy6fzzDv692mK2Fq4,Oz4Z5d8YigARR9oXIS4xt5wN-FgMk5YhIG1GGmK0myY


Madewell top, Screen printed shorts– found at Furbish Studio pop-up, Rebecca Minkoff mini tote, Greek Sandals, Karen Walker Sunnies

Photographed by Ruut

The Friend Shirt

The day before classes started I could not concentrate on what I wanted to wear because I was so distracted by the thought of a t-shirt dress. Effortless comfort. Showing up to class in a t shirt dress is saying, “I am here to study, but there’s a chance I slept in this and you will never know.”

I had one t-shirt dress that could have been a possibility but it was black and required a belt and blah blah it did not work. So I did my research that week and found some goodies via Brandy Melville. Then I stumbled upon this magical little number.


The best thing about a new find of a fresh trend, for me at least, are the conversations that come post-purchase. I have been living in this dress since it arrived in the mail, and girls stop me to find out where I got it. I love that. Especially as a new student, I get to introduce myself to people who I might not have ever gotten a chance to meet. Then we get to have a nice chat about t-shirt dresses, the wonderful simplicity that they are.


Conversations with new people and an affordable fall staple. I am all about it.


Bracelet found in a jewelry store in Crete, Greece


Skull found in Paris street market, evil eye in a jewelry store in Santorini, Greece


Shoes came off. whoops.

Dress: Brandy Melville (currently sold out,) similar and similar

Sneakers: Dolce Vita

Purse: purchased in Greece

Photographed by Davy Kesey  

Pre-season to the best season

First of all, welcome to fall in Charleston.

I am glad you are virtually joining me in my romantic city of inspiration.


I am detesting the slow process of fall in Charleston. I am eager for cable knit sweaters, broken-in cashmere and trendy jeans. I am hesitant to dive into realistic fall clothing while my peers and I are struggling to make it to class while staying hydrated. I will be focusing on pre-season attire for a few posts. I am obtaining a realistic wardrobe for my current location, in hopes of assisting southerners who are eager for new styles but restricted to summer staples.

I feel it is fitting to understand the importance of pre-season attire as I am also transitioning into this fall. As a recent transfer student I have the luxury of experiencing this season as an unknown. Similar to this weather, my understanding of this season of my life will take time. So, bear with me, and let’s transition into something great.


September brings new ideas, styles and inspiration. I have been obsessing over Fashion Week and the inspirational juices that follow these shows. I have been primarily reading blogs and studying shows and have yet to express my thoughts. Even if you say you do not like shopping, or clothes, do some google homework and see what the creatives have been up to.

Feast your eyes on these stunning pictures, not a fashion shoot but a glimpse of me and the work that is going to come.



I am happy to announce my collaboration with Davy, a naturally hip student with a vision he is eager to fulfill. I am blessed to be inspired by my peers and I am humbled to work with such a talented artist.

Photographed by Davy Kesey

top: James Perse, similar and similar

jeans:  J Brand

hair:  Ronnie of Salon 101