The Summer Loves: Top Product Picks





Agent Nateur N°3 Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant is a tough switch. But the frightening effects of anti-perspirant deodorants is truly enough to convince me I don’t need Dove or Secret or some other drugstore brand to mask the potential odor of me living and moving. This is actually the second time I attempted to make the switch. I know shame on me, wellness lover, whatever, I am human. I had previously tested a natural deo that was in paste form, that had to be applied basically twice a day in order to be effective. This go round, I knew I had to commit to a brand I could rely on with outstanding results. I have heard amazing things about the product and I am absolutely in love. I really noticed a difference when I once forgot to put it on and noticed there was a slight aroma from le pits. In other words, it actually prevents from the daily stink. The packaging is sexy and the product is effective. Need I say more?


Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

I am obsessed with this mist. This hydrating accelerator is to be used post- wash and pre-serum. It is key for your skin to be moist before applying more product as it allows for the products to sink deep into your skin. I am nearly finished with my second lil’ bottle of this guy, and will absolutely be ordering another bottle when I can remember it. Lastly, the scent of this spritz is remarkably herbal and refreshing. Huge fan of it and I spritz generously!


Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm

Finding the perfect moisturizing tool for my eyes has been a long time struggle. Thanks to Indie Lee, the dilemma has been quietly solved.  I have previously tested eye balms that have been cooling or tightening, but I don’t need those benefits daily. At 23 years old, I need protection and moisture, I get those benefits from Indie Lee’s eye balm immediately. This product is hydrating, gives the delicate skin around my eyes a soft glow and creates a smooth surface for make up application.  



Kypris Antioxidant Dew

Mid-Summer, I popped into Credo Beauty, seeking a radiant serum that did not weigh me down in New York heat. This Kypris product was one of their recs, and I gave it a shot. I honestly liked the packaging, and that it had the word “Dew,” in its title. I am glad I liked it, because in retrospect that was a pretty judgey method for choosing the right serum. The product is lightweight, cooling and hydrates. I would usually pack it in my bag for SoulCycle- as I often showered after class- and would gently massage a few drops on my skin. Despite the light consistency of the serum, it fully hydrates your skin. This product was perfect for summer and I am all about it for hot temps!


JaneGee Suncare Oil

I purchased this product at JaneGee’s flagship shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the beginning of the summer- and I was hooked. I have very sensitive skin, and the sun is quick to bite. I flew through my first bottle and repurchased mid-Summer. The scent is herbal, oil is soothing after a hot day in the sun and the price is reasonable! This product is a fantastic natural alternative to some (albeit efficient) but unclean products for keeping your skin hydrated and extending your sun kissed glow.


Byrd Texturizing Surfspray

Rad brand and stellar product! Summer in a can, to say the least. Finding the perfect hair routine is a bit of a situation for yours truly, especially in the summer, but this product is fantastic. It gives a salty crunch, without the stiff aesthetic that curl products often create. Not only is this product a great way to preserve your curls or waves, but it is also a UV protector. Major major if you get your hair treated in any way, or are passionate about the care of your hair. For my post-bathing ritual, I spritz the Surfspray after applying a curl cream and anti frizz cream. I also use it when I am need in need of a touch up, or when heading to the beach to catch some rays- not waves. It is so great, I highly recommend testing out this product regardless of the season.

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Charleston, South Carolina | | Photographed by Jesse Volk

Arrows 2016

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All smiles with my Nat for (stellar) drinks at the Wythe with our crazy Davy 

There’s a lot to be said for good friends. I met my beautiful best friend this summer working in Manhattan. Our meeting was not by chance and she is one of those amazing “forever friends.” We were able to jet to the city for New Year’s Eve and we had high hopes for a perfect few days.

Usually; I have words, plenty of words to properly express myself. Well I still do, but sometimes my words aren’t the best. Today, I will let someone else give you a better image of the serendipitous account of meeting my best friend Natalie. One weekend off this summer, I pranced up to Maine for rest. In the library of my house, I found a beautiful book of poems. I was in tears of awe when I read the first page. This poem is the perfect description of Natalie coming into my life.

The Arrow and the Song 

I shot an arrow into the air

It fell to earth, I knew not where;

For, so swiftly it flew, the sight

Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,

It fell to earth I knew not where;

For who has sight so keen and strong

That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak

I found the arrow, still unbroke;

And the song, from beginning to end,

I found again in the heart of a friend.

