Seeking Serendipity


ser-en-dip-i-ty |ˌserənˈdipitē|


the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: a fortunate stroke of serendipity | a series of small serendipities.


I have spent a lifetime of holidays in Charleston, with the exception of a few in Maine and Budapest. That being said, Baltimore for Christmas has never come into the light as a possibility  for my mother or myself. Until this year. We switched up our routine, and ventured to our “home” of Baltimore for Christmas.

Christmas has been frankly surreal. I have found myself nostalgic, as I reminisce of my Charleston traditions and yet incredibly content with my Christmas joy. Without having any holiday experience in Baltimore, I found I had no expectations for this Christmas. Christmas 2015 was reinvented by spontaneous activities and a series of unusual events.

I was having a brief holiday catch-up call with one of my best friends when I realized something. It is good to switch it up. For most, holidays are consistently the same. The same people, places and ordeals. I feel that mixing up this tradition is healthy. It is helpful for my mother and myself as I continue to grow into routines of adulthood and she adventures. We can change our plans, like my little family did, but also plans can change on us. Future holidays may be unpredictable. Adapting to these changes while maintaining a good attitude is crucial to keeping up with a positive outlook on life.

There have been spontaneous movies, adventures, drinks and coffee dates. Time spent in my house in Baltimore. Cuddles with my stinky pugs. Lounging with my sweet mom. I’ve been gazing at Baltimore with fresh eyes, attempting to seek out the cool, new and quirky. I have enjoyed holiday traditions with a different set of loved ones and a Baltimore holiday spirit that I’ve yet to participate in the past. It is primarily the people that make this Christmas particularly enchanting, as it should be. The traditions of my past Christmas’ in Charleston could make me sad. They could make me miss people, food and places. Traditions. Dressing up. Endless parties. But what good is focusing on that, when I have all this joy sitting in front of me? Mika my faux baby sister is curled up on the couch, worn out from her wild pursuit of constant adventures. I spent nearly all of my Christmas eve, on the couch. Curled up with my mom, Mika or Lulu and happy as a clam. Sweet moments and new traditions add a bit of sparkle to my memories.

I would not label this Christmas in Baltimore as either “good,” or “bad.” It is honestly neither as it is the first of its kind. I am happy to feel submerged in love. My abs have been sore from laughing  and eyes watery from hours of movies. Christmas in its entirety was peaceful.  Discovering serendipity this week was undoubtedly realizing that putting myself in situations where I must adapt to my current surroundings are benefiting me far more in the long run, even as I soak in the bliss of this holiday adventure.

Xo, Hannah
Happy Holidays!


Photographed by: Ruut DeMeo, RMD Portraits  | | Hampden, Baltimore, MD

Wearing: Vintage Sweater found at Hunting Ground (Similar here, here & here) H&M scarf (Similar here & here), FRAME Denim Le Skinny de Jeanne Britton, Matt Bernson Tundra boots & Linea Pelle purse (several seasons ago, but it has held up well!) 

Santa is Soon!


Santa comes tomorrow. I can’t help but feel the slightest bit sad at the thought that Christmas has come upon us so quickly and yet I feel it will flicker away just as fast. This season is joyful, and I am relishing in every smile and snuggle that somehow appear during this time. Looking around at my happy life, I want to dwell on the joyful things that will keep my spirits high.

  1. CHRISTMAS COOKIES. I got home from school and my mom found this perfect, incredibly simple gluten free cookie recipe. The minimalist baker has some awesome recipes and I approve of these nom noms. I have over-indulged but it has been worth every bite.
  2. The reason for the season. I love how this season is recognized as a season of joy. I think it is important to remember that we celebrate Christmas in recognition of the birth of Jesus, some may not, but I do. Christ is my center of joy, and I am so thankful for that eternal sensation.
  3. My Hair. I recently got a fresh cut and color, and it has been so easy to take care of. I am digging my layered and bouncy locks. I am not one of those girls whose hair is always done. I light up a room with my undone mess, so it is fitting to keep it real with hair that matches my personality.
  4. My mom. We drove back to Charleston this weekend, and we had so much fun. I love laughing with my mom, because I think she is the weirdest woman I know. She is a keeper.
  5. Giving and Receiving. I love giving, I love lending my time and energy to others. It is easy to lose oneself in this season of giving. Everyone is pushing and pulling in different directions. Know when you need to kick back and be taken care of. Know when to get up and help.
  6. Sales. Sales are a blessing and a curse. I love it because it justifies more purchases and I hate it because woah out of control Christmas shopping. (Gap has a great sale right now)

