Why Planes Don’t Scare Me Yet

"Timely Crash of Waves"
“Timely Crash of Waves”

There is an epidemic of the 21st century that consists of people falling into their fears. Falling into their fears after consistent events that continually shock the world and terrorize many. When are we supposed to allow ourselves to be held back by fear? Never.


This morning, I woke up slowly and calmly. At my house in Maine I sleep well listening to the timely crash of the waves.. I routinely wake up and lie in bed and check my phone; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever else social media has to offer me. However this morning, bad news flashed on my screen. Another missing plane. This time striking close to home, Flight AH5017 from Burkina Faso en route to Algeria. The flight went missing 50 minutes after take off, with an estimated 110 passengers. I snuggled deeper under my heavy duvet processing this tragedy in light of the horrific recent events. Recently, I have had several conversations discussing the airlines, people and politics of the missing and shot down planes. However I do not want to focus on the tragedy but rather how I am emotionally and mentally recovering from these incidents.


Burkina Faso. Who the hell has heard of the place? This chick has. Along with my compassionate and adventurous mother. When I was in middle school, we spent a few months living in Ghana as missionaries, fairly close to Burkina Faso. We never made it to Burkina Faso but the country has remained on my mothers heart for years. As a young and tender pre-teen, Africa was a difficult time for myself, but my mom had endless patience. Patience for the heat, the people, the staring and the confusion. Her patience remained as she took care of me, an especially high maintenance cosmopolitan American child. My heart dropped as I read a story that affected a country so dear to her heart. I could picture the tears welling up in her eyes and soul. Simply not fair. I smiled when I realized that my mom would be not discouraged by this event. I am lucky to have a mom who is not stopped by fear. She is not limited to her comfort zone and is encouraged herself by helping to make life easier for others.


She will get on a plane to Burkina Faso one day, she will arrive safely and she will spread the joy that she is so lucky to know through Christ. How could I not feel lucky? The hundreds of planes I have been on, the motion sickness, the delays, the fear of the worst, I will not let that stop me and I will not allow myself to be burdened by fear.


To those affected by the recent events caused by planes:

You have my heart and you have my prayers. Do not be discouraged by the rare and unfavorable events of this world. There are better things coming your way.

Much love,

Hannah Rice


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