Last Call for White Jeans

JUST KIDDING I live in South Carolina. My summer does not end when September begins. I want you to know a little something about the rules of fashion, they are easily avoided. I currently have the option of tanning after Math class and I believe that gives me permission to wear white jeans. So enjoy Labor day, I hope you have the day off, take some cute pics- but expect me to be wearing these babies after Monday.

xoxo da Bee





P.S. I am not recommending that white jeans become your fall staple. Please do not do that. I do not need to see clusters of pretty girls in white jeans and chunky black sweaters with snow on the ground. Bone, however, is an upcoming fall color of choice that we can chat about.


Summer-Fall transfer sneaker. Ideal for a hot day on the go.


The faintest bit of hair chalk to accent messy blonde locks also works well as a dry shampoo to shape hair for occasions. Sorta digging the pink hair trend, we shall see how far that gets.


Karen Millen Top (no longer available) Joe’s White Jeans Dolce Vita Sneakers

Karen Walker Sunnies   Blush Spraychalk

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