The Alcoholic Green Juice Worth the Hype

Ask for the drink that tastes like green juice. I am serious! I guarantee they will know what you are referencing. More formally, the cocktail is called “Too Good For You” and it will be the best treat of your summer happy hour experiences.

I have been dying to visit “While We Were Young,” in the West Village, and I got a chance to park my bum in their beautiful space for drinks last week. I sauntered up to WWWY only to gawk like a little girl at her first experience in a luxury department store. I think you catch my vibe. The space is even better in person than it is from the copious quantities of instagram posts and “look where I am” insta stories. Think pink. Floral. Adorable. Everything the girliest girl could dream up in a restaurant. The feminine aesthetic is topped with a tasteful open floor plan with floor to ceiling windows that fill the restaurant with natural light and soft city noises.

Due to our early happy hour, the space was near empty when we arrived. Of course not entirely, because a place so perfect is bound to have admirers at odd hours. The (sort of studly) owner of the hip restaurant was seated by the window being modern with his Macbook, some girlfriends were chatting by the neon sign, and two couples were enjoying the restaurant as well. We placed ourselves at the bar facing the street, for people watching purposes (obviously) and it was a splendid decision. Shortly after my arrival, an adorable waiter bopped over to take our orders. I wanted everything! I pulled the, “What do you recommend?” to our darling waiter, and he pointed me straight to the magic green juice with a buzz. He described it as “tasting like a green juice.” I was hooked at the notion of such a concoction.

‘Twas a success! Damn did it taste like a green juice out of a romantic comedy. Not something far too earthy and textured, but smooth and bursting with flavor. In this case a tiny bit of alcoholic flavor but ever so subtle. The drink was beautiful, tasty and effective. IE that buzz made me order two and I was slap happy by the time I departed. Honestly, for the asking price of their cocktails, I would sure hope they deliver in taste. The cocktails certainly did.

I am elated to report that this cute as ever spot, lives up to the fantasy. Make this your next happy hour destination and you will not be disappointed.



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