Sweet Things


This holiday season is uh er hmm exciting? Stressful? Eventful? Yes, yes! Eventful. As a college student, Thanksgiving is no break. Thanksgiving is the time to eat, hang with family, possibly relax and then curl into a bloated ball of emotions when you realize you forgot about your project. This is not an attempt to give you an anxiety attack, I can assure you holidays are full of smiles! However, I am cautiously approaching the activities I choose seeing as my academic obligations cannot be put on hold until CHRISTMAS break. So close, yet so wildly far from reach. I have decided to plan accordingly and am hoping to schedule this week to avoid a procrastination meltdown.

I distract myself from holiday anxiety with my favorite thing; clothes. Put on a good outfit and the world is your damn oyster. A solid ensemble is strangely encouraging. Habitually, I dress up on test days. Not a heels and plunging neckline situation, but simply an average cool look. Clothes have the ability to speed up the process of getting things done. Somehow making an ordeal into just another day. I do not rely on material things to satisfy my stresses but I will not deny the comfort of a good outfit. This holiday inspo look is the perfect motivation to have fun with your style! Be playful. Play with accessories, trends, and the world around you.

Clothes are not the only sweet soothing thing in life, there are lots of little things that make life lovely. I’ve compiled a little list of little things about me. Little things that make me Hannah, and all that it entails. Daily thoughts, routines, and things that make me happy. I encourage you to do the same. Write it, type it, or screech it from your rooftop. I know you may be stressed by the motley crew arriving at your home for this week. Or the test you have as soon as your return to school. Or your crazy sister who has decided to turn on you this holiday season. Don’t forget those good things, never forget those little things. The little things that make your best friend hug you, your mom proud, and your puppy lick your face. We are all of the little things miraculously poured into a tender soul. Here are some little things about me…

Little Things (about me)

  • Always buying a book and planning a trip
  • Never leave the house without a sweater
  • Lunch, coffee or adventures with mom? We are both equipped with an “activity” i.e. notebook or novel
  • I’ll take my popcorn with chocolate chips and sea salt
  • Hot tea > Coffee
  • Utterly obsessed with cheerios. If you haven’t heard, the whole lot of cheerios are now gluten free.
  • Lettering is therapeutic
  • I think that cool air sooths my anxiety
  • The only heat I know to be a comfort- sauna
  • Going to the movies is my bliss
  • To do lists
  • Crossing off completed tasks on said list
  • The best beach days are long. You hit the glow of sunset and the breeze that follows
  • Cozy is my favorite
  • Stupidly extroverted. I love my peeps
  • Don’t know how to help me? Hug me
  • Dream day: A stormy summer day in Maine. Slightly sunburned from days lounging poolside and dipping in the icy ocean. Today is the day when the air is cool, fog dense, and raindrops drizzle. A storm if we are lucky. My family friends and I are are scattered throughout the house snuggled up with our books, puzzles, and movies. I am cozied in the library with Mika. Picture us with our messy, sticky, salty curls. The sleepy satisfaction of sun-kissed faces leave us with few words. A paddywax summer candle is burning. The windows are stuck open with crisp air rippling indoors. We are wrapped in snuggles, comfy in sweatpants and covered in various crumbs. A dream day that I’ve been lucky enough to experience many times.

Remember the good and be grateful for the challenges. You my dear, are growing up.

It is in the little things that we find joy as well as true rest.


Photographed by Abby Tierney | | Charleston, SC

Wearing: Elizabeth & James dress  ℅ Beckett Boutique, Zara booties & vintage clutch

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Chew on Choice


So let’s say I could tell you to pick the next three years of your life. The first option is all excitement. It is entirely fun and good. However, you remain the same. The second option, is unexpected. Filled with plenty of joy as well as challenges. Some of the trials may be far from ideal. You leave those three years of ups, downs and in betweens, a different person. You grow. What would you choose?

My life is extraordinary. I attribute that to the assortment of blessings, adventures and relationships that surround me. I also am aware that the road I travel largely shapes my character. The past few years have been thrilling, and having recently lived in New York City for the summer, I was heavily doused in an assortment of stimulation. Upon returning to Charleston I experienced major culture shock. It took nearly a month before I felt even slightly grounded in the present. Along with coming to terms with the lifestyle of Charleston, real life repeatedly slapped me in the face. I felt like I could not keep up with it. Every inch of me wanted to crawl in a hole and give up. I desperately wanted an out from my feelings and my circumstances. Oddly enough I had expected this season of my life to be a challenge, however I did not believe I was at all equipped to handle life the way it hit me these past few months.

