Summer Daze in a Denim Craze


This ensemble is perfect for feeling stylish when life does not feel it. I am wearing these overalls while being productive with a chai latte and I am incredibly comfortable! It is a bit chilly in Charleston right now and these overalls are keeping me cozy!

Next week, another semester will be completed. To say I am excited, is an understatement. I have probably said it far too frequently, but this semester has been intensely academic. I have been blessed with lots of laughter and adventures to get through the semester, but meanwhile have seriously considered leaving school. I am following through, knowing that it is ultimately the right decision. My mom has been overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging of me and my pursuit of a degree. She is well aware that school is not my thing, but out of my best interest, wants me to finish. I frequently find myself finding the easy way out, but not today, not this semester at least. Anyways, prayers appreciated as I attempt to finish the semester.

My tips for a great finals week:

Stay fed: I went to whole foods yesterday and prepared myself with an assortment of fruits, veggies and chicken. Along with some great snacks that will keep me feeling energetic. Interested in a post about healthy food? Let me know!

Stay active: Kickboxing has been fueling me with energy, along with long walks along the battery with my dear roommate. Our evening walks usually last an hour and we are able to catch up, de-stress and be re-energized.

Leave the house: Currently at Black Tap Coffee, It always helps me to be productive outside of my house. I will be nestled with almond chai lattes at various coffee shops with intermittent breaks at the library during these crazy days. Go me.

Diminish Distraction: This week, I am majorly cutting down on time spent watching tv. Reading instead because I am eager to finish my book. However you should take a trip to see Age of Adaline, a film for dreamers and romantics.

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Tory Burch branching out


Look a little bee, just like me!

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Photographed by Brooke Bishop. Charleston, South Carolina: Upper King and The Daily

Zara top: (purchased January in Budapest) Alternatives: Asos tank, Asos cropped tee, Madewell overalls, Chuck Taylor high-topsSunnies ℅ See Eyewear, Tory Burch toteFinicky FillyPeyton William necklaces, Rifle Paper co. case

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  1. These overalls are simply adorable on you…and I love the pop of color that those coral accents have!

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