Sweet Things


This holiday season is uh er hmm exciting? Stressful? Eventful? Yes, yes! Eventful. As a college student, Thanksgiving is no break. Thanksgiving is the time to eat, hang with family, possibly relax and then curl into a bloated ball of emotions when you realize you forgot about your project. This is not an attempt to give you an anxiety attack, I can assure you holidays are full of smiles! However, I am cautiously approaching the activities I choose seeing as my academic obligations cannot be put on hold until CHRISTMAS break. So close, yet so wildly far from reach. I have decided to plan accordingly and am hoping to schedule this week to avoid a procrastination meltdown.

I distract myself from holiday anxiety with my favorite thing; clothes. Put on a good outfit and the world is your damn oyster. A solid ensemble is strangely encouraging. Habitually, I dress up on test days. Not a heels and plunging neckline situation, but simply an average cool look. Clothes have the ability to speed up the process of getting things done. Somehow making an ordeal into just another day. I do not rely on material things to satisfy my stresses but I will not deny the comfort of a good outfit. This holiday inspo look is the perfect motivation to have fun with your style! Be playful. Play with accessories, trends, and the world around you.

Clothes are not the only sweet soothing thing in life, there are lots of little things that make life lovely. I’ve compiled a little list of little things about me. Little things that make me Hannah, and all that it entails. Daily thoughts, routines, and things that make me happy. I encourage you to do the same. Write it, type it, or screech it from your rooftop. I know you may be stressed by the motley crew arriving at your home for this week. Or the test you have as soon as your return to school. Or your crazy sister who has decided to turn on you this holiday season. Don’t forget those good things, never forget those little things. The little things that make your best friend hug you, your mom proud, and your puppy lick your face. We are all of the little things miraculously poured into a tender soul. Here are some little things about me…

Little Things (about me)

  • Always buying a book and planning a trip
  • Never leave the house without a sweater
  • Lunch, coffee or adventures with mom? We are both equipped with an “activity” i.e. notebook or novel
  • I’ll take my popcorn with chocolate chips and sea salt
  • Hot tea > Coffee
  • Utterly obsessed with cheerios. If you haven’t heard, the whole lot of cheerios are now gluten free.
  • Lettering is therapeutic
  • I think that cool air sooths my anxiety
  • The only heat I know to be a comfort- sauna
  • Going to the movies is my bliss
  • To do lists
  • Crossing off completed tasks on said list
  • The best beach days are long. You hit the glow of sunset and the breeze that follows
  • Cozy is my favorite
  • Stupidly extroverted. I love my peeps
  • Don’t know how to help me? Hug me
  • Dream day: A stormy summer day in Maine. Slightly sunburned from days lounging poolside and dipping in the icy ocean. Today is the day when the air is cool, fog dense, and raindrops drizzle. A storm if we are lucky. My family friends and I are are scattered throughout the house snuggled up with our books, puzzles, and movies. I am cozied in the library with Mika. Picture us with our messy, sticky, salty curls. The sleepy satisfaction of sun-kissed faces leave us with few words. A paddywax summer candle is burning. The windows are stuck open with crisp air rippling indoors. We are wrapped in snuggles, comfy in sweatpants and covered in various crumbs. A dream day that I’ve been lucky enough to experience many times.

Remember the good and be grateful for the challenges. You my dear, are growing up.

It is in the little things that we find joy as well as true rest.


Photographed by Abby Tierney | | Charleston, SC

Wearing: Elizabeth & James dress  ℅ Beckett Boutique, Zara booties & vintage clutch

Slate Marble Studs ℅ Rocksbox USE CODE: itzmannyexoxo for one FREE month of Rocksbox! 

Chew on Choice


So let’s say I could tell you to pick the next three years of your life. The first option is all excitement. It is entirely fun and good. However, you remain the same. The second option, is unexpected. Filled with plenty of joy as well as challenges. Some of the trials may be far from ideal. You leave those three years of ups, downs and in betweens, a different person. You grow. What would you choose?

My life is extraordinary. I attribute that to the assortment of blessings, adventures and relationships that surround me. I also am aware that the road I travel largely shapes my character. The past few years have been thrilling, and having recently lived in New York City for the summer, I was heavily doused in an assortment of stimulation. Upon returning to Charleston I experienced major culture shock. It took nearly a month before I felt even slightly grounded in the present. Along with coming to terms with the lifestyle of Charleston, real life repeatedly slapped me in the face. I felt like I could not keep up with it. Every inch of me wanted to crawl in a hole and give up. I desperately wanted an out from my feelings and my circumstances. Oddly enough I had expected this season of my life to be a challenge, however I did not believe I was at all equipped to handle life the way it hit me these past few months.