Henry W. Longfellow

Nat, I love you dearly. I sent up a prayer, asking for a friend; and my sweet Jesus, sent me you. Thank you for being the sweetest best friend. I am thankful for every giggle thus far, and looking forward to endless adventures. Xo

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Gluten free delish


Our first meal in the city was at Oregano in Williamsburg. It was just a quick stroll from our air bnb and we were welcomed with carbs. Nat and myself found ourselves drowning in pasta! They were accommodating with their gluten free options and I was thrilled that there was a desert I could dive into. Nutella pizza with a gluten free crust, sign a sister up! We loved Oregano and returned to order take out as we were getting ready for New Year’s Eve! GF FRIENDLY

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Nutella pizza | | Gluten Free
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The Marquet

The Marquet 

My heart can still be warmed by the memories of walking into this shop. Nat and I were gushing over the cool colors and handmade beauty. We chatted with the fabulous owner of the shop and attached cafe, who was a hard working, cool as shit french woman. Splendid. New York is filled with insanely cool people. Creative & motivated peeps bring me so much joy! This place is a must for your future visit. Located in Williamsburg.

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Rabbit Hole

A little Williamsburg stop. Boozy Chai. The food was sub-par at best, but I am absurdly picky so don’t trust my judgement for everything. They did have gluten free options, but I was just happy with this clever cocktail creation! Natalie had some gluten on her plate and it looked amaze! My fave non-alcoholic chai in Brooklyn, is found at Toby’s Estate Brooklyn

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SoHo is wonderful, but you must tactfully avoid the masses.

Clic Bookstore & Gallery  is one of my favorite stops. Oodles of inspiration. Discovered one of my favorite photographers, Jean Philippe Piter, at Clic this summer. 

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Two Hands NYC

Two Hands NYC

Fave almond chai in Manhattan. Love their breakfast and snack options (gluten free friendly) but I was not wild for their lunch options. Follow their beautiful insta and if you’re in the city venture to their brand NEW restaurant and bar in TriBeCa!! I can imagine it is stellar. GF FRIENDLY

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Blondes at The New Whitney
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everyone needs a Nat
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All the love for our For Love & Lemons 
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Summers Brooklyn

Summers Brooklyn

After New Year’s Eve, we were in dire need of avocado toast. Summers was the perfect AM solution. The toast was delish and I was uber thankful for their gluten free bread! I as well indulged in an almond chai latte & a ginger turmeric shot to ring in the new year. Not only was our breakfast quality, but the vibes were heaven. You quite literally, step into summer with cool tunes and smiling faces. We loved Summers so much we went twice! GF FRIENDLY

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Summers Brooklyn
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Did I mention lovely customer service? (He worked there)
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Nat being a babe
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Dirty Hands Jewelry | |  Williamsburg
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Hand crafted with an in-shop studio. Sickkkkkk
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If you are ever church seeking in the city, stop by C3. Amazing community. So much love and support from this church. I am insanely grateful to know C3 Brooklyn.


All iphone pictures taken by myself or Natalie. NYC 2015/2016.

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Last Monday, I was off to an anxious, stressed and emotional start to finals week.

I wandered to a local coffee shop to flip through emails, complete a paper and hopefully relax a bit. After my brief encounter with my almond chai, I hustled home in full stride with music blasting in my earphones. I paused before I entered my home. I have a new neighbor. A new shop by my house. A sweet boutique. A stellar owner. Her face is warm, hugs inviting and smile authentic. Fine, I will walk inside for a hug. I bee lined for her arms, avoiding eye contact entirely. I nestled into the perfect hug, and my glasses quickly steamed by my hot tears. “Is everything okay?” Caroline asked. “I am stressed. Anxious. Emotional.”  Caroline quickly ushered me to a comfortable seat and handed me a candy cane. Armed with motherly solace, she is equipped for anything.

Before we began conversing to discuss my emotional state, she said, “I just want you to know how loved you are.” Caroline met my mother this past weekend, and they adored each other. “I saw the way your mother looked at you Hannah, she loves you unconditionally. You are so loved.” I accepted her sweet words of encouragement but trembled as I recalled school’s harsh reality, “I am genuinely fearful of failing an exam.” I sniffled, holding back tears in fear of damaging a fresh coat of make up. Caroline’s words were perfect. Her comfort continued as she repeatedly told me, “You are more than a grade.”

