White Shirt Wonder

Throwback to an awesome shoot with Ruut, it was an exceptional few hours. This was shot in the midst of a typical humid  Baltimore summer day and yet these pieces showcased are perfect for a cool or hot September.


This oversized button-down looks polished paired with these shorts, but when untucked turns casual. Recently, I wore this top with jeans to church- tucked in for service, and then untucked as I tooled around Charleston for the rest of the day.


The cotton sateen shorts are incredibly comfortable, and transition from sophisticated to casual with the assistance of a silk tank, strappy heels or lightweight sneakers.



Mini tote- Bold. Black. Tiny and cute.


Soft Smiles for the camera. Cheese. Note the stretchy waistband on these precious shorts (AKA you can eat, drink and be merry and no one will notice)

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Madewell top, Screen printed shorts– found at Furbish Studio pop-up, Rebecca Minkoff mini tote, Greek Sandals, Karen Walker Sunnies

Photographed by Ruut

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