Livin like Kanye


“I wanna be like Kanye

I’ll be the king of me always

do what I want and have it my way

all day, like Kanye”

-The Chainsmokers



So I get that Kanye is slightly unconventional in his ways of living but I have been loving this song and the character of Kanye it portrays. We all want to be like Kanye, just a little. I don’t know if it is because I secretly want to marry Kim K, or my materialistic longing for a private plane, but he has a beautiful, painfully unattainable carefree attitude. As I pack up my summer, box up the sunny memories and shop online for sweaters, I just wanna be Kanye, for a second. I am preparing to leave to start a new chapter of my life as a transfer student in Charleston and I can’t help but think it would be easier if I was Kanye. I also totes get that he -from what I’ve heard- is kind of a peach and I don’t want to be an unapproachable celebrity in ill-fitting black leather pants, BUT I strangly admire his attitude. I can’t help but be nervous, but I have no choice but to rally and prepare myself for this fall, meanwhile, I will be living like Kanye.





This shoot with Ruut, was incredible, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. It was my first time in front of the camera in this setting, and I might as well have been naked because I have never felt so exposed. Ruut could not have been a better fit for this shoot. I quickly grew comfortable and we were able to gather great content for a few awesome posts! I am looking forward to sharing the other looks we were able to shoot and I am growing increasingly excited for the potential of this blog.


Wearing: lululemon crop top, silk shorts purchased in Greece, C. Wonder earrings, Karen Walker sunnies, white  converse

These images strongly express the direction of my blog, and I am looking for a photographer in Charleston that can step up to the plate. Whether it be a student looking for a resume builder or a professional, I am interested. Please contact me if you have any leads.

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  1. Fabulous. I want to be Kanye. That was the funnest shoot ever! Esp the GF cookies and other crap we inhaled. I’ll Bee inhaling your blog! Xx

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