Why is it that love is reassuring? The power of love never ceases to astound me. As she comforted me, I glanced at my tattoo, mom’s words whispering, “I love you,” in the midst of my anger with temporal frustrations. “Hannah, you are more than a grade,” Caroline did not stop with her encouragement. She continued to build me back up, “You sparkle Hannah. We all know it. We see you and you sparkle.” I do not know if I smiled, teared up or just shut my eyes in acceptance of this genuine love. At some point in the conversation I just laid my head on Caroline’s lap, like a dog begging for a head rub. Caroline carefully patted my back, her kind words flowing, and love filled my heart to the brim. The support of her words and touch, enabled me to forget the possibility of failure.

Throughout the morning, previous to my encounter with Caroline, I prayed for the Lord’s comfort. I asked for peace for the week, but begged him for temporary relief of my anxiety. I have experienced several recent doses of love directly from God. However, I find great comfort in the arms of those around me. Physical touch is crucial to my emotional health. Odd, but it is me. I need hugs, snuggles and head pats. Instead of God soothing me in alone time, He did what He had to get me into the arms of His love. Letting Caroline be a vessel of His compassion, was incredibly kind of Him. I joyfully accepted the love I received. The tangible relief of falling into a hug. Caroline’s motherly love and empathy. The sweet reminder of listening to words I know to be true but struggle to believe during a time like finals. Finals hurt my heart. Finals challenge not only my learning disabilities, as well as my anxiety and emotions.

“You Sparkle,” my heart instantly melted. It was affirming, yet again, that something might be seen in me than more than the identity of being a student. I am in fact more than a grade, I am more than my GPA, and I am more than a student. I am much more than a student and I hope to known for that. I hope to be known for hugs, love and laughter. I hope to known for being my true self and settling for nothing less. Including, restraining from the self-deprecating thought process whilst enduring a difficult course. It was a joy to hear that I might sparkle to someone around me, I am undeserving of such a compliment but whoah did it tickle my heart. Authenticity. Transparency. Human’s like it. It is relatable.


Sleeveless turtlenecks can be paired with a short or long sleeved tee. Long sleeves create the illusion of a full sweater, while short sleeves allow the turtleneck to hold attention.


Grandmother’s pug featured in le blog post. Pugs are the best accessories. I love a good prop, especially a silly one.


Mastering the art of the turtleneck tuck. Slip into your turtleneck, leave your hair inside the sweater and slowly pull front pieces to frame your face.
Momma’s words always with me. Xo. P.S Did you hear that naked nails are trending this winter? Giving my nails a break from gel, but missing polish.
Golden hour and natural curls. Only a few products to tame the mane but tough to beat with the current humidity in Charleston!


Miss new bootie. All about my new thigh highs! Winter must have.


Photographed by Davy Kesey | | Charleston, SC

Wearing: Madewell turtleneck, Piko Tee w/ lace trim (similar), J Brand coated jeans (last season but similar here ) Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boot in black suede found at Charleston’s Bob Ellis, similar boots here, here and here.

Let’s Go Home – Part 2

My final few days in Budapest were euphoric. My mother and I felt beyond blessed to be content with our companionship; i.e. not random mother-daughter arguing! We really enjoyed our quality time and it was astoundingly joyful.

My mom is my favorite travel buddy. I love how we travel. We find the best cafes and shops. Little bits of magic and old spots of nostalgia. We are a discovering duo.

I wrapped up the last of our adventure, and I am home in Charleston missing it terribly. I have an awful lot to share about being present and I plan to do so soon. Thank you for reading, texting me you love me, and the sweet support. I am a lucky lady! Love you all.

D A Y 4 ~ M O N D A Y

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Buda beauty
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Villa Bagatelle

Lunch: Villa Bagatelle. Modern vibes yet you feel like you are a little girl in a castle. Gluten free friendly. I ate a lovely chicken entree for lunch, followed by rich hot chocolate and fresh gluten free bread from the bakery below. Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

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Cozy in my turtleneck. Upstairs at Villa Bagatelle is a quaint space that can be rented out for parties! Great spot to do just that!
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Bakery beneath Villa Bagatelle. Gluten free bread can be found here !!!
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Dark & rainy at a “castle” in the hills of Buda
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Dinner: És Bisztró. Located at the Kempinski Hotel. Sometimes people are scared away when restaurants are in a hotel but this is not the place to be afraid of. Gluten free friendly ~ they even had a gluten free bread roll for me before dinner!

