Our Jungle Luxe Minimoon in Tulum

The most incredible, lush pool at Nomade.

Choosing a destination for our mini-moon turned fuller moon  (thanks to my luxury prone choices) was actually a tough decision. While we are still hoping to do a honeymoon part two in Northern Europe, we are rather grateful for our sandymoon in Tulum. 🙂

My newly minted husband took two weeks off for the wedding; the first week he spent in Maine leading up to the wedding and the following week for our honeymoon/mini moon. With only having one week for our honeymoon getaway, we didn’t want to jet too far. We had originally been thinking of the south of France and/or Italy, but one week is not enough time to get the full experience of a southern European honeymoon. We dabbled with East Coast options, but ultimately wanted an adventure out of the States. And finally, we landed on Tulum. Tulum came highly recommended by several friends, and we were quite curious to explore this trendy nook of Mexico! I am SO glad we took the time to plan and budget for Tulum, it was so important for us to have time together, for the first time, as husband and wife. 

Getting There 

On Monday, we left Maine and arrived in Charleston. We then flew from Charleston → Atlanta → Cancun on Tuesday morning. We hired a car service coordinated by our hotel that drove us to our first honeymoon stop, Sanara. There was a bit of confusion when we were finding our car, as there were two vehicles waiting for us which both had our information. We were exhausted, hot and kind of freaked out but it was fine. It turned out that the hotel’s backup car service arrived in addition to the primary option- this was not communicated to the hotel or primary car. The car service was about 195 USD but I am so glad we did this. When we left Tulum we took a local taxi to the airport and it was a frightening experience. I highly recommend using a nice car service, to ensure that you are safe and comfortable. No one drives according to a specific speed limit in Tulum/Cancun so the hired car services still drive fast, but are usually in vehicles that don’t feel like they are going to fall apart. Anyways, just a thought!! 

Day 1 

I hopped right up on the first morning of our little moon and ventured to a yoga class right at our hotel- Sanara, which was a lovely class in their studio that overlooks the sea. 

From yoga, I went searching for Adrian, who was already on his second drink. Conveniently located at Sanara, is an entirely gluten free, health conscious restaurant called The Real Coconut. It was so amazing to have easy access to an abundance of options. Adrian said several times how great it was that The Real Coconut is Sanara’s restaurant. While he doesn’t vocalize it constantly, I know that my dietary restrictions can give him anxiety. I’m unsure if it is his concern that I may or may not be able to be served by a restaurant, or if he is wondering how soon he will be fed. Lol. Both are legitimate concerns.

“Let’s go” – @mr.curiel

After breakfast, we got ready for the beach with plenty of SPF and our Yeti’s ready to be filled with a cool cocktail. Sanara reserves beach beds for hotel guests, which was a very nice touch. We also took a cute beach bag that our room provided to fill with our/my beach activities. Having our yeti’s on the trip was SO helpful. It was scorching outside and just about everything in Tulum is outside. We put almost all of our drinks in our cups to keep chilled for as long as possible. While I do love Yeti, I do feel that my swell tumbler keeps liquids at your desired temperature significantly longer than Yeti 🙁 however, Yeti has several cap options which are very accommodating.

Wearing a kimono/robe by Spell & The Gypsy Collective. Purchased last summer, similar here and here.
A totally gf pizza for a perfectly loungy afternoon
at The Real Coconut
Adrian’s idea…
ALSO totally gf!!!
Exploring nearby shops

We ended our first day with dinner and drinks at Casa Jaguar. The mezcal assortment at Casa Jaguar was quite impressive. Thankfully, Adrian and I both love tequila, and it is a libation showcased at every establishment in Tulum.

Casa Jaguar
Casa Jaguar

Everyday essentials for Tulum:

Day 2 

Another blissful breakfast at the Real Coconut. I began every day here, with a refreshing iced matcha with almond milk

After a slow, blissful morning at Sanara, we ventured to lunch at Posada Margherita !! This meal was one of my favorites, coming in close second to Hartwood. I read many suggestions saying that this Italian spot was an absolute necessity to enjoy in Tulum, and I agree. They were gluten free friendly, and Adrian and I ended up splitting one gluten free spaghetti and wow, ‘twas perfect. The lopsided, pasta filled vibe made me miss the hodge podge that is Italy in all its glory.

