Wearing the Pants with Grace


Wearing the Pants, A love series for the fiercely independent.

“Wearing the pants,” is most frequently used to describe who dominates a romantic relationship. This Valentine’s season, I am talking about “wearing the pants,” while interacting with daily life.

Beginning this season of love, I want you to know how I feel about Valentine’s Day. If Valentine’s Day is not for you, then this post is. I can choose to A: not like Valentine’s Day because I am not in a relationship, or B: continue to adore this season of love because I love, love.

Obviously, I chose B. I have loved love for as long as I can recall. I love loving others and I adore being loved! I was a born and raised snuggler. People who do not hug or snuggle, choose to snuggle me. I am loving and lovable gal I guess. Valentine’s season celebrates love. It of course stresses romantic love, but I choose to focus on the real life love. I surround myself with real life love every day. My friends are my love, my pugs are my love and my mom is my love. I believe in Valentine’s Day. I believe in Valentine’s Day because it celebrates what I enjoy most about life; love.

Choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year in the hopes of expressing your love to the people you care about. Choose to celebrate a holiday with grace, instead of resentment. Choose to paint your nails pink. Choose to eat lots of candy. Choose to bake chocolate cake with your friends. Choose to love.


Pardon my french but… I love the $hi+ out of you.




This week, I ventured to one of the most stylish spots on King Street to snag some cutie pie pieces. The Finicky Filly.

It is a shopping experience to pop into the cute shop, so unfortunately they do not have online shopping. Have no fear, Finicky makes up for it with the Brown Box. The Brown Box is a unique creation. A little box of hand picked goods arrive at your home, and you have five days to try on and return anything that is not to your liking. If I was brainstorming ways to make my life more glamorous, it would be adding this Brown Box goodness to my mailing list.

Thankful to work with cool places and meet great people. Good things happening babes!



Got your eyes on this baby? Keep an eye out on Finicky’s IG for a VA VA VOOM giveaway!





Candy Gazing…


Ermagerd getting candy in my ears and neck rolls!!


Happy season of Love my babes!

C/O The Finicky Filly in Charleston, South Carolina: Joie Blouse (same top dif. color & same color dif. top), J Brand Pants (available in store), Tory Burch Purse (similar & similar), Madewell Heels, Lat & Lo Necklace, Urban Outfitters Candy

Pictures by Brett Tighe Photography 

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