Natural Nail Solace in Williamsburg

You know the scene in Legally Blonde, where Elle is just beside herself when she arrived at Harvard, only to find Warner engaged to the preppy brunette with basic (or lack thereof) style? You know the one. So what is a girl to do? Elle hopped in her bougie convertible and whirled into a nail salon. She sat down, cried, and found immediate comfort in the seat of the salon. There is a great sense of relief in the experience, and I know it all too well.

Ph7 was my nail destination for the summer. Nestled on Grand Street, I found it rather convenient to stop by when I was in need of nail attention.  A ten minute walk from the Bedford Avenue L stop, Ph7 is an easy and lovely destination for nail solace.

I am all for pampering, and I think I am pretty good at it. For realz. For those who struggle with constant business, over- working and anxiety, treatments that practically force self-care, can give you rest. There is literally only so much you can do in the pedicure seat, choose to enjoy your treatments. Rest up, buttercup and let yourself be taken care of.

I usually go for a basic pedi, and gel manicure at Ph7. Occasionally followed by a 15 minute massage, because why not. My visit this week included nail art and I am thrilled with the result! Not to mention, it was genuinely affordable for a New York nail salon. I am impressed with the consistent service at Ph7, and I appreciate their reasonable prices for a natural salon.

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Ph7,  a Williamsburg nail salon. Non-toxic, chic and efficient. Walk-ins are welcome, you can book online or give them a call. Check them out!

Photographed by Hannah Rice


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