I am choosing a challenging road by finishing school. Call me crazy, but I actually believe by completing my degree I am following God’s plan for my life. I know that by this decision, I am choosing His plan for my life, and not Hannah’s utopia. I am completely aware that school is hard as hell for me. I am one of those problem students that needs a significant amount of attention. Those students exist in college, for sure. I want to be a good student, but I do not strive for perfection in the classroom because that is not my reality. It is not my strength and that is okay. It is okay because I am not giving up. It is okay because I am not allowing school to butcher my self-esteem. It is okay because I am refusing to allow anxiety to ruin this. I am intentionally keeping myself in an environment where I do not thrive. Yes, maybe, if I was crazy enough I could transfer (for the 3rd time) to an institution where I could study what might apply to my future career. That is not happening, I am staying at the College of Charleston and utilizing this opportunity for growth. I have the rest of my life to aspire to more, to follow my dreams and feel good at what “I do,” but for now, God is teaching me what it is like to be doing something that does not make me feel good, which is being a student.

I could not have asked for this semester to have turned out in any other manner than which it did. I have grown exponentially throughout this season of my life. I am blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to keep learning who I am, and how God has created me. I love a good challenge, I really do. The challenges have been more than I thought I was equipped for and I could explain several situations as genuine pain throughout these past few months. Pain makes you grow. Challenge makes you grow. Excitement leads to joy. It does not mean I am a sad sack of tears. Quite the contrary, I have been overwhelmed with love and joy. God has spoke to me in the sweetest of ways, with the simplest of words. God acknowledging His plan for my life, is a dream come true. I could not ask for more right now.

I encourage you to take the road that leads to growth. The road that will make you a different, stronger, and braver human.

IMG_6892 IMG_6896 IMG_6890 IMG_6900 IMG_6874 IMG_6875 IMG_6887 IMG_6912 IMG_6916 IMG_6908 IMG_6859 IMG_6925 IMG_6845 IMG_6848 IMG_6851

Photographed by Abby Tierney | | Charleston, SC  

Wearing: Mango jacket (last season, similar HERE), Madewell tee (ON SALE), Madewell Perfect Fall Jean (ON SALE), Superga Cotu Classic & Meli Melo Clemence bagBeckett Boutique (Check out their insta !!) 

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How to Grow Up

Pic 3- ME Davy

How to Grow Up

“Andie Anderson, How to Girl!” If that did not pop into your head when you read the title, you my friend, have yet to live. For you sweet under-educated darlings, that is a quote from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It is a classic. I attribute the film with many good memories, which really only makes the film better in my eyes. For one, it makes me think of one of my best friends, Mika.

As you may know, I am interning in New York City for the summer. Living here has completely changed my routine, and I am one hundred percent not lying when I say, “I’m busy”. In pursuit of a peaceful escape, this past weekend I ventured to Maine. Working and attempting to thrive in the city can be exhausting and I am SO thankful to have Maine. I have had Maine my entire life, and never appreciated it like I have this summer. Waking up to the waves crashing and a soft sea breeze is overwhelmingly calming. My first weekend in Maine this summer, I spent an entire day in my pajamas. I had several cups of tea, a book, and family. I sat on the patio, gazing at the ocean in a way that I never have before. So much comfort lied in the ocean’s R E A L depth. Gods creation should never be taken for granted, and I am glad I am able to truly soak in the beauty of his handiwork. I cannot place why it is instinctively relaxing to exist in His natural creation. Stepping away from the responsibilities of adulthood- temporary adulthood at least- and emerging into bliss has been nothing but fulfilling. It is not just taking a Friday off to not work; it is taking the time to remember the reality of being an adult. Being an adult is spending time with yourself. It is understanding how YOU, as an individual are going to come into the real world. I am understanding, that a full time job, is very difficult to manage. It is hard to manage other aspects of my life that I equally enjoy. It is helping me to figure out how I can create a healthy, creative and prosperous life for my sensitive soul.