I am choosing a challenging road by finishing school. Call me crazy, but I actually believe by completing my degree I am following God’s plan for my life. I know that by this decision, I am choosing His plan for my life, and not Hannah’s utopia. I am completely aware that school is hard as hell for me. I am one of those problem students that needs a significant amount of attention. Those students exist in college, for sure. I want to be a good student, but I do not strive for perfection in the classroom because that is not my reality. It is not my strength and that is okay. It is okay because I am not giving up. It is okay because I am not allowing school to butcher my self-esteem. It is okay because I am refusing to allow anxiety to ruin this. I am intentionally keeping myself in an environment where I do not thrive. Yes, maybe, if I was crazy enough I could transfer (for the 3rd time) to an institution where I could study what might apply to my future career. That is not happening, I am staying at the College of Charleston and utilizing this opportunity for growth. I have the rest of my life to aspire to more, to follow my dreams and feel good at what “I do,” but for now, God is teaching me what it is like to be doing something that does not make me feel good, which is being a student.

I could not have asked for this semester to have turned out in any other manner than which it did. I have grown exponentially throughout this season of my life. I am blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to keep learning who I am, and how God has created me. I love a good challenge, I really do. The challenges have been more than I thought I was equipped for and I could explain several situations as genuine pain throughout these past few months. Pain makes you grow. Challenge makes you grow. Excitement leads to joy. It does not mean I am a sad sack of tears. Quite the contrary, I have been overwhelmed with love and joy. God has spoke to me in the sweetest of ways, with the simplest of words. God acknowledging His plan for my life, is a dream come true. I could not ask for more right now.

I encourage you to take the road that leads to growth. The road that will make you a different, stronger, and braver human.

IMG_6892 IMG_6896 IMG_6890 IMG_6900 IMG_6874 IMG_6875 IMG_6887 IMG_6912 IMG_6916 IMG_6908 IMG_6859 IMG_6925 IMG_6845 IMG_6848 IMG_6851

Photographed by Abby Tierney | | Charleston, SC  

Wearing: Mango jacket (last season, similar HERE), Madewell tee (ON SALE), Madewell Perfect Fall Jean (ON SALE), Superga Cotu Classic & Meli Melo Clemence bagBeckett Boutique (Check out their insta !!) 

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PIK Kate


PIK Kate

Welcome to the newest and most exciting bit of my blog. PIK: People I know. Featuring friends, family and new acquaintances. Stylish individuals in one way or another, these peeps featured will be good ones. It will be interesting to see where it goes, so don’t expect the same type of post for each PIK feature! So anyways…

I bustled into Kudu coffee; late, messy and in head-to-to sweaty lululemon. As I flopped my tote on the countertop, I glance up to see Kate’s big smile and friendly wave. I’m thinking, “I look horrid and I am late to everything.” Quickly, I order the usual almond milk chai, iced of course, seeing as it is eighty degrees on this glorious Charleston day.

I take a seat, and we knock out the information of the shoot and this post. Now I have only spoken to Kate Waddell a few times, but I am immediately comfortable with her. Upon collaborating with fellow creatives, it is important to get all the details and right away. We slowly phase out of business chat and I’m able to settle down and take in Kate. Kate is just as interested in others as she is interesting herself. She’s quite lovely, I’m noticing. I’ve been around Kate several times, but have yet to have taken the time to get to know her. I have surely been missing out! Her effortless curls, simple black tee and light Our Spare Change accessories give her the most appealing minimalist style. She claims to pay no attention to fashion but her laid-back ensemble screams Madewell lookbook. Not to mention her soft character and energetic voice are incredibly enticing!

It is near graduation at the College of Charleston and Kate is in the home stretch of seeing her degree. Her college career at one of the most inspiring campuses is coming to a close, but her life is not leading her outside of Charleston just yet. I begin to pester at her post-grad life, “So what are your plans?” I incorrectly assumed that, she as an artist would either have some random job lined up or no plan at all. I was happily surprised when Kate informed me of her space at Redux Contemporary Art Center for the next year. Alongside prominent Charleston artists such as Teil Duncan, Lulie Wallace and Blakely Little; Kate is storming into the professional world and into a posse of kind-hearted and motivated artists.

Kate has become close to Teil and is really able to comprehend succeeding as an artist. She is able to understand being a young businesswoman in order to maintain a career as an artist. It is admirable to understand the responsibilities of the real world and have the drive to do what you love as work.

Kate is going to thrive as a post-grad and she will not lose the classic inspiration that Charleston offers. Her humble attitude will take her far and her motivation to create will inspire many. Kate’s current pieces have a natural and electric farm-feel. She said she started with a rooster, and it just blossomed from there! The collection, “Hen and Her,” will be available for purchase and friendly viewing this week!

