Pre-season to the best season

First of all, welcome to fall in Charleston.

I am glad you are virtually joining me in my romantic city of inspiration.


I am detesting the slow process of fall in Charleston. I am eager for cable knit sweaters, broken-in cashmere and trendy jeans. I am hesitant to dive into realistic fall clothing while my peers and I are struggling to make it to class while staying hydrated. I will be focusing on pre-season attire for a few posts. I am obtaining a realistic wardrobe for my current location, in hopes of assisting southerners who are eager for new styles but restricted to summer staples.

I feel it is fitting to understand the importance of pre-season attire as I am also transitioning into this fall. As a recent transfer student I have the luxury of experiencing this season as an unknown. Similar to this weather, my understanding of this season of my life will take time. So, bear with me, and let’s transition into something great.


September brings new ideas, styles and inspiration. I have been obsessing over Fashion Week and the inspirational juices that follow these shows. I have been primarily reading blogs and studying shows and have yet to express my thoughts. Even if you say you do not like shopping, or clothes, do some google homework and see what the creatives have been up to.

Feast your eyes on these stunning pictures, not a fashion shoot but a glimpse of me and the work that is going to come.



I am happy to announce my collaboration with Davy, a naturally hip student with a vision he is eager to fulfill. I am blessed to be inspired by my peers and I am humbled to work with such a talented artist.

Photographed by Davy Kesey

top: James Perse, similar and similar

jeans:  J Brand

hair:  Ronnie of Salon 101


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