Wearing a little Ref dress from last summer, Tulum is the perfect spot for tiny linen dresses
Back at Sanara for a dip in the pool
Lack of Colour hat
love love loved this book

Dinner at the infamous Hartwood establishment

Hartwood, was an incredible social and culinary experience. The vibe is very Swiss Family Robinson in 2019, with dishes and drinks that melt in your mouth with impeccable flavor. We did not have reservations, arrived early and were promptly seated. However, we were in Tulum in the beginning of the off season. If you are going to Tulum in high season, make many reservations and be sure to book dinner at Hartwood.

I may have had four, or five (?????) of these mouth watering banana mezcal cocktails
So good.
Most of the spots in Tulum, are cash only. We spent a lot of mula on our dining experiences, so I highly recommend going to Tulum with more cash than you think!

Day 3

Our last morning at Sanara, I enjoyed the toast and sampling of spreads. Of course, all gluten free.

Unfortunately, on Friday Adrian was up through the night with an upset tummy 🙁 I am unsure if it was the richness of his meal at Hartwood or brushing his teeth with tap water? I don’t know, but it was a bummer seeing him so unwell. I encouraged plenty of rest, and tried to facilitate everything without him having to think of much.

It was our last morning at Sanara, so I enjoyed a solo breakfast at The Real Coconut and quickly packed up for our transition to Nomade

When we arrived to Nomade, our room was not yet ready so we found a nice shady spot to relax until the room was ready. Adrian was SUCH a trooper. I know the heat was making everything so much worse, but I couldn’t think of a better option. 

Once Adrian was settled, I explored the next nook of shops nearby and ended up walking back to the hotel in a new bathing suit! Soon Adrian was able to get tucked into the room to take a nap in the aircon, while I enjoyed a new book and refreshing lunch by the pool.


A really great nook of shops! I found two lovely table runners here the following day when I returned to show A the shops.
Peeping into Casa Jaguar Swim
My new suit by Casa Jaguar Swim and Lack of Colour hat. Sunnies are Off White x Warby Parker, that I found on ebay last summer. I love them oh sooo much!!

Note on getting sick in a foregin country:

  • Cold washcloths on your forehead 
  • Plenty of filtered water
  • Easy on the tummy foods. I always go by the BRAT diet after a tummy incident (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast) 
  • Shade, air con if possible, naps, movies. 
  • Point to your stomach and look sad, people will understand and do what they can to help you. People care! 
poolside ceviche served by Nomade’s beach restaurant

Day 4 The Happiest BIRTHDAY I have ever had !!!

Began the day with Birthday yoga at Nomade
I dragged Adrian back to the Real Coconut for breakfast, and it was perfect. Birthday girl gets what she wants, always. 🙂
A little birthday surprise at The Real Coconut !!

I believe I may have cracked the code to create my ideal birthday. This was the first birthday in I have no idea how many years, where I did not CRY. Shit always goes awry, or I set my expectations way too high and concoct some dream that there is going to be a massive surprise waiting for me at some point in the day. Terrible, I don’t know why I do that to myself.

However, this Birthday may have shifted things. In addition to being a crazy Birthday person, I am totally the girl celebrating my “Birthday month,” the second June arrives. This year, the wedding took that focus. I was too busy planning every meticulous detail to think about my birthday. In addition to that, no one gave a flying hoot about my birthday, which was refreshing. My Birthday was not a priority for myself this year, and that felt great. Although, I am sure you can catch me throwing myself a fabulous Birthday party next year.

My 25th Birthday in Tulum, was so blissful. Beginning the day with yoga, allowed me to be in my body and start with gratitude. Having body work in the afternoon permitted me to rest and be pampered in a manner which I adore. Shopping in the afternoon, for a fun treat. And enjoying so much of the day with Adrian, the best treat of them all. It was a quiet, introspective, happy day, and I am so grateful for that.

An afternoon massage at Yaan Wellness. A beautiful, tranquil space and my service was amazing!

Dinner at Gitano!! We were scheduled to dine at Gitano on Friday night, but due to Adrian’s tummy and him needing rest we cancelled that res. Thankfully we were able to get in on Saturday night, and we enjoyed a very yummy meal. With live music and great cocktails, Gitano is the place to go Friday or Saturday night! Another spot that was easy to get into off season, otherwise, book ahead of time. (Note, there was a cancellation fee for our original Friday plans)

such a vibe.
Gitano’s space is quite extensive. A great venue option in Tulum, and seems like it would be such a fun spot in the high season. The majority of the restaurants, etc in Tulum have a day or two of the week where they have a “party.” Our visit earlier in the week to Casa Jaguar was very quiet, because I think Thursday is their evening to turn up. Planning your dinner’s according to these “parties” would be a super fun way to make the most of your visit to Tulum!

