Almost Love Day


These Vince pants are inspiring me to get to work. Inspiring me to work on my blog, my future and other current ventures. I frequently find myself thinking, what am I doing in school? I am not an academic and I have always struggled in school, and now I find myself doing my best just to get through it. Guilt and frustration arise when thoughts pass through my mind of this nature.

I prefer to wander into the future. I like to think about books I want to write; travel journals and shopping guides. I dream of places I want to be. Fields of fashion I want to stomp through. Meanwhile, I have obligations that I need to tend to at this very moment.

I am incredibly blessed to live in Charleston and attend the College of Charleston but sometimes I am not motivated to work. I only want to work on the things that really make me happy, but I should not neglect the things that make others happy. The chances of a professor gleefully accepting a test at the end of a class period and handing me a gold star are pretty slim, but I should not be intentionally disrespecting their work either. At the college, I do feel that my teachers enjoy seeing their students learn, experience and understand. I need to allow these silk pants to inspire me to work in the classroom. I need to put on my work pants to focus on what I frighteningly enough, have trouble caring about. I must focus on the frightening, in order to wholeheartedly enjoy the things I love about fashion, work experiences and college life.

When you put on your work pants, whatever that may entail, do your best to put energy into the mundane, and possibly difficult tasks in your life.

I am thrilled for Valentine’s Day! Brunch possibilities, flower shop pop ups and gluten free cupcakes galore! However, this Saturday, I need to put on my work pants and accept the reality that I am student and need to take some time to be one.

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Pictures by Brett Tighe Photography

Courtesy of Finicky Filly: Joie Cualli Tank, Vince Windowpane Silk Pants, Annabel Ingall Leyla Clutch 

Madewell Coat, Loeffler Randall Pari Pump

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