Okay, let’s WRAP this up! Please make sure you are baking and eating lots of Christmas cookies. Meanwhile, at church today, listen. You don’t necessarily have to do your hair, ever, please don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. When you get an unnecessarily awesome present tomorrow, give hugs to your fave fam. Be thankful when you receive in the next 24 hours and give joyfully. Recovering from Christmas, enjoy some retail therapy (Sales, bro.) xo



I like cookies, and cookies like me.




I love my mumsy. I love that she cares about finding yummy things for me to eat. Thanks for loving me dude.



I am posing. I do not look this giddy while I eat cookies. I promise.


Enjoy Christmas Eve!!! Merry merry merry Christmas!

Cookie Ensemble c/o The Girl Next Door at Cross Keys

T by Alexander Wang Sweater, Sundry sweatpants (available in-store,) similar

Gap sockies

Pictures by Ruut DeMeo 

Netflix Detox


10 Reasons to Have a Netflix Detox:

A Netflix Detox flushes the system of all Fall Semester toxins, one must cleanse by remaining aimless and lazy in the presence of Netflix.

  1. Gives you the opportunity to snuggle your long lost pet! (Home=pets=omg I am loved?!=yes)
  2. Alone time sans roommates-no headphones, eat abundant snacks and receive no judgement.
  3. Find a new show. Start it. Demolish it. Feel accomplished.
  4. Multi-task- During some Netflix appointments I like to be accompanied by a second device of technology. I enjoy stringing hundreds of new images through my mind via Pinterest and Tumblr sur la iphone.
  5. Have I mentioned how cozy this experience is? Fetal position minus a pre-final meltdown feels so refreshing!
  6. Take the time to decide if you are the cute snuggle bunny or the bummy snuggle bunny. How grunge is your netflix attire? Are you wearing goodwill or lululemon? Do you buy hundred dollar sweatpants from boutiques? I do, probably not my best financial move but my BUM IS so COZY!
  7. Watch the tv shows and movies that make you miss your family and then run downstairs to find them congregating in the flesh! I watch Gilmore Girls, which is practically Webster’s definition of my relationship with my mother and now I can get emotionally invested in an episode and then holler for a hug! *sheds a tear*
  8. Have you taken a look at the latest Netflix releases and the soon to be released?!
  9. According to Gary Solomon via WebMD: “‘cinema therapy is something that is self-administered,’ he says. ‘That’s not to say therapy on a one-to-one basis is bad, but this is an opportunity to do interventional work by yourself.’”  (Okay! Doctor’s orders!)
  10. A happy Netflix filled heart gives you abundant capacity for family filled festivities, christmas shopping and unhealthy sugar blasts.


I have popped back into town for the shortest Christmas visit but I managed to squeeze a trip to Cross Keys newest boutique, The Girl Next Door. The pieces for my Holiday series were loaned to me through the boutique and I was thrilled to style them!







Clothing on loan from local boutique The Girl Next Door in Baltimore! (links to be posted soon)

Madewell socks (not online,) similar

Pictures by Ruut DeMeo

White Shirt Wonder

Throwback to an awesome shoot with Ruut, it was an exceptional few hours. This was shot in the midst of a typical humid  Baltimore summer day and yet these pieces showcased are perfect for a cool or hot September.


This oversized button-down looks polished paired with these shorts, but when untucked turns casual. Recently, I wore this top with jeans to church- tucked in for service, and then untucked as I tooled around Charleston for the rest of the day.