I had a hiccup with my drive into adulthood this past weekend in Maine. Usually at this time of the year, I am in Maine with Mika. My crazy little best friend. This year, along with several other shakes of adulthood, she was and is not going to be in Maine. We usually have an entire long, luxurious, and stupidly lazy week to ourselves. We get to tan, eat food, watch movies, go on adventures and then watch another movie. Not having this youthful fun was difficult to ignore how it made me feel like even more of an adult. It is more difficult because she has spent the summer in Finland, with people whom I dearly love.

A cluster of my favorite people were in Helsinki, Finland this July and not being there was a challenge. It was a challenge because I flipping love Helsinki. I love the city, the culture, and most importantly the people. I love my friends, the church and the youth ministry. When I realized that working this summer meant I would not be able to join my friends, I tried to be as grownup as possible. I would say, apart from some meltdowns, I have done a good job. Going back to the meltdowns is the more difficult of the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that I experienced these past few weeks. I was comforted by knowing that I was supposed to stay in the city and not make the trip over there THIS summer. I can make several lists with an assorted category of reasons why I wanted to be there, but you just need to know, that I really wanted to be. I do not know why, but I know that God did not need me there, He needed me here.

He needed me here to experience undeserving love and blessings. This summer has been extraordinary and wildly unexpected in every aspect. I knew I was landing myself a full time internship but I did not know how that would send me into a tailspin of future oriented thoughts and discussions. I knew I was capable of making friends but had no idea I was going to be blessed with endless love and fellowship. I knew I loved to laugh but did not expect for laughter to follow me into the workplace, throughout my commute and intertwined in all of my friendships. I am okay with occasionally not going on a trip if it means letting God do the unexpected. Following His lead, permits His work to be done separate from my own agenda.

I’ve weaved through Maine, New York City and Finland, but it all leads to one thing. I am growing up. I am forced to leave behind traditions and trips that I have grown up with and even recently added to my life. I am also confronted with adjusting to new environments, jobs and people- constantly. I am letting go of the safety of young comforts. I am challenged to strengthen my faith. I am confident I will be in Maine again, being lazy with my loved ones and watching movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I know that just because I am growing up, does not restrict me to any particular lifestyle. I am young, and blessed with time to create a lifestyle that suits Hannah Rice. I really did not tell you how to grow up, I really just told you how I am imperfectly surviving and still striving for a joyful life. Growing up is a twisted fate we are all faced to endure. I refuse to grow up in any traditional way, and follow a norm that does not agree with the desires of my heart. Grow up at your pace; leaving room for your heart, mishaps and faith to be sorted out with the timing they deserve.

Thank you for your support, texts and kind words. I am finishing up this summer strong and I am being equipped with masterfully curated joy. Thank you, if you have loved me this summer, because it has not gone unnoticed.

Xoxo H

Pic 4- ME Davy Pic 5- ME Davy Pic 9- ME Davy Pic 2- ME Davy Pic 1- ME Davy Pic 10- ME Davy Pic 11- ME Davy Pic 8- ME Davy Pic 7- ME Davy Pic 6- ME Davy Pic 12- ME Davy

Pictures by Davy Kesey | Photographed in Cape Neddick, Maine

Wearing: Flannel (Moms Vermont thrift store find), Madewell Tee: sold out (other colors, similar & similar), Frame Denim jeans & Soludos x Jason Polan

Hair: Color by Ronnie at Swish, Products: B&B Surf Spray, Grooming Creme

21 Reasons I am Smiling Today


In honor of my 21st birthday, I have 21 reasons why I am SMILING today!

  1. I woke up in Maine
  2. It is the prettiest day ever in Maine
  3. I have the best internship
  4. At said internship I am exposed to incredible designers and madly motivated working creatives
  5. Where I have made the best friends. hint hint… Natalie of Chick Matter
  6. I have an incredibly thoughtful mother who is on her way home from yoga with an iced almond chai and a gluten free scone
  7. Getting a new camera for my 21st and I am SO excited to integrate that in the blog
  8. Speaking of blogging, I promise I am going to be cranking out posts for the rest of the summer
  9. GET EXCITED for the future of Hanny Bee… I am PUMPED and you will be too in like a weekish
  10. Ah New York. I have a big bedroom where I can be really messy. Do you want to see my place?
  11. I have found a home at an amazing church in the city. Isn’t that nice? Thank you, Hillsong
  12. “Yas” has a whole new meaning -> W A T C H this
  13. and more YAS
  14. Did I mention I turned 21?!?! It is pretty exciting.
  15. Summer stripes
  16. Summer flowers
  17. Soludos
  18. Uhm HAPPY 4th!!! I do not know what to wear, but that is okay because I have lots of stripes on hand! duh. P.S. Keep scrolling for some 4th inspo
  19. The PUGS are in Maine finally!! Love them.
  20. The ocean is calling my name. Calling, not yelling. So I am going to rest poolside and listen to the waves crashing #ballin
  21. I am so blessed, and so thankful. THANK YOU for the birthday wishes. I am so undeservingly loved! Love you all. xo

