Relaunch 2017


Welcome to the revamped, refurbished Hanny Bee! Prepped with new and evolving intentions, Hanny Bee is ready to roar.

Welcome to Hanny Bee | | TRAVEL + WELLNESS + LIFESTYLE

I am relaunching Hanny Bee as a platform to share the best destinations and travel experiences. Skincare rituals that are non toxic, cruelty free and derived from natural ingredients. Beauty products that are created to enhance your natural features, by the use of the purest ingredients. Hanny Bee’s Lifestyle content will feature interior design, style and serendipitous accounts of daily life.


I will share the best and wildest of travel adventures on Hanny Bee. I will discover and share the dreamiest boutique hotels, cafes, and local boutiques globally. In addition to sharing the chic and picturesque, I will not shy from rehashing the true adventures that come with living a global lifestyle. Furthermore, I will share the best and worst destinations for dining with dietary restrictions- specifically avoiding gluten. I will provide you with gluten free restaurant recs for serious days. Traveling healthy, is feasible, trust me. 



I am elated to welcome Wellness to Hanny Bee!! Wellness is a big part of my life and I look forward to sharing what I have learned thus far, and what I will soon explore. My health journey plays a large role in my affection for wellness, and I will happily share stories of my health as we more forward. I believe I am continually healing and growing, and I invite you to join me on this endeavor. More importantly, I hope that this content will provide you with an array of options for clean skincare, alternative medicine and other wellness advice to aid your lifestyle. I plan to feature the best makers in the green beauty industry- we are sure to find you some options.  Prepare for your well being to be elevated, it’s time.


The lifestyle segment of Hanny Bee will hold all interior inspiration, style posts and weekly tid bits. It will be home to many lovely things and will surely transform over time. 


I am so excited to continue this journey with y’all!

Bee Well! Xo

Charleston, SC | | Photographed by Jesse Volk 


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