Spring Sprang Sprung


As the heat waves stumble into Charleston, we are all in search of the perfect dress. I found this little Mara number at The Finicky Filly. This mumu-esque style is perfect for hot days and balmy evenings along the battery. I am very much in love with the vibrant colors and unusual print. Still stuck in the 70’s, I ain’t even mad about it. I think finding pieces nowadays that recreate trends from previous era’s is fun, but I am wondering how long it is going to last. The fact is, the 70’s carried a lot of well created trends and revisiting these are bringing very classic ideas into the fashion industry.

This breezy dress quite resembles my life. From a distance, it is fibrant and easy-going. However, as you get closer, the details are revealed. Layers of colors overlap amongst choppy shapes. Resting on the colors and shapes more patterns are revealed. Miraculously, the images flow. Amongst chaos, there is beauty. I am this dress. Maybe the other way around, depends on how well you know me. Sometimes my friends talk about my instagram; they rave about the colors and the composition but mostly the places and outfits. I love that. It makes me happy that an image I am somehow a part of can inspire. However, I am one to reassure those who do not know me well, that instagram highlights my best moments. Similar to any normal young soul, I am not always in the perfect mood.

I do think that it is healthy to be realistic with my life. Yesterday afternoon I posted a fun picture of my Sunday outfit. It is very bohemian. My gray shirt flows, and the bright colors ease the tension of even my own eyes. The picture does not show my imperfection.

I had a great chat last night about success. I had found myself overwhelmed with my academic circumstances and surrounding pressures of perfection. Like any other college student, I can crash with exhaustion and a tight schedule. This academic semester has been unnecessarily defeating and sometimes I find myself suffocating with the visible status of my work. It began as I recalled my takeaway from church that morning and much to my dismay I had not kept it with me even until the end of the day. The pastor said something along the lines of, “Our identity in Christ is not who we are at work.” I am frequently reminded of God’s love for me, and yet I will still stumble into finding my identity in the work that I do on a daily basis. A few short hours after church I caught myself in a moment with an unsettled heart. I was staring at my homework and the work expected of me in the next few weeks, and felt quite honestly, stupid. Living in Charleston, I am surrounded by motivation and success. Whether it be in the classroom or the creative community, there is pressure to have constant work that is perfection. In the eyes of God, that temporary success is nothing. He does not look at me and rank my productivity on this earth. He just loves me. I know not everyone lives with this understanding, but I am so thankful that I do live with this heart. This dress is lovely, a post can reach perfection in one’s eyes but not mine. Do your best to move past the expectation of success and picture yourself in the eyes of whose opinion you should value most, God.

_DSC0883 _DSC0804

look back at it


Caught chatting with my photographer, because she is super cool.

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Photographed by Brooke Bishop. Charleston, SC.

Mara Hoffman Dress, Peyton William earrings, Jeffrey Campbell heels (I cannot find them on the web, but here are some similar styles: Wedge, Heel, Sandal) See Eyewear Sunnies (available in-store)

Santa is Soon!


Santa comes tomorrow. I can’t help but feel the slightest bit sad at the thought that Christmas has come upon us so quickly and yet I feel it will flicker away just as fast. This season is joyful, and I am relishing in every smile and snuggle that somehow appear during this time. Looking around at my happy life, I want to dwell on the joyful things that will keep my spirits high.

  1. CHRISTMAS COOKIES. I got home from school and my mom found this perfect, incredibly simple gluten free cookie recipe. The minimalist baker has some awesome recipes and I approve of these nom noms. I have over-indulged but it has been worth every bite.
  2. The reason for the season. I love how this season is recognized as a season of joy. I think it is important to remember that we celebrate Christmas in recognition of the birth of Jesus, some may not, but I do. Christ is my center of joy, and I am so thankful for that eternal sensation.
  3. My Hair. I recently got a fresh cut and color, and it has been so easy to take care of. I am digging my layered and bouncy locks. I am not one of those girls whose hair is always done. I light up a room with my undone mess, so it is fitting to keep it real with hair that matches my personality.
  4. My mom. We drove back to Charleston this weekend, and we had so much fun. I love laughing with my mom, because I think she is the weirdest woman I know. She is a keeper.
  5. Giving and Receiving. I love giving, I love lending my time and energy to others. It is easy to lose oneself in this season of giving. Everyone is pushing and pulling in different directions. Know when you need to kick back and be taken care of. Know when to get up and help.
  6. Sales. Sales are a blessing and a curse. I love it because it justifies more purchases and I hate it because woah out of control Christmas shopping. (Gap has a great sale right now)

Okay, let’s WRAP this up! Please make sure you are baking and eating lots of Christmas cookies. Meanwhile, at church today, listen. You don’t necessarily have to do your hair, ever, please don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. When you get an unnecessarily awesome present tomorrow, give hugs to your fave fam. Be thankful when you receive in the next 24 hours and give joyfully. Recovering from Christmas, enjoy some retail therapy (Sales, bro.) xo



I like cookies, and cookies like me.




I love my mumsy. I love that she cares about finding yummy things for me to eat. Thanks for loving me dude.



I am posing. I do not look this giddy while I eat cookies. I promise.


Enjoy Christmas Eve!!! Merry merry merry Christmas!

Cookie Ensemble c/o The Girl Next Door at Cross Keys

T by Alexander Wang Sweater, Sundry sweatpants (available in-store,) similar

Gap sockies

Pictures by Ruut DeMeo 

Netflix Detox


10 Reasons to Have a Netflix Detox:

A Netflix Detox flushes the system of all Fall Semester toxins, one must cleanse by remaining aimless and lazy in the presence of Netflix.

