Guilty Pleasures



Guilty pleasures, hmm it sounds a bit naughty but still ever so sweet. Whether it be late night gelato or ritual candy overdoses at the movie theatre, guilty pleasures are a beautiful thing. As much as I love a good sugar sneak, that is not what I am chatting about today. The best type of guilty pleasure is one you can hold, love, and wear. The guilty purchases. Whatever item of choice you spend a little extra on, is your guilty pleasure.

Unfortunately for myself, I have gloriously expensive taste so I am willing (if financially permissible) to spend “a little extra,” on a whole lot. I have this fascination with cozy. Cozy comes with responsibility. Come cozy time, one must be prepared with prime chick flicks, hot tea and lustrous loungewear. Cozy is not always intended for the couch, I usually find myself sporting my cozy in a hopefully stylish, but primarily comfortable ensemble for strolling about town. I love luxurious comfort.

On a busy London day I went shopping with my darling Sarah, and a few of her girlfriends. Sarah wanted me to experience the glory of the London empires and we could not help ourselves inside the decked out and super sexy AllSaints shop. AllSaints is a cult classic for trendy Londoners and urban fashionistas, the shop is gleaming with deep wood and iron accents. We bustled through the crowds to find prime items in the best SALE ever for our winter closets, and boy did we lucked out.

Sarah found a chic top with built-in neckwear, perfect to pair with over the knee boots and dark jeans for a snazzy meal out or drinks with a friend. Isabel found killer boyfriend jeans, that she later cuffed and paired with a structured top and heeled booties. I stumbled upon this sweatshirt, and I could not resist myself. The soft hoodie is lined with a light fleece and two delicate pockets are located at the bottom of the elongated piece. The sweatshirt is discreetly decorated with textured patches which are lightly visible, causing the sweatshirt to appear naturally stylish. I do not know if I was sold on the sweatshirt because of the hot sales associates with man buns and skinny jeans, or simply the fact that it was utterly cozy and magically chic! Regardless of the good looking folks in AllSaints, we walked out feeling hip and ready to hit the streets!

I am very pleased with the outcome of this look. Worn here in the chic streets of Chelsea, I found myself pairing the top with coated jeans and my new favorite high tops. This laid back sweatshirt is perfect for home lounging, airport jaunts and trendy city trips.

So after discovering that I overspend on comfort clothing, I know that all my lovelies have at least one department of style that causes knee buckling, gasping and check writing. What is your style guilty pleasure?






My metallic nails were for New Year’s Eve and have come into 2015 so well! I am so fond of the color, shimmer, and many have expressed their adoration of the fun pick!


Simple details go a long way


i adore these shoes, this will not be the last you see of them. *spoons sneakers* *places sneakers on silver tray* *worshi-* kidding.


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Pictures by my new friend, adorable Swedish born and London located blogger, Elin Schönfelder

AllSaints sweatshirt, JBrand Coated Jeans, Superga sneakers 

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