Day 5 Homeward Bound

Since returning home we have been having SO Much fun, continuing to celebrate being newlyweds, catching up with friends, enjoying our registry gifts and loving married life. More posts to come on important things in wedding planning, the big day itself, newly married life, and of course, lots of beauty!!

In addition to wedded bliss, I unfortunately got a parasite that wiggled its way into my foot while (most likely) in Tulum. After several weeks of a misdiagnosed jellyfish sting, I went to the York Hospital walk in clinic in Maine where they were able to confirm with their infectious disease specialist that I had Beach Worm or Cutaneous Larva Migrans. I was then prescribed an anti-parasite medication, which killed the parasite and provided near immediate relief. After three weeks of absolute agony, insane itchiness and waking up in the middle of the night with my foot on FIRE, I was ecstatic to be on the road to recovery.

I went to Tulum with open wounds on my feet, because of stepping on glass out at a gross bar after my cousin’s wedding in May. The cuts were SO small, but it provided easy access for this nasty parasite. SO have you or do you know of someone who is contracted such a thing? So wild.

Posing with the hubby. Love him, love being married to him!! Xx

Spring to Summer, The Ultimate Product Guide to Nourish Your Glow

Spring to Summer : : Skincare .001

Enter, warm weather, or maybe not if you live in New York. Regardless, there are elemental changes that are attempting to harm your sweet complexion. In the winter I work patiently to keep my skin deeply hydrated. Whereas in the summer, I am maintaining and tending to the glow. The transition from extreme cold to damp humidity, while balancing seasonal allergies is altogether difficult for your body. Our radiant skin expresses our internal happenings, which is gunning for you to find rest in homeostasis.

1.Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Hands Down, my most coveted product. I say it guarantees radiant, nourished skin. An all weather, deeply moisturizing and instantly glowing serum.

2.  Tata Harper, Illuminating Eye Creme

A total indulgence and I don’t care. My FAVORITE under eye product I have ever tried!! Moisturize and reduce darker tints under eyes with this baby.

3. Josh Rosebrook, Hydrating Accelerator

My preferred summer toner, but after redness from testing too many products at once, (this spring) I returned to a favorite. This toner, and hydration enhancer is perfect for sensitive skin and reduces redness. Spritz all over after washing your face, and then layer your serums and oil. Lovely pricepoint, with a clean and herbal scent.

4.  True Botanicals, Pure Radiance Oil

Atop your serum, balm or as a sheer skin gloss prior to makeup application. This oil leaves your skin looking sun kissed, and I can’t get enough of this easy glow.

5. One Love Organics, Brand New Day

Exfoliating is the most effective method for instant brightness. This gentle exfoliator was one of my first clean beauty purchases, and remains a  product in my arsenal. Get rid of that dead skin boo boo and be sure to moisturize asap!

6. Tata Harper, Moisturizing mask

Following a night time deep cleanse with your exfoliate of choice, opt for an intense moisture mask. This Tata fave is an overnight mask that enthusiastically hydrates your skin. This is my “in-flight” preferred mask, and works great for a mini at home facial for your sweet, weather confused complexion.

7. Maya Chia, Highlight of the day

Always illuminate. This glossy product is sure to amp up your radiance. Often in the warmer months, I go without any makeup, with the exception of this beauty. It is so simple and yet so beautiful, to simply glow.

8. May Lindstrom, The Jasmine Garden

It is pure luxury, a garden bottled for your pleasure. I suspected some redness when I applied this on bare skin, but I truly cannot imagine I am allergic to any of the ingredients. (I was sampling too many products at the time) My skin felt best when I misted over my makeup, or as a refresher mid day.

What are your Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer rituals? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by!

Xx H

*I do not not own or claim rights to any of the images within this product round up*

Lovin’ You


Simply one of my favorite days. Probably my most adored holiday, Valentine’s Day, is a moment away! Valentine’s Day has only recently been made a romantic holiday for yours truly, thanks to the love of my life. But I have long enjoyed the tradition of donning pink, baking and celebrating a day of love. Luckily, Valentine’s Day was made special for me since childhood. Being raised by women (a single momma and her best friend) holidays were magically decorated and celebrated.