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“Welcome to my house party” ^

042A4876 042A4886 042A4895 042A4806 042A4694

Photographed at Folly Beach, South Carolina | | by Current Visuals

Wearing: Roberta Roller Rabbit- Isola Dress, Soludos Woven Sandal / / Shoes on King, Annabel Ingall- Georgia Small Bucket Drawstring / / Neely by VNB

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Some weekend inspo below: HAPPY 4th!!

Cred Tuckernuck Pinterest
Cred Tuckernuck Pinterest
cred: IG @amy_stone
cred: IG @amy_stone
cred: IG @bitsofbliss
cred: IG @bitsofbliss
cred: IG @yeswayrose
cred: IG @yeswayrose
stripes on sails
cred: Tuckernuck Pinterest
cred: Style Me Pretty
cred: Style Me Pretty

How To Be Hopeful


For the entirety of May, I did not feel like myself. I was drained; mentally from this academic semester and then somehow emotionally (my own doing I guess…) This left me doing life on my own. Not relying on God, and turning to anything but him for assistance in my own confusion. After completing another semester of school and landing an awesome internship in New York City one would think I would be on top of the moon. Far from it. I had high expectations for May. I pictured a fun Maymester course, lots of beach time and chilling with friends. Instead I was exhausted, tearful and uninspired.

I intended to bust out summer posts. I mentally prepared posts filled with easygoing snippets of my life and breezy summer ensembles. That clearly did not happen. After accepting an internship in New York, I was bombarded by feedback from friends and family. Unexpectedly, I felt extremely discouraged by most responses. I got a lot of sarcastic, “good luck in the big city,” and “wow it is hard to make it there.” I was baffled, because that was not what I wanted to hear. The “congrats!” I did receive slid by and went unnoticed as the discouraging comments seeped into my tender heart. I felt stuck. Suddenly I felt emotionally glued to Charleston, unable to envision a summer in the city. I did not want to embrace the possibility of a good summer, and I wanted to stay in the safe sands of Folly beach. I was overwhelmed with the potential of failure and loneliness.

After successfully allowing the world to tarnish my view of the months to come, I not-so-shockingly broke down to let the Lord back in. Mind you this was like a week and a half ago. I had yet to find a place to live or find a smidge of excitement for the summer. After letting go of my tight grip on my future, within 24 hours I had a place to live. Fast forward like 3 days to arriving in New York. I still felt so far from myself, so unsure of my faith and my identity. Who the hell is this Hannah? Why would I feel that a place would change my identity and especially my faith? How could I possibly allow the enemy to beat down my heart to nothing? I knew that turning to Christ to fill, fuel and rejuvenate me would be the only route to rid myself of a meek mindset.

So, how was I hopeful? How did I stay faithful to Christ? I set my hope in His provision. I set my intentions on joy. After finishing my first week in New York I could not feel any more joyful than I do now. I feel present. I feel rooted. I feel capable. Goodness two weeks ago I was so far from finding joy and strength in Him, and now His peace is radiating throughout my heart. I am overjoyed to have overcome an unexpected trial but I am so pleased with the outcome. It feels great to be me again, overflowing with giggles and inspired by stripes.

Listen to:

Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)- Hillsong United

Captain- Hillsong United

Provider- Urban Rescue

P.S. I have no idea how blogging is going to go this summer… stay tuned for the adventure!

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042A4950042A5038 042A5012 042A5074

Turkish towels are the perfect addition to your beach wardrobe. Great for being silly and what not, but really easy when you want to pack light. Super trendy and extremely practical. I have realized that nice beach towels can get quite pricey, who knew?

042A5062 042A5060 042A5055 042A5057

doubles as a face mask.


