So Far, So Good


Pre-flight excitement- Sarah was home for Christmas so we were able to make the journey overseas together. Of course that made it all the more fun! Wearing: Madewell knit (on sale), J Brand jeans (similar), Gap Sneaks (similar)

Update on Hannah: I am currently in London, and I am so lucky to have been able to start the year here. I am very comfortable traveling, so I feel rather content at this time. I have felt very in touch with the best Hannah I know. A tad adventurous, on the move, making new friends and shopping lots. I am staying with my friend Sarah, who is a full time student in London studying fashion styling. I adore her friends and her quaint lifestyle in London. My mother is also embarking on an adventure, as she ventured to Oman for a brief visit. My mother’s adventures are far more selfless than mine, and I admire her courageous explorations. I start back at Cofc soon, and this semester is expected to be hectic. I’m grateful for my 2014 opportunities and growth, but I am ready for the madness of 2015 to commence!

Let’s talk R e s o l u t i o n s. It is a relatively strange concept that at the beginning of every new year we feel the need to make new promises to ourselves. There is something lovely about it, I suppose. The beginning of anything gives one the opportunity for self renewal and I do think that is a thought to be visited. I am feeling strongly about new things to implement into my lifestyle. I think in evaluating what I need more and less of, I am able to determine what I need in my life to succeed and live joyfully.

Look at the bad from 2014, and look at the good. Remove what is holding you back and add what will make you the best version of yourself.

  1. Less Carbs

This is not diet chatter. This is, oh wow the world does not need to hear me moaning after every time I over-indulge in something that is difficult for me to digest. I have noticed that carbohydrates are particularly intense and I do not enjoy looking pregnant (bloating obvs.) When I eat less carbs I feel a helluva lot better.

  1. Less last minute project doing/paper writing/even blog writing

This will be a resolution for many years to come, I am sure. I struggle with time management. I found myself, prior the evening of my last exam this semester- in tears and frustrated with the amount of things I had to do in one night. It is much easier for me to get work done with the pressure of time, but I do feel it is a relief to start things earlier and divide the tasks for one project.

  1. More yoga

When I do yoga, I am aware of my body. I am not listening to loud, presumable degrading rap music, I am not judging work out ensembles, or really thinking about much other than yoga. It is difficult, with anxiety, to remove oneself from your own mind. Yoga helps me escape my thoughts, and allows me to focus on my body. I recently saw the film, Wild, with Reece Witherspoon and felt encouraged to be spending time on my precious body, taking care of it and nurturing it inside and out. Yoga aids me mentally, and challenges me physically.

  1. More being on time

I do not know why I find it so out of the ordinary to be early, or on time. I have a weird concept of time, and I should not be wasting it because I fear that it is causing me to miss out. I am looking to challenge myself with timeliness. If you have any helpful hints for timeliness, please do comment below!

  1. Less phone time

When I was in Greece this summer, I lived through a phone frequented phase. It carried into my lifestyle when I returned to the states, but the control has managed to escape me. I need to decide when I am going to be on my phone- time of day, meals, with people, etc. I am choosing to evaluate my phone time because I want to not only dwell in but thrive off of what I am physically surrounded by.

  1. Less tv time

I love a good movie snuggle sesh or peaceful netflix stretch, however I need to prioritize better when I have responsibilities. I plan on tending to real life tasks first, before major television binges this year. I still have lovely plans for chilling out with a good show, but I need to make sure I am not withering away on my couch.

  1. More book time

The smell of books. I need it more. I love a good read, so I should be tending to my bookshop purchases! I am excited about my current list, and planning on finding more good reads soon! p.s. local bookshops > barnes & noble (or any large, book location)

  1. More quiet time

Spending time, separate from my phone and distractions alike, with the Lord is important to me. Even though I find this time crucial to my faith, I still allow distractions to get in the way of my time in scripture or in prayer. I feel the affects throughout my days when I focus on quiet time with God, so I know this will only benefit my daily life.

  1. More glasses

I have really cool glasses, if you did not know that already, and I should be wearing them more frequently.

  1. More N O

I need to say no more frequently, and choosing to do so will lead me to success. This lovely thought was introduced to me by my friend, Davy- smart kid. I know my schedule will be easier to manage when I say a GOOD NO, more frequently than not!

I challenge you to evaluate your fallbacks of 2014, and think of the easy solutions to lead a healthier life.

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Arrival in London. Wearing: Vintage flannel at Sixteen Tons, Madewell knit (on sale!!), J Brand jeans, Superga sneaks, Purse


Obligatory Whole Foods run upon arriving in London- stocked up on the necessities!

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Pre-NYE blowouts at Duck and Dry

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Spa at the Mandarin Oriental. The Sarah and Hannah show consists of pampering, daydreaming about our country homes and decadent explorations. We live well together.

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Liberty of London– crowded, stressful but worth it.

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Dinner at Shoryu Ramen in Soho with the ladies. I had the yummiest noodles and friend chicken (totally gluten free) and I felt fine after! So happy. Have I mentioned how much I adore Sarah’s friends? Be sure to check out Louise’s blog- Confessions of a Fashion Lover 

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Le Pain Quotidien. Makes me happy.

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Amazing dinner at Goat Dining. So yummy and fresh, and we were very happy. We had lovely dinner discussions.

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Wandering around after a shoot for some fun upcoming blog posts. I love london.

iphone pictures taken by yours truly and a few of me by Sarah

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