My mom and my Jewish momma, Becca, helped to sprinkle my childhood with a whole lotta love. On every holiday at our apartment in Budapest, I would wake up to find the kitchen table fully catered to festivity. Valentine’s Day would come with heart shaped pancakes, handmade cards and treats for everyone wrapped in red ribbon. I would most likely spend the morning enjoying my sweet breakfast curled in someone’s lap. Oh these memories, the sweetest upbringing I could have ever dreamt up. These celebrations have surely contributed to my affection for love & magic.

While I will be spending this Valentine’s Day with my love, February 14th can be special for any heart desiring a marvelous day. Whether single or in love, let me prompt you to make Valentine’s Day a magical one.


How can we make this Valentine’s Day a special one? I have gathered five of my favorite acts of self love to inspire you this V day, love on sweet birds.

P a m p e r

Book a facial, massage, OR both. Seek out a fancy spa that has lovely facilities where you can linger for a few hours. Bounce from treatment, to sauna, and end the day in the relaxation room. Drink a steaming cup of tea and lay your head back to rest. Your body deserves the utmost care, which does not always entail spin and brunch. 


I mean, do you really need a reason?? Girl, go shopping. Responsibly. Order that serum, those bangin’ slouchy leather boots or the sunglasses that set you apart from the masses. Stimulate the economy and take care of your style!


We are in an age of constant social interaction, and the cons sort of outweigh the pros. For some weird reason, most women I know are too intimidated to go out to dinner by themselves. Not everyone, but there is certainly a lot of you out there. Be bold. If dinner for one is too daunting, then how about a coffee date? Wake up early and scoot to your favorite coffee shop. Podcast, playlist or book ready to go. Now a real date, not just a few minutes to down your latte of choice. Really sit with yourself, your thoughts and the beautiful being that you are.

Movie Night

Instead of your average Netflix night, make a plan. Take off your make up and give your skin a nice routine. Hop in cozy pjs. Order in. Have wine and popcorn ready to be devoured.  Place your treats on pretty plates and set up a magical little movie night for yourself. Go wild and rent a movie from amazon or itunes, put your phone on airplane mode and get lost in an amazing story. Curl up, get cozy and enjoy the peace of a movie night with you.

Love You 

You’ll need: a drink, candles, bath salts. Choose a homemade latte or vino. Prance upstairs and get in your coziest robe or fluffy towel while you draw a hot bath. Turn off the bright, loud bathroom lighting and opt for plenty of candles. Pour your bath salts. Hit play on your Norah Jones playlist. Set your phone somewhere you can’t reach it. Step into your loving bath and let the water wash away your worries, your anxiety, your insecurities. Let the water surround you, warm you and feel the soft weight on your body. Breathe.

It is just that easy, and that necessary to care for yourself. Remember that you are greatly and deeply loved. So choose to love yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

Xx H






Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photographed in Charleston, SC | | Jesse Volk 

Knit set by the sustainably minded and ever-creative Proud Mary 

Collagen, Who Are You? & Energizing Collagen Matcha Elixir


I met Vital Proteins at FounderMade’s beauty summit in the beginning of this past summer. I was most definitely late to the collagen party, but oh so excited to join it. I tested one pack and felt immediate energy shifts upon consumption. I was hooked. I used my coupon code and ordered my first lil tub o’ collagen peptides. My collagen ritual entailed filtered water, two scoops of collagen, and a splash of lemon juice. Sometimes a drop of stevia or a few mint leaves for those hot NYC days.

The first visible sign –that I could give immediate credit to collagen peptides–  were my strong nails. Fresh out of a gel manicure, rock solid nails. I was fascinated. I also physically felt an energy boost upon finishing a nice glass of collagen water. My skin was at its best. But I did not know why. I soon realized I had no idea what I was consuming and needed to figure it out, pronto.

As it turns out, collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It is only logical that we see immediate effects in a clear complexion, reduced wrinkles, and taut skin- as the skin is the largest organ in the body. And as we age, the production of collagen goes down by 2% every year. Just because I am in my early twenties, does not mean I don’t benefit from the glory of collagen. I sure as hell do. Taking collagen, supports healthy hair, skin and nails, but additionally primes your bone and joint strength. When I added my collagen elixirs to my routine, I drank it in the morning prior to attending a SoulCycle class. Little did I know, collagen is a fantastic pre and post workout supplement. The support of collagen over the past six months has been integral to my active lifestyle, which includes spin, HIIT and yoga.