To kick off her life as an adult, Kate will have a show at Candlefish on Wentworth this Thursday, May 7. I am so excited for Kate’s journey, as are most her loved ones here in Charleston! Come join some of the best people in Charleston, at a perfect candle shop with Kate’s lovely art.

Getting to know Kate through this process was an absolute delight! She will be a wonderful artist to follow as she explores her freedom into adulthood. Charleston and Redux Studios is lucky to have her!

“There are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton

JOIN Kate this Thursday!

Follow Kate on INSTAGRAM

Check out her ART

DSC_0541 DSC_0553 DSC_0555 DSC_0567 DSC_0558 DSC_0561 DSC_0580 DSC_0589 DSC_0570 DSC_0591

A girl after my own heart… avo life for days.


Holla at Redux! Pay this place a visit!

DSC_0535 DSC_0533


Welcome to her little studio!

DSC_0460 DSC_0469 DSC_0472 DSC_0492 DSC_0487 DSC_0449 DSC_0517 DSC_0511

Hiding behind her breakfast. This picture is one of my favorites from this shoot, because it gives me mad giggles.


Photographed at Redux Contemporary Art Center, pictures taken by me. Styled by me, Hannah Rice.

Kate is wearing J Brand Blouse in Flamingo, Joie plaid tank and Mary Frances Flowers cuff. White Finicky Filly button down, Joie tank with Gorjana pendant necklace and triangle necklace. ℅ Finicky Filly

{Kate is wearing her own jeans and sandals}


Event at Candlefish photograph credited to Kate Waddell and her graphic designer.

Summer Daze in a Denim Craze


This ensemble is perfect for feeling stylish when life does not feel it. I am wearing these overalls while being productive with a chai latte and I am incredibly comfortable! It is a bit chilly in Charleston right now and these overalls are keeping me cozy!

Next week, another semester will be completed. To say I am excited, is an understatement. I have probably said it far too frequently, but this semester has been intensely academic. I have been blessed with lots of laughter and adventures to get through the semester, but meanwhile have seriously considered leaving school. I am following through, knowing that it is ultimately the right decision. My mom has been overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging of me and my pursuit of a degree. She is well aware that school is not my thing, but out of my best interest, wants me to finish. I frequently find myself finding the easy way out, but not today, not this semester at least. Anyways, prayers appreciated as I attempt to finish the semester.

My tips for a great finals week:

Stay fed: I went to whole foods yesterday and prepared myself with an assortment of fruits, veggies and chicken. Along with some great snacks that will keep me feeling energetic. Interested in a post about healthy food? Let me know!

Stay active: Kickboxing has been fueling me with energy, along with long walks along the battery with my dear roommate. Our evening walks usually last an hour and we are able to catch up, de-stress and be re-energized.

Leave the house: Currently at Black Tap Coffee, It always helps me to be productive outside of my house. I will be nestled with almond chai lattes at various coffee shops with intermittent breaks at the library during these crazy days. Go me.

Diminish Distraction: This week, I am majorly cutting down on time spent watching tv. Reading instead because I am eager to finish my book. However you should take a trip to see Age of Adaline, a film for dreamers and romantics.

_DSC0149 _DSC0146 _DSC0140 _DSC0136 _DSC0114 _DSC0109 _DSC0105 _DSC0093


Tory Burch branching out


Look a little bee, just like me!

_DSC0071 _DSC0036 _DSC0032 _DSC0030 _DSC0026 _DSC0022 _DSC0019 _DSC0010

Photographed by Brooke Bishop. Charleston, South Carolina: Upper King and The Daily

Zara top: (purchased January in Budapest) Alternatives: Asos tank, Asos cropped tee, Madewell overalls, Chuck Taylor high-topsSunnies ℅ See Eyewear, Tory Burch toteFinicky FillyPeyton William necklaces, Rifle Paper co. case

Spring Sprang Sprung


As the heat waves stumble into Charleston, we are all in search of the perfect dress. I found this little Mara number at The Finicky Filly. This mumu-esque style is perfect for hot days and balmy evenings along the battery. I am very much in love with the vibrant colors and unusual print. Still stuck in the 70’s, I ain’t even mad about it. I think finding pieces nowadays that recreate trends from previous era’s is fun, but I am wondering how long it is going to last. The fact is, the 70’s carried a lot of well created trends and revisiting these are bringing very classic ideas into the fashion industry.

