21 Reasons I am Smiling Today


In honor of my 21st birthday, I have 21 reasons why I am SMILING today!

  1. I woke up in Maine
  2. It is the prettiest day ever in Maine
  3. I have the best internship
  4. At said internship I am exposed to incredible designers and madly motivated working creatives
  5. Where I have made the best friends. hint hint… Natalie of Chick Matter
  6. I have an incredibly thoughtful mother who is on her way home from yoga with an iced almond chai and a gluten free scone
  7. Getting a new camera for my 21st and I am SO excited to integrate that in the blog
  8. Speaking of blogging, I promise I am going to be cranking out posts for the rest of the summer
  9. GET EXCITED for the future of Hanny Bee… I am PUMPED and you will be too in like a weekish
  10. Ah New York. I have a big bedroom where I can be really messy. Do you want to see my place?
  11. I have found a home at an amazing church in the city. Isn’t that nice? Thank you, Hillsong
  12. “Yas” has a whole new meaning -> W A T C H this
  13. and more YAS
  14. Did I mention I turned 21?!?! It is pretty exciting.
  15. Summer stripes
  16. Summer flowers
  17. Soludos
  18. Uhm HAPPY 4th!!! I do not know what to wear, but that is okay because I have lots of stripes on hand! duh. P.S. Keep scrolling for some 4th inspo
  19. The PUGS are in Maine finally!! Love them.
  20. The ocean is calling my name. Calling, not yelling. So I am going to rest poolside and listen to the waves crashing #ballin
  21. I am so blessed, and so thankful. THANK YOU for the birthday wishes. I am so undeservingly loved! Love you all. xo

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“Welcome to my house party” ^

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Photographed at Folly Beach, South Carolina | | by Current Visuals

Wearing: Roberta Roller Rabbit- Isola Dress, Soludos Woven Sandal / / Shoes on King, Annabel Ingall- Georgia Small Bucket Drawstring / / Neely by VNB

Follow the summer journey on my instagram MUAH muah Xo

Some weekend inspo below: HAPPY 4th!!

Cred Tuckernuck Pinterest
Cred Tuckernuck Pinterest
cred: IG @amy_stone
cred: IG @amy_stone
cred: IG @bitsofbliss
cred: IG @bitsofbliss
cred: IG @yeswayrose
cred: IG @yeswayrose
stripes on sails
cred: Tuckernuck Pinterest
cred: Style Me Pretty
cred: Style Me Pretty

3 thoughts on “21 Reasons I am Smiling Today

  1. LOVE your 21 reasons to smile! Great post and great pictures! Love you girl! Wear red, white, and blue!

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