Natural Nail Solace in Williamsburg

You know the scene in Legally Blonde, where Elle is just beside herself when she arrived at Harvard, only to find Warner engaged to the preppy brunette with basic (or lack thereof) style? You know the one. So what is a girl to do? Elle hopped in her bougie convertible and whirled into a nail salon. She sat down, cried, and found immediate comfort in the seat of the salon. There is a great sense of relief in the experience, and I know it all too well.

Ph7 was my nail destination for the summer. Nestled on Grand Street, I found it rather convenient to stop by when I was in need of nail attention.  A ten minute walk from the Bedford Avenue L stop, Ph7 is an easy and lovely destination for nail solace.

I am all for pampering, and I think I am pretty good at it. For realz. For those who struggle with constant business, over- working and anxiety, treatments that practically force self-care, can give you rest. There is literally only so much you can do in the pedicure seat, choose to enjoy your treatments. Rest up, buttercup and let yourself be taken care of.

I usually go for a basic pedi, and gel manicure at Ph7. Occasionally followed by a 15 minute massage, because why not. My visit this week included nail art and I am thrilled with the result! Not to mention, it was genuinely affordable for a New York nail salon. I am impressed with the consistent service at Ph7, and I appreciate their reasonable prices for a natural salon.

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Ph7,  a Williamsburg nail salon. Non-toxic, chic and efficient. Walk-ins are welcome, you can book online or give them a call. Check them out!

Photographed by Hannah Rice


The Alcoholic Green Juice Worth the Hype

Ask for the drink that tastes like green juice. I am serious! I guarantee they will know what you are referencing. More formally, the cocktail is called “Too Good For You” and it will be the best treat of your summer happy hour experiences.

I have been dying to visit “While We Were Young,” in the West Village, and I got a chance to park my bum in their beautiful space for drinks last week. I sauntered up to WWWY only to gawk like a little girl at her first experience in a luxury department store. I think you catch my vibe. The space is even better in person than it is from the copious quantities of instagram posts and “look where I am” insta stories. Think pink. Floral. Adorable. Everything the girliest girl could dream up in a restaurant. The feminine aesthetic is topped with a tasteful open floor plan with floor to ceiling windows that fill the restaurant with natural light and soft city noises.

Due to our early happy hour, the space was near empty when we arrived. Of course not entirely, because a place so perfect is bound to have admirers at odd hours. The (sort of studly) owner of the hip restaurant was seated by the window being modern with his Macbook, some girlfriends were chatting by the neon sign, and two couples were enjoying the restaurant as well. We placed ourselves at the bar facing the street, for people watching purposes (obviously) and it was a splendid decision. Shortly after my arrival, an adorable waiter bopped over to take our orders. I wanted everything! I pulled the, “What do you recommend?” to our darling waiter, and he pointed me straight to the magic green juice with a buzz. He described it as “tasting like a green juice.” I was hooked at the notion of such a concoction.

‘Twas a success! Damn did it taste like a green juice out of a romantic comedy. Not something far too earthy and textured, but smooth and bursting with flavor. In this case a tiny bit of alcoholic flavor but ever so subtle. The drink was beautiful, tasty and effective. IE that buzz made me order two and I was slap happy by the time I departed. Honestly, for the asking price of their cocktails, I would sure hope they deliver in taste. The cocktails certainly did.

I am elated to report that this cute as ever spot, lives up to the fantasy. Make this your next happy hour destination and you will not be disappointed.



Arrows 2016

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All smiles with my Nat for (stellar) drinks at the Wythe with our crazy Davy 

There’s a lot to be said for good friends. I met my beautiful best friend this summer working in Manhattan. Our meeting was not by chance and she is one of those amazing “forever friends.” We were able to jet to the city for New Year’s Eve and we had high hopes for a perfect few days.

Usually; I have words, plenty of words to properly express myself. Well I still do, but sometimes my words aren’t the best. Today, I will let someone else give you a better image of the serendipitous account of meeting my best friend Natalie. One weekend off this summer, I pranced up to Maine for rest. In the library of my house, I found a beautiful book of poems. I was in tears of awe when I read the first page. This poem is the perfect description of Natalie coming into my life.

The Arrow and the Song 

I shot an arrow into the air

It fell to earth, I knew not where;

For, so swiftly it flew, the sight

Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,

It fell to earth I knew not where;

For who has sight so keen and strong

That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak

I found the arrow, still unbroke;

And the song, from beginning to end,

I found again in the heart of a friend.

Henry W. Longfellow

Nat, I love you dearly. I sent up a prayer, asking for a friend; and my sweet Jesus, sent me you. Thank you for being the sweetest best friend. I am thankful for every giggle thus far, and looking forward to endless adventures. Xo

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Gluten free delish


Our first meal in the city was at Oregano in Williamsburg. It was just a quick stroll from our air bnb and we were welcomed with carbs. Nat and myself found ourselves drowning in pasta! They were accommodating with their gluten free options and I was thrilled that there was a desert I could dive into. Nutella pizza with a gluten free crust, sign a sister up! We loved Oregano and returned to order take out as we were getting ready for New Year’s Eve! GF FRIENDLY

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Nutella pizza | | Gluten Free
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The Marquet

The Marquet 

My heart can still be warmed by the memories of walking into this shop. Nat and I were gushing over the cool colors and handmade beauty. We chatted with the fabulous owner of the shop and attached cafe, who was a hard working, cool as shit french woman. Splendid. New York is filled with insanely cool people. Creative & motivated peeps bring me so much joy! This place is a must for your future visit. Located in Williamsburg.

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Rabbit Hole

A little Williamsburg stop. Boozy Chai. The food was sub-par at best, but I am absurdly picky so don’t trust my judgement for everything. They did have gluten free options, but I was just happy with this clever cocktail creation! Natalie had some gluten on her plate and it looked amaze! My fave non-alcoholic chai in Brooklyn, is found at Toby’s Estate Brooklyn

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SoHo is wonderful, but you must tactfully avoid the masses.

Clic Bookstore & Gallery  is one of my favorite stops. Oodles of inspiration. Discovered one of my favorite photographers, Jean Philippe Piter, at Clic this summer. 

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Two Hands NYC

Two Hands NYC

Fave almond chai in Manhattan. Love their breakfast and snack options (gluten free friendly) but I was not wild for their lunch options. Follow their beautiful insta and if you’re in the city venture to their brand NEW restaurant and bar in TriBeCa!! I can imagine it is stellar. GF FRIENDLY

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Blondes at The New Whitney
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everyone needs a Nat
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All the love for our For Love & Lemons 
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Summers Brooklyn

Summers Brooklyn

After New Year’s Eve, we were in dire need of avocado toast. Summers was the perfect AM solution. The toast was delish and I was uber thankful for their gluten free bread! I as well indulged in an almond chai latte & a ginger turmeric shot to ring in the new year. Not only was our breakfast quality, but the vibes were heaven. You quite literally, step into summer with cool tunes and smiling faces. We loved Summers so much we went twice! GF FRIENDLY

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Summers Brooklyn
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Did I mention lovely customer service? (He worked there)
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Nat being a babe
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Dirty Hands Jewelry | |  Williamsburg
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Hand crafted with an in-shop studio. Sickkkkkk
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If you are ever church seeking in the city, stop by C3. Amazing community. So much love and support from this church. I am insanely grateful to know C3 Brooklyn.


All iphone pictures taken by myself or Natalie. NYC 2015/2016.

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