Santa is Soon!


Santa comes tomorrow. I can’t help but feel the slightest bit sad at the thought that Christmas has come upon us so quickly and yet I feel it will flicker away just as fast. This season is joyful, and I am relishing in every smile and snuggle that somehow appear during this time. Looking around at my happy life, I want to dwell on the joyful things that will keep my spirits high.

  1. CHRISTMAS COOKIES. I got home from school and my mom found this perfect, incredibly simple gluten free cookie recipe. The minimalist baker has some awesome recipes and I approve of these nom noms. I have over-indulged but it has been worth every bite.
  2. The reason for the season. I love how this season is recognized as a season of joy. I think it is important to remember that we celebrate Christmas in recognition of the birth of Jesus, some may not, but I do. Christ is my center of joy, and I am so thankful for that eternal sensation.
  3. My Hair. I recently got a fresh cut and color, and it has been so easy to take care of. I am digging my layered and bouncy locks. I am not one of those girls whose hair is always done. I light up a room with my undone mess, so it is fitting to keep it real with hair that matches my personality.
  4. My mom. We drove back to Charleston this weekend, and we had so much fun. I love laughing with my mom, because I think she is the weirdest woman I know. She is a keeper.
  5. Giving and Receiving. I love giving, I love lending my time and energy to others. It is easy to lose oneself in this season of giving. Everyone is pushing and pulling in different directions. Know when you need to kick back and be taken care of. Know when to get up and help.
  6. Sales. Sales are a blessing and a curse. I love it because it justifies more purchases and I hate it because woah out of control Christmas shopping. (Gap has a great sale right now)

Okay, let’s WRAP this up! Please make sure you are baking and eating lots of Christmas cookies. Meanwhile, at church today, listen. You don’t necessarily have to do your hair, ever, please don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. When you get an unnecessarily awesome present tomorrow, give hugs to your fave fam. Be thankful when you receive in the next 24 hours and give joyfully. Recovering from Christmas, enjoy some retail therapy (Sales, bro.) xo



I like cookies, and cookies like me.




I love my mumsy. I love that she cares about finding yummy things for me to eat. Thanks for loving me dude.



I am posing. I do not look this giddy while I eat cookies. I promise.


Enjoy Christmas Eve!!! Merry merry merry Christmas!

Cookie Ensemble c/o The Girl Next Door at Cross Keys

T by Alexander Wang Sweater, Sundry sweatpants (available in-store,) similar

Gap sockies

Pictures by Ruut DeMeo 

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  1. I love all your blogs and really enjoy your fashion ensembles. So fun!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, sweet girl!
    XXX Laurel

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