Pictures by Current Visuals | Folly Beach, South Carolina

Wearing: Sabo Skirt Turtleneck (out of stock), KanCan Shorts (last season)

Similar: Sabo Skirt Grey Turtleneck, Sabo Skirt Lavender Knit, One Teaspoon Romeo Short, One Teaspoon Bonita Cut off Short, KanCan shorts

Turkish towel (similar)

PIK Kate


PIK Kate

Welcome to the newest and most exciting bit of my blog. PIK: People I know. Featuring friends, family and new acquaintances. Stylish individuals in one way or another, these peeps featured will be good ones. It will be interesting to see where it goes, so don’t expect the same type of post for each PIK feature! So anyways…

I bustled into Kudu coffee; late, messy and in head-to-to sweaty lululemon. As I flopped my tote on the countertop, I glance up to see Kate’s big smile and friendly wave. I’m thinking, “I look horrid and I am late to everything.” Quickly, I order the usual almond milk chai, iced of course, seeing as it is eighty degrees on this glorious Charleston day.

I take a seat, and we knock out the information of the shoot and this post. Now I have only spoken to Kate Waddell a few times, but I am immediately comfortable with her. Upon collaborating with fellow creatives, it is important to get all the details and right away. We slowly phase out of business chat and I’m able to settle down and take in Kate. Kate is just as interested in others as she is interesting herself. She’s quite lovely, I’m noticing. I’ve been around Kate several times, but have yet to have taken the time to get to know her. I have surely been missing out! Her effortless curls, simple black tee and light Our Spare Change accessories give her the most appealing minimalist style. She claims to pay no attention to fashion but her laid-back ensemble screams Madewell lookbook. Not to mention her soft character and energetic voice are incredibly enticing!

It is near graduation at the College of Charleston and Kate is in the home stretch of seeing her degree. Her college career at one of the most inspiring campuses is coming to a close, but her life is not leading her outside of Charleston just yet. I begin to pester at her post-grad life, “So what are your plans?” I incorrectly assumed that, she as an artist would either have some random job lined up or no plan at all. I was happily surprised when Kate informed me of her space at Redux Contemporary Art Center for the next year. Alongside prominent Charleston artists such as Teil Duncan, Lulie Wallace and Blakely Little; Kate is storming into the professional world and into a posse of kind-hearted and motivated artists.

Kate has become close to Teil and is really able to comprehend succeeding as an artist. She is able to understand being a young businesswoman in order to maintain a career as an artist. It is admirable to understand the responsibilities of the real world and have the drive to do what you love as work.

Kate is going to thrive as a post-grad and she will not lose the classic inspiration that Charleston offers. Her humble attitude will take her far and her motivation to create will inspire many. Kate’s current pieces have a natural and electric farm-feel. She said she started with a rooster, and it just blossomed from there! The collection, “Hen and Her,” will be available for purchase and friendly viewing this week!

To kick off her life as an adult, Kate will have a show at Candlefish on Wentworth this Thursday, May 7. I am so excited for Kate’s journey, as are most her loved ones here in Charleston! Come join some of the best people in Charleston, at a perfect candle shop with Kate’s lovely art.

Getting to know Kate through this process was an absolute delight! She will be a wonderful artist to follow as she explores her freedom into adulthood. Charleston and Redux Studios is lucky to have her!

“There are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton

JOIN Kate this Thursday!

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Check out her ART

DSC_0541 DSC_0553 DSC_0555 DSC_0567 DSC_0558 DSC_0561 DSC_0580 DSC_0589 DSC_0570 DSC_0591

A girl after my own heart… avo life for days.


Holla at Redux! Pay this place a visit!

DSC_0535 DSC_0533


Welcome to her little studio!

DSC_0460 DSC_0469 DSC_0472 DSC_0492 DSC_0487 DSC_0449 DSC_0517 DSC_0511

Hiding behind her breakfast. This picture is one of my favorites from this shoot, because it gives me mad giggles.


Photographed at Redux Contemporary Art Center, pictures taken by me. Styled by me, Hannah Rice.

Kate is wearing J Brand Blouse in Flamingo, Joie plaid tank and Mary Frances Flowers cuff. White Finicky Filly button down, Joie tank with Gorjana pendant necklace and triangle necklace. ℅ Finicky Filly

{Kate is wearing her own jeans and sandals}


Event at Candlefish photograph credited to Kate Waddell and her graphic designer.