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Started with grilled baby vegetables with herbs and fresh goat cheese.
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Grilled pike perch with pumpkin letcho. (Squash frequently refereed to as pumpkin) Sadly the acidity of the tomato was a bit intense, but that is probably just my sensitive stomach. & a glass of Hungarian wine (few exist!)
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The obvious gluten free choice. It exceeded my usual expectations of crème brûlée. The custard was light and sweet instead of dense; complemented by sorbet- dessert delight.

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Post dinner we wandered around the hotel and relaxed by the fire with hot tea and our books.

D A Y 5 ~ T U E S D A Y

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Stopped by GGIS (where I attended school as a Budapest bebe) I worked on a project for school and said hey to some old teachers. Sweet memories.
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Not gluten free.

Lunch: Déryné. We love it there and were able to meet up with a dear friend and some of her friends! I had risotto. Gluten free friendly. 

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She smells like gluten.
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Risotto. Forreal tasted like mac n cheese
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Favorite words & favorite tea.

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Shop: Decolabor

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Giddy because there was no Hungarian old lady to yell at me because my feet are on the seat. hehe.
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House of Terror

Visit: House of Terror. An intense museum, but well done. It is nearly entirely in Hungarian- love the authenticity but confusing. I left knowing that I need to learn more about communism in Hungary. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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the smell of old books…
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Being cute with the momma!
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So… this gelato. Initially, my goal was to get gelato from Gelarto Rosa once a day in Budapest. It didn’t happen. I did indulge the two times I had the opportunity to go! This trip to Gelarto Rosa, I had several helpings. Due to a  complication involving spicy chocolate instead of dark chocolate, I had 3 servings. They were incredibly kind about the confusion but I did not care because I was stuffed with gelato. Gluten free friendly. And friendly!

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D A Y 6 ~ W E D N E S D A Y

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Blue Budapest. Mom and I went on a short morning stroll, and we gazed at fall in full bloom. I really did not want to leave. I had the motivation of returning to Econ and a presentation, which honestly really helped me get on the plane. My sweet as ever mom ubered to the airport with me and took public back into the city. I wanted to be with her for every possible second.

I love Budapest. I love the people I saw. Conversations. Adventures. Laughter. Love. This trip was a huge blessing and I returned home overflowing with the love I had received. I know it is a long journey for a short trip, but it was worth every second of agonizing jet lag. I am young and full of energy. Now is the time for these trips. Especially a trip home, to a city I love with a mother I cherish.
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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetPictures by me. all iphone.

Budapest October 2015

How to Grow Up

Pic 3- ME Davy

How to Grow Up

“Andie Anderson, How to Girl!” If that did not pop into your head when you read the title, you my friend, have yet to live. For you sweet under-educated darlings, that is a quote from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It is a classic. I attribute the film with many good memories, which really only makes the film better in my eyes. For one, it makes me think of one of my best friends, Mika.

As you may know, I am interning in New York City for the summer. Living here has completely changed my routine, and I am one hundred percent not lying when I say, “I’m busy”. In pursuit of a peaceful escape, this past weekend I ventured to Maine. Working and attempting to thrive in the city can be exhausting and I am SO thankful to have Maine. I have had Maine my entire life, and never appreciated it like I have this summer. Waking up to the waves crashing and a soft sea breeze is overwhelmingly calming. My first weekend in Maine this summer, I spent an entire day in my pajamas. I had several cups of tea, a book, and family. I sat on the patio, gazing at the ocean in a way that I never have before. So much comfort lied in the ocean’s R E A L depth. Gods creation should never be taken for granted, and I am glad I am able to truly soak in the beauty of his handiwork. I cannot place why it is instinctively relaxing to exist in His natural creation. Stepping away from the responsibilities of adulthood- temporary adulthood at least- and emerging into bliss has been nothing but fulfilling. It is not just taking a Friday off to not work; it is taking the time to remember the reality of being an adult. Being an adult is spending time with yourself. It is understanding how YOU, as an individual are going to come into the real world. I am understanding, that a full time job, is very difficult to manage. It is hard to manage other aspects of my life that I equally enjoy. It is helping me to figure out how I can create a healthy, creative and prosperous life for my sensitive soul.