This breezy dress quite resembles my life. From a distance, it is fibrant and easy-going. However, as you get closer, the details are revealed. Layers of colors overlap amongst choppy shapes. Resting on the colors and shapes more patterns are revealed. Miraculously, the images flow. Amongst chaos, there is beauty. I am this dress. Maybe the other way around, depends on how well you know me. Sometimes my friends talk about my instagram; they rave about the colors and the composition but mostly the places and outfits. I love that. It makes me happy that an image I am somehow a part of can inspire. However, I am one to reassure those who do not know me well, that instagram highlights my best moments. Similar to any normal young soul, I am not always in the perfect mood.

I do think that it is healthy to be realistic with my life. Yesterday afternoon I posted a fun picture of my Sunday outfit. It is very bohemian. My gray shirt flows, and the bright colors ease the tension of even my own eyes. The picture does not show my imperfection.

I had a great chat last night about success. I had found myself overwhelmed with my academic circumstances and surrounding pressures of perfection. Like any other college student, I can crash with exhaustion and a tight schedule. This academic semester has been unnecessarily defeating and sometimes I find myself suffocating with the visible status of my work. It began as I recalled my takeaway from church that morning and much to my dismay I had not kept it with me even until the end of the day. The pastor said something along the lines of, “Our identity in Christ is not who we are at work.” I am frequently reminded of God’s love for me, and yet I will still stumble into finding my identity in the work that I do on a daily basis. A few short hours after church I caught myself in a moment with an unsettled heart. I was staring at my homework and the work expected of me in the next few weeks, and felt quite honestly, stupid. Living in Charleston, I am surrounded by motivation and success. Whether it be in the classroom or the creative community, there is pressure to have constant work that is perfection. In the eyes of God, that temporary success is nothing. He does not look at me and rank my productivity on this earth. He just loves me. I know not everyone lives with this understanding, but I am so thankful that I do live with this heart. This dress is lovely, a post can reach perfection in one’s eyes but not mine. Do your best to move past the expectation of success and picture yourself in the eyes of whose opinion you should value most, God.

_DSC0883 _DSC0804

look back at it


Caught chatting with my photographer, because she is super cool.

_DSC0824_DSC0831 _DSC0835 _DSC0861 _DSC0854 _DSC0838 _DSC0836 _DSC0844 _DSC0870 _DSC0873 _DSC0889 _DSC0897

Photographed by Brooke Bishop. Charleston, SC.

Mara Hoffman Dress, Peyton William earrings, Jeffrey Campbell heels (I cannot find them on the web, but here are some similar styles: Wedge, Heel, Sandal) See Eyewear Sunnies (available in-store)

Charleston Fashion Week(end) Night 5

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Picture by Mac Kilduff (We ran into this AWESOME photographer and he snagged some quick shots for us, and then texted us the pictures instantly. I love technology and talented creatives.)

Charleston Fashion Week Finale!

The last evening of Charleston Fashion Week, was a great time! We were all absolutely exhausted by the end of the week but it was a good tired! Fashion sleepy!

To start this perfect Saturday, I got MA HUR DID! Ronnie works major magic I tell ya! Swish on Pitt is the place to go, I swear by it! I have been getting buckets of compliments on the color, and I feel great! Not to mention the timing of fresh hair and a sizzling fashion week finale was perfect! This last look was very last-minute and this dress is from Paris a few years back. I have actually never worn the dress until this evening, and I am so glad I decided to! I think it will be brought out again this summer… Found at Ba & sh Paris, it is a very unique silhouette that is relatively innovative in its shape. I enjoy trends but recently, I have been focusing on tossing trends in my ensembles but not embodying a trend. The dress was different, but not far out. Jeffrey Campbell’s (Shoes on King) again! (Still have yet to find them online!) and clutch from the Impeccable Pig on King Street. Drizzled in Theodosia jewels that created the perfect breezy boho look!

The finale of Charleston Fashion Week showed the full collection of the winners of the Emerging Designers Competition throughout the week! It was refreshing to see the entire collections and gave me a stronger perspective of their creative agenda. The winner of the entire week humbly accepted her prize with tears, it was very touching to remember that these works of art are people’s lives. Peek at the final show designers here!

Peek at the pics of the event here!

That is a wrap! Fashion Week was great, I was very happy with the events I was able to attend. I learned some lessons about getting ready, picture processes and uber surges this year! Looking forward to next year! Keep an eye out for some great upcoming posts with some new features and fun spring shoots!


Picture by Mac Kilduff with major babe Malik


Picture by Mac Kilduff 

Pre-show Pictures on Church Street with Morgan (roommate)


These jewels were just too fantastic! I still look at pictures of them… Drool

IMG_0209 IMG_0207 IMG_0203 IMG_0202 IMG_0201 IMG_0205 IMG_0198 IMG_0197 IMG_0195 IMG_0193

and some iphone pics!

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da booty

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