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We have officially entered, “crunch time,” as college students. The last week of classes is commencing and final exams begin next week. I am stressed in every aspect. Currently pushing through all of my classes on pure adrenaline. This is due to procrastination, obviously. I am weeks away from ending one of the most academically horrendous semesters I have ever endured. I do not know how successful it will turn out in the end, but somehow, I will figure it out. My faith holds me strong and my adventures continually inspire me. With great effort I am pushing forward to something better – summer. Last summer was filled with never ending joy, adventure, and laughter. I can only hope this upcoming season will provide me with the strength similar to what I had acquired over the previous summer. I am still unsure of my plans after May, but I have faith that there will be provisions. I have high hopes for the next few months even with no plan whatsoever. Last summer was relatively similar and it ended up being incredibly rewarding. If your situation is the same – academic despair- and it seems like school might get the best of you, continue reading for encouragement. If not, simply scroll to your pleasure, but know that a story will be told about a wonderful adventure and you will miss out if you stop now.

Summer of 2014. I ventured home from a rocky few months in Charleston after a semester off, with no plans. Last minute I decided to study abroad and I took off for Greece for 5 weeks. It was moderately intense and wildly fun. It was a very weird time in my life because my future was unsure. I had yet to be accepted to the College of Charleston and I was missing my peers at the University of Alabama. I was sorting out being with a large group of people after months of relative isolation and I handled it poorly. Despite being surrounded by beauty and laughter, I still experienced much discomfort in my heart. It seemed that each week living in Greece brought an unexpected trial from outside of my little paradise. The first was information complicating my application to the College of Charleston. This meant, that after I had thought everything was sorted, I was wrong and I would have to wait even longer to hear of my acceptance. The following week a family member died. Then the next week there was another death. Lastly, a near death ordeal. Those all could be jumbled in order, but they all happened during this stay abroad. Juggling emotions out of my control in an unfamiliar environment lead to an unhealthy emotional state. It made friendships difficult and anxiety an ever present issue. No worries, I was still having a blast. Watching sunrises on the beach and meeting cute Greek boys proved great therapy. Kidding but not kidding? These odd trials tested my character largely. I would not say that I conquered them but rather moved through it like swimming in nutella. Attempting to find the sweet side of every little thing in my daily life. When I came home from Greece, reverse culture shock and reality hit me hard. I was welcomed back on my birthday and celebrated with my friends in Baltimore. I came home with knowledge about my personality that I did not have before I went to Greece. We took a personality test before the trip, and worked on understanding these strengths though the entirety of our trip. It was not until I was home where I was able to fully appreciate what I had learned about myself and how much it would help me in the present and future. My weeks in Greece rewarded me far more than expected. I have been missing it. It could be wanderlust kicking in or wanting to escape the reality of my overwhelming schoolwork. Thinking back to a weird time in my life that was miraculously filled with life lessons gives me much joy. The journey may appear unpredictably twisted but I firmly believe that there is a reason for everything. God has planted the strangest pains and laughter-filled adventures to create me into a wandering little nut. Sometimes my travels may seem aimless, but I know that they are challenging me to be the best version of myself. I hope you find this encouraging, as odd of a story it might be. I am honestly inspired to continue through the last of this year by reliving memories of Greece. Find joy in something you fools!

Listen to “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and then “Boom Clap” by Lennon & Maisy to help you get through this week or the upcoming stressful weeks. You, being an overwhelmed college student, or whoever you are out there, that is struggling to find the silver lining. XO HannyBee


Usually my instagram posts are related to the now. Honestly, I have not wanted my posts to be in the now because Charleston is miserably rainy. I have found solace in gorgeous natural aspects of fashion.

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” Have no fear Miranda, the innovators of all things wonderful have decided to explore plantlife for your wardrobe. Wonderfully refreshing both ideally and visually, watching this trend transform will be amusing. Plants have moved visually thanks to artists. My taste in the botanical world is evolving and plantlife is largely more appealing than it has been in the past. Nature tends to brighten the dreariest of days, aka every day in Charleston recently, and I am soaking my eyes in joyous green. Green is a nearly universally flattering color with various tones, exploring this trend will definitely brighten your wardrobe and you will stand out in the crowds. Like a cactus in a desolate desert. Embrace your inner cactus and let nature inspire. Find comfort in the reality of things that exist, and it may inspire you instagram feed, your work or your wardrobe.

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_DSC0720 _DSC0723 _DSC0793 _DSC0782 _DSC0780 _DSC0769 _DSC0767 _DSC0758 _DSC0755 _DSC0752 _DSC0701

little bit leggy. Das not my booty?

_DSC0700 _DSC0692

Photographed by Brooke Bishop. Charleston, South Carolina.

Wearing: Willy Jay’s Romper, Annabel Ingall Clutch c/o of Finicky FillySunnies c/o of See Eyewear, Jeffrey Campbell Heels,  Jewelry c/o Peyton William Jewelry


^ it works as an iphone wallpaper. Took me forever to make something work! Get inspired! (Save photo, and use right half of image as wallpaper. “let’s not lose sight” is visible.

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Iphone pictures taken by me in Greece. Summer 2014.

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