I had a hiccup with my drive into adulthood this past weekend in Maine. Usually at this time of the year, I am in Maine with Mika. My crazy little best friend. This year, along with several other shakes of adulthood, she was and is not going to be in Maine. We usually have an entire long, luxurious, and stupidly lazy week to ourselves. We get to tan, eat food, watch movies, go on adventures and then watch another movie. Not having this youthful fun was difficult to ignore how it made me feel like even more of an adult. It is more difficult because she has spent the summer in Finland, with people whom I dearly love.

A cluster of my favorite people were in Helsinki, Finland this July and not being there was a challenge. It was a challenge because I flipping love Helsinki. I love the city, the culture, and most importantly the people. I love my friends, the church and the youth ministry. When I realized that working this summer meant I would not be able to join my friends, I tried to be as grownup as possible. I would say, apart from some meltdowns, I have done a good job. Going back to the meltdowns is the more difficult of the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that I experienced these past few weeks. I was comforted by knowing that I was supposed to stay in the city and not make the trip over there THIS summer. I can make several lists with an assorted category of reasons why I wanted to be there, but you just need to know, that I really wanted to be. I do not know why, but I know that God did not need me there, He needed me here.

He needed me here to experience undeserving love and blessings. This summer has been extraordinary and wildly unexpected in every aspect. I knew I was landing myself a full time internship but I did not know how that would send me into a tailspin of future oriented thoughts and discussions. I knew I was capable of making friends but had no idea I was going to be blessed with endless love and fellowship. I knew I loved to laugh but did not expect for laughter to follow me into the workplace, throughout my commute and intertwined in all of my friendships. I am okay with occasionally not going on a trip if it means letting God do the unexpected. Following His lead, permits His work to be done separate from my own agenda.

I’ve weaved through Maine, New York City and Finland, but it all leads to one thing. I am growing up. I am forced to leave behind traditions and trips that I have grown up with and even recently added to my life. I am also confronted with adjusting to new environments, jobs and people- constantly. I am letting go of the safety of young comforts. I am challenged to strengthen my faith. I am confident I will be in Maine again, being lazy with my loved ones and watching movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I know that just because I am growing up, does not restrict me to any particular lifestyle. I am young, and blessed with time to create a lifestyle that suits Hannah Rice. I really did not tell you how to grow up, I really just told you how I am imperfectly surviving and still striving for a joyful life. Growing up is a twisted fate we are all faced to endure. I refuse to grow up in any traditional way, and follow a norm that does not agree with the desires of my heart. Grow up at your pace; leaving room for your heart, mishaps and faith to be sorted out with the timing they deserve.

Thank you for your support, texts and kind words. I am finishing up this summer strong and I am being equipped with masterfully curated joy. Thank you, if you have loved me this summer, because it has not gone unnoticed.

Xoxo H

Pic 4- ME Davy Pic 5- ME Davy Pic 9- ME Davy Pic 2- ME Davy Pic 1- ME Davy Pic 10- ME Davy Pic 11- ME Davy Pic 8- ME Davy Pic 7- ME Davy Pic 6- ME Davy Pic 12- ME Davy

Pictures by Davy Kesey | Photographed in Cape Neddick, Maine

Wearing: Flannel (Moms Vermont thrift store find), Madewell Tee: sold out (other colors, similar & similar), Frame Denim jeans & Soludos x Jason Polan

Hair: Color by Ronnie at Swish, Products: B&B Surf Spray, Grooming Creme

Wandering Monday


We have officially entered, “crunch time,” as college students. The last week of classes is commencing and final exams begin next week. I am stressed in every aspect. Currently pushing through all of my classes on pure adrenaline. This is due to procrastination, obviously. I am weeks away from ending one of the most academically horrendous semesters I have ever endured. I do not know how successful it will turn out in the end, but somehow, I will figure it out. My faith holds me strong and my adventures continually inspire me. With great effort I am pushing forward to something better – summer. Last summer was filled with never ending joy, adventure, and laughter. I can only hope this upcoming season will provide me with the strength similar to what I had acquired over the previous summer. I am still unsure of my plans after May, but I have faith that there will be provisions. I have high hopes for the next few months even with no plan whatsoever. Last summer was relatively similar and it ended up being incredibly rewarding. If your situation is the same – academic despair- and it seems like school might get the best of you, continue reading for encouragement. If not, simply scroll to your pleasure, but know that a story will be told about a wonderful adventure and you will miss out if you stop now.

