Never Glow Without It


The four step process, to the most ethereal clean beauty glow. 



fullsizeoutput_1cd01. Bi-Weekly Exfoliating

What I use: Brand New Day Scrub and Masque

When: Twice a week, before bedtime. As directed, I either mix the powder with a small amount of warm water for a deep exfoliating treatment or I mix it with raw honey for a hydrating masque. I find that the results are more prominent when mixing the exfoliating powder with water and scrubbing away for a glowy complexion!

Why: Our skin deserves it. It also needs it. But really, we live in a very dirty world and nastiness that floats around from the oil and germs on our hands, to poor air quality is bound to affect our complexion. Exfoliating removes dirt and excess oil, prevents breakouts and rejuvenates skin. This scrub is my current favorite because I love how soft my skin feels following the treatment, and it genuinely gives my skin a glow.

Your post post-exfoliating treatment should be just as as important- I follow with a wash, eye balm, One Love’s multi-use balm blended with their glow-inducing serum 




2. Roll It

What I use: Jade Roller (found at Birchrose + Co)

When: Every day, twice a day, after I complete my skincare routine

Why: The Jade Roller has been used in ancient Chinese rituals for a looong while, which of course cements my affection for this tool- as Chinese medicine has transformed many ailments and woes of my health.

Benefits include: lymphatic drainage, stimulating circulation, and refreshing the elasticity of skin. The jade roller does not absorb what you put on your face, it pushes your serums deeper into your skin. I roll out my face, neck and chest for the full effect. I love how my skin glows and how it feels. Here is the kicker: store it in the f r e e z e r to enhance the de-puffing attributes of the roller. I store my Jade roller in the freezer and it makes my rolling routine a continually pampering experience. 



An old Madewell tee and High Rise denim for the win 


3. SPF

What I use: Juice Beauty’s CC Cream SPF 30

When: Once daily, in the AM (It is the first step of makeup routine)

Why: I wear SPF every day, regardless of the season. My favorite option, is Juice Beauty’s CC cream. I use it as a foundation, because I go for a youthful and minimal aesthetic for beauty. I like my makeup to naturally enhance the little fair skinned face that God gave me, and I save bolder routines for parties and events. SPF is an important ritual for our skincare and beauty routines, as it protects from the sun. Although I have a young face, I don’t want over-tanned, sun damaged, wrinkled skin as the years go on. It’s not cute.

I often use the CC Cream because it evens my complexion and protects my fair skin. However, I often opt for no make up in the summer and a fantastic natural SPF is COOLA’s organic sunscreen in matte cucumber. An alternative, is the highly recommended- though I have yet to try- NYC based EIR’s surf mud stick. Their products are built for the sun-active individuals but I am going to invest in some products to simply protect my skin during and post long days of sun exposure.

4. The Icing on your GLOW cake that is your face

What I use: Maya Chia’s Highlight of the Day in The Happy Hour  

When: avec some light make up, morning or evening- depending on the day or occasion!

Why: Because clean beauty glory. Maya Chia is a Charleston based natural skincare brand, and I am a massive fan. I love a natural glow, and this product can be used minimally- or in plenty if you hope to evolve into a bronzed goddess. Either works for me!




Hannah 6-23-17_0370


I hope this inspires you find your glow!



Photographed in Bushwick, Brooklyn by Peter Jakubowski.

Edited and written by Hannah Rice.

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