Netflix Detox


10 Reasons to Have a Netflix Detox:

A Netflix Detox flushes the system of all Fall Semester toxins, one must cleanse by remaining aimless and lazy in the presence of Netflix.

  1. Gives you the opportunity to snuggle your long lost pet! (Home=pets=omg I am loved?!=yes)
  2. Alone time sans roommates-no headphones, eat abundant snacks and receive no judgement.
  3. Find a new show. Start it. Demolish it. Feel accomplished.
  4. Multi-task- During some Netflix appointments I like to be accompanied by a second device of technology. I enjoy stringing hundreds of new images through my mind via Pinterest and Tumblr sur la iphone.
  5. Have I mentioned how cozy this experience is? Fetal position minus a pre-final meltdown feels so refreshing!
  6. Take the time to decide if you are the cute snuggle bunny or the bummy snuggle bunny. How grunge is your netflix attire? Are you wearing goodwill or lululemon? Do you buy hundred dollar sweatpants from boutiques? I do, probably not my best financial move but my BUM IS so COZY!
  7. Watch the tv shows and movies that make you miss your family and then run downstairs to find them congregating in the flesh! I watch Gilmore Girls, which is practically Webster’s definition of my relationship with my mother and now I can get emotionally invested in an episode and then holler for a hug! *sheds a tear*
  8. Have you taken a look at the latest Netflix releases and the soon to be released?!
  9. According to Gary Solomon via WebMD: “‘cinema therapy is something that is self-administered,’ he says. ‘That’s not to say therapy on a one-to-one basis is bad, but this is an opportunity to do interventional work by yourself.’”  (Okay! Doctor’s orders!)
  10. A happy Netflix filled heart gives you abundant capacity for family filled festivities, christmas shopping and unhealthy sugar blasts.


I have popped back into town for the shortest Christmas visit but I managed to squeeze a trip to Cross Keys newest boutique, The Girl Next Door. The pieces for my Holiday series were loaned to me through the boutique and I was thrilled to style them!







Clothing on loan from local boutique The Girl Next Door in Baltimore! (links to be posted soon)

Madewell socks (not online,) similar

Pictures by Ruut DeMeo

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