Summer of 2014. I ventured home from a rocky few months in Charleston after a semester off, with no plans. Last minute I decided to study abroad and I took off for Greece for 5 weeks. It was moderately intense and wildly fun. It was a very weird time in my life because my future was unsure. I had yet to be accepted to the College of Charleston and I was missing my peers at the University of Alabama. I was sorting out being with a large group of people after months of relative isolation and I handled it poorly. Despite being surrounded by beauty and laughter, I still experienced much discomfort in my heart. It seemed that each week living in Greece brought an unexpected trial from outside of my little paradise. The first was information complicating my application to the College of Charleston. This meant, that after I had thought everything was sorted, I was wrong and I would have to wait even longer to hear of my acceptance. The following week a family member died. Then the next week there was another death. Lastly, a near death ordeal. Those all could be jumbled in order, but they all happened during this stay abroad. Juggling emotions out of my control in an unfamiliar environment lead to an unhealthy emotional state. It made friendships difficult and anxiety an ever present issue. No worries, I was still having a blast. Watching sunrises on the beach and meeting cute Greek boys proved great therapy. Kidding but not kidding? These odd trials tested my character largely. I would not say that I conquered them but rather moved through it like swimming in nutella. Attempting to find the sweet side of every little thing in my daily life. When I came home from Greece, reverse culture shock and reality hit me hard. I was welcomed back on my birthday and celebrated with my friends in Baltimore. I came home with knowledge about my personality that I did not have before I went to Greece. We took a personality test before the trip, and worked on understanding these strengths though the entirety of our trip. It was not until I was home where I was able to fully appreciate what I had learned about myself and how much it would help me in the present and future. My weeks in Greece rewarded me far more than expected. I have been missing it. It could be wanderlust kicking in or wanting to escape the reality of my overwhelming schoolwork. Thinking back to a weird time in my life that was miraculously filled with life lessons gives me much joy. The journey may appear unpredictably twisted but I firmly believe that there is a reason for everything. God has planted the strangest pains and laughter-filled adventures to create me into a wandering little nut. Sometimes my travels may seem aimless, but I know that they are challenging me to be the best version of myself. I hope you find this encouraging, as odd of a story it might be. I am honestly inspired to continue through the last of this year by reliving memories of Greece. Find joy in something you fools!

Listen to “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and then “Boom Clap” by Lennon & Maisy to help you get through this week or the upcoming stressful weeks. You, being an overwhelmed college student, or whoever you are out there, that is struggling to find the silver lining. XO HannyBee


Usually my instagram posts are related to the now. Honestly, I have not wanted my posts to be in the now because Charleston is miserably rainy. I have found solace in gorgeous natural aspects of fashion.

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” Have no fear Miranda, the innovators of all things wonderful have decided to explore plantlife for your wardrobe. Wonderfully refreshing both ideally and visually, watching this trend transform will be amusing. Plants have moved visually thanks to artists. My taste in the botanical world is evolving and plantlife is largely more appealing than it has been in the past. Nature tends to brighten the dreariest of days, aka every day in Charleston recently, and I am soaking my eyes in joyous green. Green is a nearly universally flattering color with various tones, exploring this trend will definitely brighten your wardrobe and you will stand out in the crowds. Like a cactus in a desolate desert. Embrace your inner cactus and let nature inspire. Find comfort in the reality of things that exist, and it may inspire you instagram feed, your work or your wardrobe.

Similar Nature Inspired:

Mara Hoffman Dress

Mara Hoffman One Piece (I WANT)

Mumu Dress

Someday Lovin’ Set

_DSC0720 _DSC0723 _DSC0793 _DSC0782 _DSC0780 _DSC0769 _DSC0767 _DSC0758 _DSC0755 _DSC0752 _DSC0701

little bit leggy. Das not my booty?

_DSC0700 _DSC0692

Photographed by Brooke Bishop. Charleston, South Carolina.

Wearing: Willy Jay’s Romper, Annabel Ingall Clutch c/o of Finicky FillySunnies c/o of See Eyewear, Jeffrey Campbell Heels,  Jewelry c/o Peyton William Jewelry


^ it works as an iphone wallpaper. Took me forever to make something work! Get inspired! (Save photo, and use right half of image as wallpaper. “let’s not lose sight” is visible.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Iphone pictures taken by me in Greece. Summer 2014.