The cotton sateen shorts are incredibly comfortable, and transition from sophisticated to casual with the assistance of a silk tank, strappy heels or lightweight sneakers.



Mini tote- Bold. Black. Tiny and cute.


Soft Smiles for the camera. Cheese. Note the stretchy waistband on these precious shorts (AKA you can eat, drink and be merry and no one will notice)

UriZGbj4mElmzHWoVICtzFL74y_WemFJrUby4K7--Js,d4KYS1uLFo2qLCoLps48VCSq09XzvvenAmSQaZ6_HgA,IjqoXuvzsPNiX99epGxpoe8BJsd9C3_kLgLYEIe7kqk,JaQz87zuvlqjKaXPXguEftDV9HPCg_dPIWyc_-nS0IM GCZU4Kp0_IQbUfeisnBAQj3RIphMv9Jl1pTRUHFHhW0,7EknuCyCl5jJsQhAyhI-WOUvHFoKnmDkmFkxRX-v3Og,xkN6kbXIIjqQctFWha-EYETgnWNy6fzzDv692mK2Fq4,Oz4Z5d8YigARR9oXIS4xt5wN-FgMk5YhIG1GGmK0myY


Madewell top, Screen printed shorts– found at Furbish Studio pop-up, Rebecca Minkoff mini tote, Greek Sandals, Karen Walker Sunnies

Photographed by Ruut

Last Call for White Jeans

JUST KIDDING I live in South Carolina. My summer does not end when September begins. I want you to know a little something about the rules of fashion, they are easily avoided. I currently have the option of tanning after Math class and I believe that gives me permission to wear white jeans. So enjoy Labor day, I hope you have the day off, take some cute pics- but expect me to be wearing these babies after Monday.

xoxo da Bee





P.S. I am not recommending that white jeans become your fall staple. Please do not do that. I do not need to see clusters of pretty girls in white jeans and chunky black sweaters with snow on the ground. Bone, however, is an upcoming fall color of choice that we can chat about.


Summer-Fall transfer sneaker. Ideal for a hot day on the go.


The faintest bit of hair chalk to accent messy blonde locks also works well as a dry shampoo to shape hair for occasions. Sorta digging the pink hair trend, we shall see how far that gets.


Karen Millen Top (no longer available) Joe’s White Jeans Dolce Vita Sneakers

Karen Walker Sunnies   Blush Spraychalk

Photographed by:


Livin like Kanye


“I wanna be like Kanye

I’ll be the king of me always

do what I want and have it my way

all day, like Kanye”

-The Chainsmokers



So I get that Kanye is slightly unconventional in his ways of living but I have been loving this song and the character of Kanye it portrays. We all want to be like Kanye, just a little. I don’t know if it is because I secretly want to marry Kim K, or my materialistic longing for a private plane, but he has a beautiful, painfully unattainable carefree attitude. As I pack up my summer, box up the sunny memories and shop online for sweaters, I just wanna be Kanye, for a second. I am preparing to leave to start a new chapter of my life as a transfer student in Charleston and I can’t help but think it would be easier if I was Kanye. I also totes get that he -from what I’ve heard- is kind of a peach and I don’t want to be an unapproachable celebrity in ill-fitting black leather pants, BUT I strangly admire his attitude. I can’t help but be nervous, but I have no choice but to rally and prepare myself for this fall, meanwhile, I will be living like Kanye.





This shoot with Ruut, was incredible, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. It was my first time in front of the camera in this setting, and I might as well have been naked because I have never felt so exposed. Ruut could not have been a better fit for this shoot. I quickly grew comfortable and we were able to gather great content for a few awesome posts! I am looking forward to sharing the other looks we were able to shoot and I am growing increasingly excited for the potential of this blog.


Wearing: lululemon crop top, silk shorts purchased in Greece, C. Wonder earrings, Karen Walker sunnies, white  converse

These images strongly express the direction of my blog, and I am looking for a photographer in Charleston that can step up to the plate. Whether it be a student looking for a resume builder or a professional, I am interested. Please contact me if you have any leads.

Photographed by: