Spring Sprang Sprung


As the heat waves stumble into Charleston, we are all in search of the perfect dress. I found this little Mara number at The Finicky Filly. This mumu-esque style is perfect for hot days and balmy evenings along the battery. I am very much in love with the vibrant colors and unusual print. Still stuck in the 70’s, I ain’t even mad about it. I think finding pieces nowadays that recreate trends from previous era’s is fun, but I am wondering how long it is going to last. The fact is, the 70’s carried a lot of well created trends and revisiting these are bringing very classic ideas into the fashion industry.

This breezy dress quite resembles my life. From a distance, it is fibrant and easy-going. However, as you get closer, the details are revealed. Layers of colors overlap amongst choppy shapes. Resting on the colors and shapes more patterns are revealed. Miraculously, the images flow. Amongst chaos, there is beauty. I am this dress. Maybe the other way around, depends on how well you know me. Sometimes my friends talk about my instagram; they rave about the colors and the composition but mostly the places and outfits. I love that. It makes me happy that an image I am somehow a part of can inspire. However, I am one to reassure those who do not know me well, that instagram highlights my best moments. Similar to any normal young soul, I am not always in the perfect mood.

I do think that it is healthy to be realistic with my life. Yesterday afternoon I posted a fun picture of my Sunday outfit. It is very bohemian. My gray shirt flows, and the bright colors ease the tension of even my own eyes. The picture does not show my imperfection.

I had a great chat last night about success. I had found myself overwhelmed with my academic circumstances and surrounding pressures of perfection. Like any other college student, I can crash with exhaustion and a tight schedule. This academic semester has been unnecessarily defeating and sometimes I find myself suffocating with the visible status of my work. It began as I recalled my takeaway from church that morning and much to my dismay I had not kept it with me even until the end of the day. The pastor said something along the lines of, “Our identity in Christ is not who we are at work.” I am frequently reminded of God’s love for me, and yet I will still stumble into finding my identity in the work that I do on a daily basis. A few short hours after church I caught myself in a moment with an unsettled heart. I was staring at my homework and the work expected of me in the next few weeks, and felt quite honestly, stupid. Living in Charleston, I am surrounded by motivation and success. Whether it be in the classroom or the creative community, there is pressure to have constant work that is perfection. In the eyes of God, that temporary success is nothing. He does not look at me and rank my productivity on this earth. He just loves me. I know not everyone lives with this understanding, but I am so thankful that I do live with this heart. This dress is lovely, a post can reach perfection in one’s eyes but not mine. Do your best to move past the expectation of success and picture yourself in the eyes of whose opinion you should value most, God.

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look back at it


Caught chatting with my photographer, because she is super cool.

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Photographed by Brooke Bishop. Charleston, SC.

Mara Hoffman Dress, Peyton William earrings, Jeffrey Campbell heels (I cannot find them on the web, but here are some similar styles: Wedge, Heel, Sandal) See Eyewear Sunnies (available in-store)

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  1. The dress is absolutely marvelous, you look stunning, and the pictures are excellent. I am proud of your honesty and transparency in this post! You are loved greatly by many friends, and relatives.

  2. Hey there! I found you on Instagram and started looking at your blog and I love it! I live in Charleston as well and I love seeing other fashion bloggers from here! Keep up the good work! You’re awesome!

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