I am so grateful I fell into the abyss of collagen through Vital Proteins, who sources their products sustainably. VP sources their collagen from grass-fed, pasture- raised, bovine hides from Brazil. Hence, VP is not a vegan product as collagen comes from beef and fish. Vital Proteins is exceptionally transparent about the source of their products and shares as much information as possible.

In closing, I have rounded up the benefits that have made positive contributions to my well-being,

Collagen is a fantastic supplement to support an active lifestyle.

It is a rejuvenating pre and post workout supplement that strengthens joints and bones.

I am not the only active human benefitting from Collagen. Vital Proteins sponsored professional athletes with collagen for 2 years and injuries went down by 60%. I mean? Rad sauce. VP is now the Chicago Cubs official collagen partner. They have even requested a sports green to make VP’s products more applicable to athletes.

It improves gut health.

I feel better when my stomach feels better. For a young woman with extensive stomach issues, that are deeply intertwined with my anxiety and emotions, my tummy can be deeply affected by my surroundings. Improving my gut health improves my overall well being. I devote time to better understand my body, and to learn how it be strengthened. The largest part of the equation, is without a doubt, the gut. To have a high functioning, clean gut takes genuine effort and care, but it is rewarding in every other sphere.

Your nails are strong even through the trials of a gel manicure.

(hopefully a non-toxic one– if your city permits such an indulgence)

‘Nuff said. I hope I have convinced you!

Head to my instagram for a giveaway of my TWO favorite products with Vital Proteins!!


Energizing Matcha Collagen Tonic

1 serving Vital proteins collagen peptides

1 cup Almond milk

Less than half a cup of hot water

1- 2 tsp. Matcha

½ tsp.  Cordyceps 

1 tsp. coconut oil (1 tbsp)

Optional: 1 tsp raw honey or drop of stevia

  1. Boil hot water to prep your matcha and then use a matcha (or deep) bowl, to whisk your matcha with hot water
  2. Meanwhile, heat almond milk in a saucepan over medium heat and load the rest of your ingredients in a blender or bowl if you have a frother
  3. Once your milk is warm, blend or froth until desired texture
  4. Top with loose leaf tea or edible flowers to increase beauty





Collagen gifted by Vital Proteins

For More Information regarding collagen and Vital Proteins, visit:  VitalProteins.com // Cision PR Newswire // Vogue.com  // Paleo Magazine Radio: Interview with founder of VP

Charleston, South Carolina | | Photographed by Jesse Volk

The Summer Loves: Top Product Picks





Agent Nateur N°3 Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant is a tough switch. But the frightening effects of anti-perspirant deodorants is truly enough to convince me I don’t need Dove or Secret or some other drugstore brand to mask the potential odor of me living and moving. This is actually the second time I attempted to make the switch. I know shame on me, wellness lover, whatever, I am human. I had previously tested a natural deo that was in paste form, that had to be applied basically twice a day in order to be effective. This go round, I knew I had to commit to a brand I could rely on with outstanding results. I have heard amazing things about the product and I am absolutely in love. I really noticed a difference when I once forgot to put it on and noticed there was a slight aroma from le pits. In other words, it actually prevents from the daily stink. The packaging is sexy and the product is effective. Need I say more?


Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

I am obsessed with this mist. This hydrating accelerator is to be used post- wash and pre-serum. It is key for your skin to be moist before applying more product as it allows for the products to sink deep into your skin. I am nearly finished with my second lil’ bottle of this guy, and will absolutely be ordering another bottle when I can remember it. Lastly, the scent of this spritz is remarkably herbal and refreshing. Huge fan of it and I spritz generously!


Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm

Finding the perfect moisturizing tool for my eyes has been a long time struggle. Thanks to Indie Lee, the dilemma has been quietly solved.  I have previously tested eye balms that have been cooling or tightening, but I don’t need those benefits daily. At 23 years old, I need protection and moisture, I get those benefits from Indie Lee’s eye balm immediately. This product is hydrating, gives the delicate skin around my eyes a soft glow and creates a smooth surface for make up application.  



Kypris Antioxidant Dew

Mid-Summer, I popped into Credo Beauty, seeking a radiant serum that did not weigh me down in New York heat. This Kypris product was one of their recs, and I gave it a shot. I honestly liked the packaging, and that it had the word “Dew,” in its title. I am glad I liked it, because in retrospect that was a pretty judgey method for choosing the right serum. The product is lightweight, cooling and hydrates. I would usually pack it in my bag for SoulCycle- as I often showered after class- and would gently massage a few drops on my skin. Despite the light consistency of the serum, it fully hydrates your skin. This product was perfect for summer and I am all about it for hot temps!