  1. Gives you the opportunity to snuggle your long lost pet! (Home=pets=omg I am loved?!=yes)
  2. Alone time sans roommates-no headphones, eat abundant snacks and receive no judgement.
  3. Find a new show. Start it. Demolish it. Feel accomplished.
  4. Multi-task- During some Netflix appointments I like to be accompanied by a second device of technology. I enjoy stringing hundreds of new images through my mind via Pinterest and Tumblr sur la iphone.
  5. Have I mentioned how cozy this experience is? Fetal position minus a pre-final meltdown feels so refreshing!
  6. Take the time to decide if you are the cute snuggle bunny or the bummy snuggle bunny. How grunge is your netflix attire? Are you wearing goodwill or lululemon? Do you buy hundred dollar sweatpants from boutiques? I do, probably not my best financial move but my BUM IS so COZY!
  7. Watch the tv shows and movies that make you miss your family and then run downstairs to find them congregating in the flesh! I watch Gilmore Girls, which is practically Webster’s definition of my relationship with my mother and now I can get emotionally invested in an episode and then holler for a hug! *sheds a tear*
  8. Have you taken a look at the latest Netflix releases and the soon to be released?!
  9. According to Gary Solomon via WebMD: “‘cinema therapy is something that is self-administered,’ he says. ‘That’s not to say therapy on a one-to-one basis is bad, but this is an opportunity to do interventional work by yourself.’”  (Okay! Doctor’s orders!)
  10. A happy Netflix filled heart gives you abundant capacity for family filled festivities, christmas shopping and unhealthy sugar blasts.


I have popped back into town for the shortest Christmas visit but I managed to squeeze a trip to Cross Keys newest boutique, The Girl Next Door. The pieces for my Holiday series were loaned to me through the boutique and I was thrilled to style them!







Clothing on loan from local boutique The Girl Next Door in Baltimore! (links to be posted soon)

Madewell socks (not online,) similar

Pictures by Ruut DeMeo

Turn Up for Telluride

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Sorry about my absence, the wonders of college have been occupying my mental and emotional capacity as of late. So anyways I have been intending to post my recap of my trip to T E L L U R I D E!!!

A few weekends ago, I traveled with my lovely big, Erica, to Telluride! We had the most amazing weekend filled with cafe sits, book readings, nap time, long strolls and movie viewings! It was the best weekend to unwind before the hectic holiday season took over!!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Turtle turtle. Trend alert that is so practical and so 90’s you just might want to grab your CD player to really feel the excitement!

Madewell, available in-store but not online, (similar)

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The best store in Telluride!!

Two Skirts

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I fell in love with a hat (on the right.) I frequently fall in love with articles of clothing, I lead an extraordinarily thrilling life.

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Rag & Bone from a few seasons ago, a holiday classic. (similar)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Our humble abode, made me feel like I was Blake Lively’s coat.

The Hotel Telluride


Vacationing in style, at all times. It is a must!

Tink & Tiger pj’s


Bye, darling!

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Frugal Flannel

Personally and spiritually I have been struggling with frugality, where and when are purchases appropriate and what use do I have in mind when I am in the process of a purchase. I have every intention of staying up to date with trends, but that also means living in a continual cycle of shopping, but when is shopping unhealthy? As I have matured I have realized that shopping does not satisfy my soul, it no longer fulfills questionable feelings and distressed emotions. With that, I am discovering the blessings of blogging and collaborating with my fellow creatives. One of the reasons I moved to Charleston, was to blossom creatively and expand my horizons, meeting and collaborating with Charleston creatives is fun and rewarding.

Working with Peyton William Jewelry, was fun and worth the time to speak with the gals at the jewelry boutique and make the effort to communicate. I recommend reaching out to people that interest you- it can challenge your work and encourage your soul, meanwhile you are building a relationship and assisting new acquaintances.

Collaborating is satisfying. Helping a creative along with nourishing my blog feels better than a self-satisfying endeavor. In any passion, it is not intended for an individual; life and work is better with others.


Rawr. That expression of mine is vicious.

So I bought this flannel in August, and I have been waiting to unveil it in a blog post. So I chose a simple, put-together ensemble to show a casual yet sophisticated flannel pairing. Obviously my current favorite jeans are a part of the look, alongside fabulous jewels via Peyton William Jewelry and the obvious tote of choice.


Digging tactile bangles- jewelry that doubles as a form of entertainment.


Relaxed boyfriend fit. J Brand, have I told you how much I like you?


Is it even yours if you don’t monogram it? Probably not, you mangy thief.



These kicks are perfect. Slip-on’s, sneakers; super trendy. All forms of shoes are great actually, feet are nice when they are protected with some layer of “do not worry your feet will be safe.”


Pictures by Davy Kesey

Rails Flannel, J Brand Jeans, Gap sneakers, Louis Vuitton Never Full , Peyton William Jewelry, Ray Ban Sunnies

Knit Me a Real Fall


I am still living in a questionable season, where yesterday, folks went to the beach and I was dreaming of a fireplace and crisp air.


This ensemble is easy for warm days and (almost) cool evenings. With a touch of romance and a hint of cozy this look goes well for a casual evening at your favorite restaurant of choice. Embrace fall my loves!



This look is fairly easy to recreate yourself. Start with a silk tank. Mysterious, simple, and sexy without revealing too much. It also allows for easy adaptability with the weather. A simple knit cardigan reveals peaks of said cute tank, and keeps you cozy and comfortable (omg cozy and cute?!) Topped with this season’s hottest combo- boyfriend jeans and sneakers- to complete the casual aesthetic.


To step up this relaxed look, add some bling. Chunky and lustrous beads move the outfit above cafe chats. You will be getting compliments, so go somewhere nice.




Pictures: the incredible Davy Kesey

Zara Sweater (last season)- similar, Equipment Tank (Marshalls find), J brand Jeans, Gap Sneakers

Peyton William Necklace (loaned)