Decision Making and Cake Baking


I have heard, that as a writer or blogger of any sort you should not only share the highlights of your life but frequently add the harsh realities. Update on yours truly: decisions suck; as well as stomach bugs and long weeks.

I have recently been faced with multiple opportunities. Which is fabulous, and I feel blessed to have opportunities that all appear to challenge me in one way or another in a department of my life that I adore. However, I cannot do everything. I tend to leap on every lilypad of opportunity and float down a river of “retweet if wow.” This “wow” I get myself caught up in, is not always good. This past weekend, as new opportunities arose, I realized holy crap I have to reevaluate and change something. I do not want to spread myself too thin, involving myself in a multitude of activities and not giving them the attention they deserve.

My response to this realization was an achy heart. I fell into a puddle of tears as I understood what I had to give up. It is not even like this “thing,” that I am giving up, is a part of my daily life. It was something that I worked hard for, was proud of and now am relinquishing control of. A seemingly great thing in my life, has to go, as more amazing things enter.

I have sent myself into circulations of tears and sentiment this past week and I do not think I am over it yet. I was chatting to a close friend about the cluster of decisions and as I shared my thoughts, tears came down my face. She looked at me with a loving expression, “I think you already made your decision, you are mourning the loss of it already.” As a feeler that feels all of the feels of the nation, I need to let myself feel this out. I have replayed the good of said “thing;” the memories, the laughter and promises it holds to my future. I am currently shaking my head. It feels weird to let this go. At the same time, I have some seriously fun and challenging things happening this semester, and I want to be a part of that more than I want to hold onto something that is not necessarily the best thing for me. I do not know if you have been able to keep up with these strings of thoughts, that is okay. Simply understand this, decisions are terrifying but crucial for success.

I make decisions every day, some bigger than others. We all do, and regardless of the impact of one bitty or huge decision, life goes on my dolls. I have a kick booty semester ahead of me, this is only making me more prepared.

You have probably realized this post has no relation to a cake, sorry to mislead you.

This all seems rather mysterious. It is serious to me, but at the same time not that big of a deal. xo HBee


In my moments of doubt, I’ve told myself firmly: If not me, who? If not now, when? / / Emma Watson


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