JaneGee Suncare Oil

I purchased this product at JaneGee’s flagship shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the beginning of the summer- and I was hooked. I have very sensitive skin, and the sun is quick to bite. I flew through my first bottle and repurchased mid-Summer. The scent is herbal, oil is soothing after a hot day in the sun and the price is reasonable! This product is a fantastic natural alternative to some (albeit efficient) but unclean products for keeping your skin hydrated and extending your sun kissed glow.


Byrd Texturizing Surfspray

Rad brand and stellar product! Summer in a can, to say the least. Finding the perfect hair routine is a bit of a situation for yours truly, especially in the summer, but this product is fantastic. It gives a salty crunch, without the stiff aesthetic that curl products often create. Not only is this product a great way to preserve your curls or waves, but it is also a UV protector. Major major if you get your hair treated in any way, or are passionate about the care of your hair. For my post-bathing ritual, I spritz the Surfspray after applying a curl cream and anti frizz cream. I also use it when I am need in need of a touch up, or when heading to the beach to catch some rays- not waves. It is so great, I highly recommend testing out this product regardless of the season.

K73A6325 (1)

Charleston, South Carolina | | Photographed by Jesse Volk

Aloha, Leah Lani!


I am currently in Asheville, North Carolina, escaping Irma and all her tropical madness. The storm is hitting Charleston today, and we are very thankful that Irma is not directly hitting our dear city, and we are instead getting hit with a storm surge. I am praying for all affected by Irma and Harvey, and looking to help however I can. For now, I will be staying safe and mindful as I travel back to Charleston this week.

*   *   *

A few weeks ago, I received a few beautiful products from the ladies of LeahLani. The products I was sent to review are entirely natural and designed with care for sensitive skin. I am elated to report that I had no trouble adjusting to their products and can use them interchangeably with my skincare basics without any irritation or discomfort.

LeahLani is a Hawaiian based natural skincare company founded with spirit. The beautiful founder, Leah has a personal history with acne, which lead her to pursue studying at a holistic esthetician school. Her experience with skincare and passion for the holistic approach has produced the beautiful world of LeahLani. The products are handcrafted and each smell like floral glory. The ingredients are a fusion of the most powerful botanicals and Hawaiian nectars that produce stunning results on diverse complexions.

Not only is the story of the brand sacred, but every interaction whether through Instagram or email with the team has been lovely. LeahLani is all good vibes, positive energy and passion for their mission. Now onward to my thoughts on the products! Scroll away beauties!


Most Like to Purchase again: Bless Beauty Balm

Smells like paradise and melts in your skin like a loving kiss. To enhance the results of its soothing nature, add a drop of your favorite brightening serum. The downfall of this product is the price. I use other balms that last longer and are more affordable. It is a nice addition to your moisturizing toolkit but I would not say one can survive on that alone.





Best bang for your buck: Kalima Cleansing Powder

I love the Kalima Cleansing Powder. I typically use a very delicate face wash, that I can rely on in whatever condition my skin is in. Kalima is a combination of a sensitive care face wash and a mild exfoliator. It is a great product to have in your complexion pantry when your skin is craving a deep clean. It also smells like chocolate, which makes the process even more decadent. I don’t use it every day, because it is a bit of a ritual. To use: Rinse your face with warm water, drop some powder in your hand and add a few drops of water to mix. Be sure not to get the contents of your jar wet!



Most fun: Meli Glow

Caveat : Although the Meli Glow mask smells like a bowl of tropical fruit, tastes delicious if it slides down your face, and is an all around fun experience- I do not see strong results from the mask. That certainly doesn’t define the effective nature or valuable properties of the mask- the ingredients are stellar in strength. In purchasing a mask, I generally want a specific result from it, and unfortunately my skin was not extraordinarily glow-y from the use of this product.



It is truly a blessing to collaborate with artisans like LeahLani and I am grateful for the opportunity to play, test and discover through the process of reviewing. 

Thank you to the lovely team at LeahLani!

Let me know your experience with Leah Lani in the comments! 

Xo Hannah

Charleston, South Carolina | | Photographed by Jesse Volk  | | Products c/o LeahLani